Tea will be cold, people will change, heart will be cold, love will break! (big truth)

Tea will be cold, people will change, heart will be cold, love will break! (big truth)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

living in this world,

No one can accompany you forever.

No matter how good the relationship is, no matter how deep the relationship is,

can only accompany you, but

can't stay with you for the rest of your life.

Tea party is cold, people will change,

heart will be cold, love will break,

everything can not be budgeted. The love of the world, the love of the people,

there is no absolute eternity.

some people are living, and

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is slowly drifting away.

some people walk,

quietly out of sight.

always think that you can go to the end, but

does not know that it is immutable, and

is just a lie. How many feelings have been lost to time?

how many relationships have been lost to interests?

how many couples have lost to insipid?

how many friends have lost to reality?

what was true is true, and the later change is true.

A lot of things are unpredictable, but

has an answer in the invisible.

the eyes enter the sand, it is the eyes that hurt,

the relationship is interrupted, and the heart is hurt.

in this world,

in addition to kinship and consanguinity,

is born, and

will not lose to distance and time.

any other emotion,

needs to be managed attentively.

otherwise, the distance will be far away, the relationship will be gone,

otherwise there will be less contact and people will break up. In life,

who can give whom a hug forever?

who can depend on whom for the rest of his life?

when I hold you, you are a diamond treasure.

when I throw you away, you are a piece of glass.

when you are used, you are extremely important.

when you are not needed, you are the joke after dinner. So don't be silly!

the tea party is cold, people will change,

the heart will be cold, the relationship will break,

never take anyone as a patron.

rely on others, humble,

count on others, humble and pitiful.

it is better to improve yourself and strengthen yourself.

if you let yourself shine, you will not be afraid of the dark, and

you will not be afraid of all difficulties.

No one can be relied on in this life.

rely on parents, and parents will leave sooner or later;

rely on lovers, and lovers have a change of heart;

rely on children, children will also have families;

rely on friends, friends may not be sincere.

at any time, you can only rely on yourself,

use your own strength,

support the family to shoulder responsibilities,

strive to make parents comfortable in their old age,

strive to make their children grow up without worries, and

strive to make their families happy.

in this life,

tea will be cold, people will change,

heart will be cold, love will break,

only myself,

can keep you company all the time.

constantly improve yourself, improve yourself,

make yourself better, stronger and better.

does not depend on anyone, does not depend on whose face,

opens mountains, meets water to build bridges,

what is won by others is only meritorious service.

those who rely on themselves are called rivers and mountains!