Swallow grievances, feed the big pattern!

Swallow grievances, feed the big pattern!

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in life, we can't go all the way and be casual all the time. There are always too many unexpected misunderstandings and grievances held in my heart for a long time.

unfounded slander, unprovoked humiliation, deliberate blow, sudden dilemma.

as the saying goes, "if you don't think twice, you will regret." Patience is a kind of advanced wisdom in dealing with the world.

this, patience is not cowardice or flinching, but the size and pattern. The sea accepts all kinds of rivers, but tolerance is great.

it is magnanimous to be able to tolerate great things, and to be able to bear the atmosphere is magnanimous. People who understand patience can swallow grievances and feed the big pattern!


patience is the most difficult spiritual practice in life

A 44-year-old man was cheated 2 million in his business, was expelled from the state-owned enterprise Nanyou Group and refused to stay.

he was burdened with paying off 2 million of his debts, and his wife divorced him, so he had to take his father, mother, brother and sister to live in a shack in Shenzhen alone.

who would have thought that this poor old man is Ren Zhengfei, the founder of Huawei today?

in 1987, Ren Zhengfei left Nanyou because of work mistakes and was forced to embark on the road of starting a business.

at that time, he had passed the momentum of charge, with no capital, no connections, no resources, no technology, and no market experience.

in the eyes of others, it is impossible for him to succeed in his business at all.

as the saying goes: it is difficult to start a business, it is difficult to keep it, and it is not difficult to know if it is difficult. The process is not easy.

but Ren Zhengfei said: "physical struggle is nothing. No matter how hard it is to start a business, it is not as hard as the workers under the assembly line and coal mine."

I have seen workers stay up in the middle of the night and unload goods one by one. That kind of tiredness is indescribable in words, and it is not something that ordinary people can bear. "

Yes, people who really work hard will not use tactical diligence to cover up strategic laziness.

there is only thinking, practice, feedback, rethinking, constant circulation.

in order to get the right direction and method, this is the most important thing for a big boss to do.

facts have proved that the journey of life is often full of ups and downs, and it is essential to live a wonderful life and bear hardships and patience.

those who can't stand the training of life will only be eliminated by life eventually.

as a human being, only those who can endure the heavy pressure of life and endure hardships can endure many difficulties and succeed in the end.


once read an old story in a book: in the Song Dynasty, the Wuzu Dharma was a very famous Zen master of true enlightenment.

before he became the host, he stayed in the temple in charge of the mill, which was considered by others to be the most favorable job, which made many people jealous.

so, from time to time, someone goes to talk to the abbot, saying that he drinks and makes merry in the mill every day, and even has dealings with women.

said it many times, and the abbot believed it. The abbot rebuked him, but he did not excuse himself.

he simply went to buy some wine and meat to hang on the wall, and bought some makeup powder to give to the women who came to the temple.

in this case, the slanderers of others have become more frequent.

the abbot was reported to be unbearable, so he asked him to sort out the accounts and money of the mill, and then left office. He did it at once.

when he presented the accounts to the abbot, the abbot was startled: he had only been in charge of the mill for a few years, but he had collected 300000 dollars!

if, as others say, Dharma shows drink and have fun all day, it is impossible to have so much money.

it seems that someone deliberately wronged him! The host laments that the performance can withstand the slander of others and can bear the things that others cannot bear.

later, the dharma performance was appointed as the first seat by the abbot. This reminds me of a dialogue in the book:

Hanshan asked: how should I deal with people in the world who slander me, deceive me, humiliate me, laugh at me, despise me, and humiliate me?

pick up and say: just put up with him, avoid him, let him, tolerate him, ignore him, and in a few years, you will look at him.

those who know ninjas and know ninjas will be magnanimous and have a big mind. This is a kind of wisdom, but also the highest practice.


when people live a lifetime, it is impossible to be satisfied with everything. There is always dissatisfaction and loss.

but if you keep complaining angrily because you are unhappy, that is the stupidest thing to do.

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because anger is a negative emotion, which not only affects the mood, but also hurts the body.

therefore, instead of being angry, it is better to swallow grievances, feed the pattern, change the status quo, get out of the predicament, and use patience to earn happiness and comfort.