Sticking to getting up early is a great habit.

Sticking to getting up early is a great habit.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


first, get up early and have a sense of control in life.

always ask me, how can I find time to study outside of my work and life?

maybe you think my answer is to use all available space to make good use of all the spare time.

such as reading a few pages of books on the subway to and from work, such as listening to a few English words while waiting for someone, or making use of the free time in the queue to review what you have learned.

in fact, these two words are the most important: get up early.

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for most adults, it's hard to find the whole undisturbed time in our day to improve ourselves and do what we love.

maybe spare time can help you a little bit, but if you want to polish yourself better, even getting up an hour earlier can help you achieve your wishes better.

for example, I get up at five o'clock every day. I can have two hours to read and write articles before I leave for work at seven o'clock.

No matter how busy I am at work that day, or need me to run errands, or face any sudden situation, I won't worry. I don't have time to study on this day.

because of one thing I get up early every day, I have recharged myself relatively regularly, and even if I can't spare the time for the whole day, I won't feel anxious or flustered.

in fact, the more you like to get up early, the more you can find a sense of control in your life. The feeling that everything seems to be within one's own grasp is especially satisfying and reassuring.


second, getting up early makes you physically and mentally healthier.

in fact, to insist on getting up early, to a large extent, forces me to go to bed early, take a lunch break, and even manage my schedule more strictly.

A few years ago, like many people, I was still awake even at 11 or 12:00 in the evening, so I got into the bad habit of playing with my cell phone before going to bed.

but later, because I had to get up early, I had to go to bed early, so I got used to it for about half a month. I could basically fall asleep within five minutes after going to bed.

at the same time, because the daily sleep time, although not a small amount of time, but relative to the pressure that need to face every day, the feeling is still a little unbearable.

then force yourself to adjust your state of mind as much as possible, so that you won't have too many worries and worries before going to bed every day, and the quality of sleep will be improved.

at the same time, because of getting up early, I have been adhering to the good habit of taking a lunch break, which not only makes me feel better in the afternoon, but also gives my body a good rest.

in fact, the biggest change brought to me by getting up early is not only that I have a regular schedule, but also that it makes me better from the inside out.

there is a saying: "stay up late because you don't have the courage to end the day, and stay in bed because you don't have the passion to start the day."

in fact, you will gradually find that people who get up early are not only more energetic, but also look more positive and sunny, physically and mentally healthy.

because only by trying to ensure that there is nothing wrong with the body and nothing in mind, can we sleep peacefully and get up early with ease.


third, getting up early makes your life more leisurely.

maybe most people's mornings go like this:

wake up to the alarm, immediately turn over and jump out of bed, hurriedly put on their clothes, scratch their hair at random, and rush to squeeze the subway and bus.

on the way, you may casually buy some soy milk Youtiao to deal with, and some people even eat while walking in order to save time, which is not conducive to digestion and health.

if time is too tight, you may leave your work plate at home when you go out, or forget to bring an important document.

if you insist on getting up early, don't be so flustered.

sometimes, I often eat breakfast at home and cook it in a different way, which is not only nutritious and healthy, but also in time.

sometimes, before I go out, I will check again to see if I have everything in my bag, and check the weather forecast to see if I need an umbrella or sunscreen.

sometimes, I even want to exercise. I can get up directly, run in the neighborhood for half an hour, then simply wash up, clean up methodically and then go out.

in fact, it is not only getting up early, but also often in life. You should always give yourself a little more time to prepare and deal with it in advance.

usually a person who gets up on the spot not only looks anxious during office hours, but also always appears passive in daily life.

but a person who always gets up early can not only appear calmer than you on every working day, but also be more calm and calm in the face of difficulties and troubles.


you may say that getting up early does not necessarily mean that he will succeed. But a successful person must have many good habits, including getting up early.

for example, when reading, those students who do better than you in the exam may not be smarter than you, but when you are still sleeping in, they can get up early, review and recite the text every day.

for example, at work, colleagues who perform better than you may not be more capable than you, but they may have arrived at the office early and done more than half of the work in advance while you are still in bed.

for example, those who are healthier and in better shape than you may not have a better physique than you, but they have been out sweating and running 5 kilometers silently while you are playing with your cell phone in bed.

it may not be a great habit to insist on getting up early, but it often brings about changes in the habit of getting up early.It's amazing.

there is a saying: "I have never seen an early and diligent man complain about fate. Good character, good habits and strong will will not be defeated by the so-called fate."

in fact, it's not just getting up early, any good habit can bring you great changes, but also bring you more luck and opportunities.

if you can't be self-disciplined and be strict with yourself, then start by getting up early, it will certainly bring you a better life experience!