Sweating is the best way to keep fit in dog days.

Sweating is the best way to keep fit in dog days.

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as the saying goes, "if you don't sweat in the sky, you will get a white head when you get sick."

on dog days, you should sweat properly.

Don't hide in an air-conditioned room and let yourself live as an out-of-season person.

if it is not hot in summer or cold in winter, you will get sick sooner or later!


sweating is beneficial

1, detoxification

people who do not sweat all the time, the skin metabolism is slow, and some wastes are difficult to discharge.

active sweating can help clean up the accumulated toxins such as lactic acid and urea in the body.

in addition, sweat has the effect of nourishing skin and moisturizing hair, so it is a pure natural care product.

can clean pores and achieve the effect of beauty and skin care.

2, stabilize blood pressure

prevent hypertension, in addition to diet control, sweating is the best way to recuperate.

Hypertension is a disease caused by the narrowing and hardening of blood vessels and the limitation of unit blood flow.

exercise and sweating can dilate capillaries, increase the elasticity of blood vessel wall and reduce blood pressure.

at the same time, exercise sweating accelerates blood circulation and reduces blood viscosity.

3, enhance immunity

often stay in the air-conditioned room, the human body can not adjust the temperature independently, and become hot and cold.

as a result, the immunity decreases, and it is more likely to catch cold.

there is a saying among ancient physicians: "Internal toxin is expelled, evil is dispelled and disease is healed."

to treat cold caused by air-conditioning, only need a bowl of spring onion and ginger soup.

use two or three slices of ginger and two or three sections of green onion, preferably with beard, to boil into spring onion and ginger soup.

after drinking, drink a glass of hot water and sweat under the quilt.

4, promote digestion

in hot summer, people tend to lose their appetite.

this is because the movement of qi and blood slows down, which affects the digestion of spleen and stomach, resulting in poor eating and poor appetite.

sweating through exercise can accelerate basic metabolism and significantly improve digestion.

in addition, exercise sweating also helps to stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis and relieve constipation.

5. Prevent "air conditioning disease"

the "wind" and "cold" made by air conditioners are different from the cool breeze in nature.

excessive use for a long time will cause great harm to the human body.

this foreign wind and cold is called "evil" in traditional Chinese medicine, which coincides with summer dampness in dog days.

trapped in the muscle surface, invade the human body, will make yang consumption and weakness.

sweating helps to awaken the yang in the human body and resist the attack of external evil.


sweating, there are tricks

sweat can be divided into active and passive, it is best to take the initiative to "keep healthy sweat" in dog days. "

passive sweating refers to sweating caused by temperature change or psychological pressure;

active sweating is natural sweating after human activity.

you can make a plan for yourself to turn off the air conditioner and bask in the sun regularly every day, and

sit still in the natural wind for a while to help your body regain its ability to sweat actively.

doing some simple stretching exercises can gradually activate the energy of the body.

drinking a glass of warm water before exercise can keep the pores open.

combined with proper exercise, the pores can be completely opened, and sweat will naturally come.

experts remind you to avoid entering the air-conditioned environment when you are sweating.

you must wait patiently for the sweat to subside before you can touch the cold water and blow the cold wind.

after sweating, water should be replenished as soon as possible in order to replenish the lost body fluids.

sweating tips: Buqi Yangyin sour plum decoction

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Materials: 20g of Radix Paeoniae Alba, 6g of tangerine peel, 6g of licorice, 10g of Wumei, 6g of rose, 10g of Peran, 10g of Radix Astragali

method: rinse the above materials and brew them with boiling water.

Note: patients with excessive stomach acid and fever should not drink.