"some people just break up when they walk."

"some people just break up when they walk."

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there are many forks in one's life, and you always part ways with some people.

on the way of life, you will find that old friends are drifting away, new friends are across the mountain and sea, and there are few who can really understand you.

parting and meeting, one scene after another, this is the emotion of our whole life.

looking back on the past, some old friends can stay, blame each other at that time, do not know how to cherish as much as they do now.


you don't ask, I don't say much about

how does the estrangement come into being?

when we need each other, we always think that our troubles can be seen by each other and that if others don't care, we won't bother.

when there is a contradiction, we always think that the other party must not care, or will not, see that we are angry or like to answer.

is that so?

in fact, sometimes we always speculate and judge for ourselves, but forget to communicate and ask.

one does not ask, one does not say, so it is obviously a shallow gully, slowly forming an impassable abyss.


you don't give in, I don't compromise

some relationships, not defeated by the storm, but alienated by a little thing!

things happen, one thinks that he is not wrong, the other party makes a mountain out of a molehill; the other thinks that the other party can solve the problem by bowing his head, but he does not give in.

between the two hearts, both want to see each other's sincerity, but no one is willing to let go of face first.

if you don't give in, I won't compromise. What can be solved with an apology turns into a scar that will never be let go.

there are some misunderstandings that cannot be released, because if they are left unopened for a long time, the festival will become a dead knot and can no longer be untied.


I show goodwill in every way, you don't care

feelings fade away, not without effort, but to no avail even if you try;

the relationship is far away, not because you don't know how to give, but because the other person doesn't care.

A relationship requires two people to maintain it together before the relationship can go on for a long time. One person is as passionate as fire, the other as indifferent as ice, no matter how enthusiastic the fire will be extinguished.

feelings that do not respond are like we are shouting into the abyss, there is no answer, only echoes, and eventually we will be tired and return.

the feelings that are not cherished only end in one beat and break up, and are doomed not to last long.

No one is always wronging themselves and pleasing others, but they just think that the other person is important enough to retire again and again, but they don't have to.

the vast sea of people meet, meet all over the world, and be able to travel together, which is the result of fate.

be kind to everyone around us, because we will never meet again if we rub shoulders in this life. Because the person who is good to you leaves, other people may not be as kind to you as he is.

the most expensive thing in a person's life is an acquaintance in his twenties who still cherish each other in his eighties, regardless of friendship or love, what is rare is not to meet the truth, but to meet and cherish!

I hope we all know how to be kind to the true feelings around us for the rest of our lives. Don't wait until you have nothing to say to each other, to remember how good it was when the other person talked about everything.

some people, walk away, the past, can not go back, only cherish the present, there is no regret tomorrow!

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