Take care of this, take care of that, who will take care of you?

Take care of this, take care of that, who will take care of you?

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

living in this world,

this is the first time for us to be human beings.

it's not easy for anyone, everyone gets tired.

but there are always some people,

, who are used to hiding their emotions and

are always thinking of others.

take care of other people's feelings everywhere,

always take care of others.

such people are actually the most aggrieved.

in fact,

lives for a hundred years, but in an instant,

there is no need to embarrass yourself.

not everyone cherishes your kindness.

not everyone appreciates your tolerance.

you take care of this and that.

who will take care of you? 01

who cherishes your efforts

all say that people's hearts are mutual,

but not everyone understands.

there are always some foolish people who pay for others, are not cherished, and

are cheated on others.

honesty results in disappointment, while

gets ridicule without reservation.

so before you pay, make sure that

others take you at ease and whether

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takes you seriously.

if you really can't get the same treatment,

stop the loss in time.

Don't waste your feelings and energy on people who are not worth it. 02

you take care of everything, who will take care of you?

when dealing with others,

when you get along with others,

learn to refuse.

the person who doesn't trust you

he won't be moved no matter how kind you are to him.

those who don't cherish you

No matter how much you help him, he won't appreciate it.

for such a person,

there is no need to force yourself, but must be indifferent to refuse.

you have to understand that

kindness is a virtue, and

is not the capital of others to hurt you.

there is nothing wrong with helping people,

as long as they are worth it.

those who get worse are not sincere.

those who advance by an inch do not know how to be grateful.

if you dare not refuse,

not only indulges others, but also hurts yourself in the end.


only when you give it to the right person, you will not be disappointed.

the heart is precious, and the heart is like a treasure.  Don't waste it on people who are not worth it.

the person who really treats you

will never make you sad, let alone live up to your heart.

for relationships that need to be fawned upon,

is not worth it.

your heart is not a toy. Throw it away after you have had enough.

so be sure to keep your eyes open.

you will give your heart to whoever is kind to you.

only if you give it to the right person, it will not be wasted or disappointed. In this life,

only you are the most important.

Don't always think of others.

Don't always take matters into account.

when you meet people who don't know how to cherish, don't pay any attention to it.

refuse decisively, treat indifferently,

can protect yourself from harm.

Don't be stupid for the rest of your life.

take care of this and that.

who will take care of you?

learn to be smart!

give your heart to someone worthy of it.

your feelings will be treated well, and your heart will be loved.