Some people want to have an intersection with him at first sight.

Some people want to have an intersection with him at first sight.

"at least I met you."

Wen /eel whale

is there such a person? the first time you see him, you feel special, or you know each other for a short time, maybe just an afternoon, an hour, or even you don't know each other, only once, without talking... I don't know how to describe that feeling, but meeting you is like.

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drinking Coke on a sunny day, cold and rainy night


have you ever bumped into someone over and over again?

recently I heard from a friend that she bumped into someone at school every day and met him everywhere she went. When I was in high school, there was such a person at school. I saw him everywhere every day, hallway, playground, school road, commissary. I even took a pair of chopsticks in the canteen, and as soon as I looked up, he stood next door. My family is in the most marginal town of our city, and my high school is in the center of the city. Once I ran into this man on the bus home and wondered which station he would get off at. As a result, he sat at the terminal like me, that is, the man I met every day actually came from the same place, a small town. I even guess that we graduated from junior high school at all.

it was only a year after I continued to meet this stranger who never talked to me that I realized that we had a lot of common friends. I knew through the mouth of our mutual friend that we were listening to the same music. I guess he was playing the song I was fascinated by in his earplugs when I ran into him on the bus home.

Yes, it's so wonderful, it has nothing to do with family, friendship, or love, but there is such a person who is doing something similar to you, and you will be attracted to him, but you just don't know him.

do you believe that you will have an intersection?

on the afternoon of the 10th anniversary of the HKCSS, I received a phone call from a friend who was sick and temporarily asked me to take some photos on her behalf. When I climbed to the fifth or sixth floor of the 11th building to take pictures of the stalls and people in the sunken square, I noticed in the camera that a man in the middle of the square was also pointing a camera in his direction. I didn't think about anything at that time. I went back to look at the picture that night and found that he happened to be photographing me when I was photographing him. I just thought it was a wonderful thing. Six months later, when I was tidying up my computer, I saw the photo and inadvertently enlarged it. I was surprised to realize that the person in the picture was a very congenial friend I knew later. it turned out that we had more than that.

We are particularly willing to believe these coincidences when we unwittingly learn that the other person is listening to the same song as you, using the same notebook as you, and appearing at the concert where you were there at some point.

do a part-time job as a tutor for a period of time as a freshman to teach English. at that time, my student was a taller, good-looking and elegant junior high school boy. In the first class, he told me bluntly, "I don't like English." you don't have to waste your time. I covered my textbook and sat in the classroom chatting with him for a whole lesson. He told me that all the time others spent learning English was spent studying history, that his interest was history, that he kept writing history papers, and that Wikipedia looked up some special English words that were difficult to translate, but didn't want to learn simple English textbooks.

when he talked about falling in love, he took me as a friend and was willing to learn English from me seriously. I would also like to listen to him talk about the absurdity of his buddies in his class and read the love letters written to him by girls who like him. After that, due to some sudden reasons, I resigned temporarily and moved to the campus. I haven't seen him since then, and now I can still see his history papers by flipping through my mobile phone photo album.

it doesn't matter

whether the result is good or bad, at least I know you

before I met Dachen, I bought a can of Coke at the commissary one summer evening and came across a group of them just walking from the playground to the commissary. At that time, he was still a white-collar school uniform and a group of boys talking and laughing. He was not good-looking, but I noticed such a person in the crowd. Later, Yin Chaoyang mistakenly became a good friend. I told him about it during the chat. "in fact, I noticed you a long time ago." He just told me that he knew me before I noticed him even earlier. "at that time, I thought we should be very good friends."

the first time I saw you

, I thought, "Ah, it's you."

this semester, we had an excellent Taiwanese teacher substitute for an elective course. He assigned us a final assignment and asked us to make a thoughtful short film. One day after school, at dusk, I had a thought, "what will happen if life goes against the current?" So he immediately sent a message in WeChat moments: "who wants to lend me ten minutes?"

after that, I ran several places with cameras and tripods on rainy days, and spent two weeks interviewing 21 people of different ages to ask them this question. After finishing the final paper, the film was sealed in the computer folder, until recently I rearranged and re-read it and sent it to Zhang Jingshi. He said why you didn't put it out, it was very interesting. It just occurred to me that I didn't seem to have seriously thanked the 21 people who helped me.

these people have friends, some don't know well, some are pure strangers, and they don't have to be in the same place.

but they chose to lend me ten minutes. Do me this favor

the day after the interview, I posted a circle of friends--

Today, teenagers told me that the most important thing in life is the high school entrance examination; people in their twenties told me how it was possible to be unutilitarian; people in their thirties told me that I didn't have to ask why I wanted to do something; people in my forties told me to plan well in college and not rush to intern. People in their fifties told me that I most wanted to go back to college; people in their sixties told me that I was happy if I had food and sleep; and people in my seventies told me that this is the best time.

Today I was supposed to be in Wuhan or Guangzhou, but I was in Dongguan.It is not unintentional to meet someone wherever you go

Thank you. "

my friend was lovelorn, and she told me dejectedly that it would be nice to be born again so that she could re-choose the person you want to meet.

I asked 21 people what would happen if life went against the current, but I never asked myself, and I stopped to think about it at this point. I thought for a long time, I am not sure what I will do, but I am sure of one thing, that is, if life goes against the current, I must meet again with the people I have met along the way, for better or worse.

because I believe that meeting someone wherever I go

doesn't mean nothing

including the fact that I met "disorganized"

and those of you who accompanied "disorganized" all the way