Take good care of your heart.

Take good care of your heart.

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as the old saying goes, "those who have the will will get tired; those who do not care will not care."

most of the troubles and pains in life come from your own heart.

if you change your state of mind, you will find different scenery.

having good luck and good luck is not as good as having a good state of mind!


worry is your own trouble

writer Lu Yao once said: "if you don't worry yourself, others can never worry you."

people are most afraid of thinking too much. The more you think about it, the more you care, and the pain and suffering will come.

while listening to the sutra, a young man accidentally sneezed in front of him. Unfortunately, the man in front was the county magistrate who had just taken office. The young man was worried and kept apologizing.

the county magistrate just waved his hand and said it didn't matter, and continued to listen attentively to the scriptures.

but the young man was still scared and went to make amends to the county magistrate halfway. The county magistrate was a little impatient, frowned and left.

at night, thinking about the expression of the county magistrate during the day, the young man could not sleep over and over again, and went to the county magistrate early the next morning to ask for forgiveness. The county magistrate was so annoyed that he waved him out the door.

now the young man is even more uneasy, thinking to himself, "it must be the sneeze that made the adults unhappy. I have to explain it clearly!"

so the young man came to the county government again on the third day. as soon as he saw him, the county magistrate was furious and shouted, "get out!"

in this case, the young man was so scared and trembling that he became more and more scared when he got home, and finally scared himself to death.

whatever you cling to, it bothers you; what you care about, it tortures you.

the root of the tree is alive, and the heart is alive. Only when you have a good heart can you have a good life. Instead of asking for help and asking for the Buddha, it is better to practice the mind first.

if you have a good state of mind, you will have an ideal life!


greed is one's own misfortune

Xunzi once said: "if a villain does not get it, he cannot worry about it; he has already got it, and he is afraid to lose it."

worry about gain and loss, it is pain. A true wise man will never persevere because of his gains and losses.

only when there is no sorrow or joy in the heart, can life be free from sorrow and pain.

there is such a story about a farmer who, although his family is poor, is diligent and comfortable every day.

until one day, he dug up a Luohan in the field, and the good days took a turn for the worse.

it turns out that this is a golden Arhat. The farmer thought to himself: Luohan is usually eighteen, one is dug up, and there must be seventeen buried. If all of them are dug up, he will make a fortune!

as a result, the originally carefree days gradually become bitter and boring. The farmer began to eat and sleep restlessly, and all day long he was only obsessed with digging Luohan, regardless of the harvest of arable land.

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in the end, the field was deserted and the farmer, who had no harvest, starved to death on a winter night.

the farmer got a golden Luohan, which could have brought him a better life, but it turned out to be an unfortunate beginning.

obsession with gains and losses, and even endless desires, produces nothing but pain. In a moment, good fortune and misfortune are reversed.

so Zhuangzi told us: "gain but not like, lose but not worry."

people with a good mindset, even in times of misfortune, are like a beam of light inside, enough to penetrate all the darkness!

whether our life is good or bad depends on our state of mind.


contentment is one's own joy

Wang Yangming once said, "the way of saints, I am self-sufficient, and he who asks for reason from things is wrong."

the inspiration to us is: Tao, in everyone's heart, change the state of mind, can change the fate.

A long time ago, such a thing happened:

A rich man passed by the park every day and saw a homeless man sitting on a bench, staring at a nearby hotel in a daze.

the rich man said curiously, "what on earth are you looking at every day?"

the tramp said, "when I sleep on the bench, I imagine I'm staying in that hotel."

the rich man immediately rented a room in the hotel, paid for it for a year, and then said, "you got what you wanted."

A few days later, the rich man came to the park again, only to find that the homeless man was still sleeping in a chair.

the tramp told the rich man, "when I sleep on a bench, imagine living in Deluxe Inn." But when I slept in the hotel, I dreamt that I was back on that bench! It made me restless all night and couldn't sleep well. "

in many cases, the environment does not determine happiness, the most important thing is the state of mind.

troubles are not given to us by the outside world. No matter whether we are in good times or bad times, there is nothing but good or bad luck behind them.

there is a saying in the Buddhist sutra: "wherever you live, you are happy."

what kind of state of mind you face it, what kind of result it will show you in the end.

the better the mindset, the happier life is; the better the mindset, the smoother the fate.