So, you should be a good sister, too.

So, you should be a good sister, too.

Luckily, I have a sister, right?

Wen /Zhang Jingzhi

Tonight's song is relatively short. You should listen to it three times


I have loved playing games since childhood. I have played Chenghai 3C for 5 years from Grade 6 to Grade 1. At that time, I quarreled with my sister when it came to the holiday, because we both like to dominate the computer. She likes watching movies very much and often watches movies that I can't understand until I grow up. I remember how we quarreled.

she walked into the room and said to me, "give me a chance to play with the computer."

I am very direct: "No, I'm just playing."

she knew how to subdue me and continued, "you've been playing for three hours!" If you don't give it to me, you play every day. "

I had no choice but to promise to give it to her in half an hour.

but she will lose her temper immediately, then turn around and leave, leaving a sentence: "I'm done."

so I silently walked out of the living room in less than ten minutes, picked up the remote control and transferred it to the station I liked, and then she silently went into the room to play with the computer.

I didn't realize that it was called retreat for progress until we stopped arguing about computers.



I found that the timeline of my life is always related to the Internet. I still remember that my first QQ number was applied for me on the night of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. Then again, my sister really knows how to pick up time. When the last torchbearer picked up a bow and arrow and shot at the torch, she quickly told my QQ account: 314434810.

in this regard, she opened my Internet door and made me an Internet addict. I still remember that at that time, the QQ level was divided according to the length of time online, so I went to those QQ sites every day to keep my QQ24 online every hour, so I got the first sun in our village. Of course, my QQ was stolen soon after I got the sun.

back to my sister, my favorite thing in primary school is to watch her play with the computer. At that time, she always listened to W-INDS songs (a search to find out how old), or watched their concerts, and then went to various websites. At nearly 10:00 in the evening, she would take out the radio that my father used to bet on horses and listen to Hong Kong's Radio Jiaotong 903. At that time, Sammy and Xiaoyi's "posture Hall" was our favorite program, of course, it was not necessarily my favorite,

but children didn't know any hobbies and would only learn about the world from the people closest to them.


my sister has a habit, although with the development of the mobile phone, this habit has come to an end. But this habit has had a great impact on my life, that is:

she must download the movie to her computer, and will not delete it after watching it.

at that time, there were no online video sites, all movies downloaded in 50KB/seconds with BT, and my sister was a quality pursuer, so she couldn't download it without a high-definition download. So when I was in junior high school, I watched all the films with the highest scores of Douban, including Forrest Gump, the Redemption of Shenshawk, and Schintler's list, and some that I didn't understand at that time, such as Angel Love Beauty, this killer is not too cold, and I haven't finished watching the Millennium Girls worry.

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I don't know why she got into the habit of not deleting movies. Is it because she knows that her brother watches movies when he is bored?

all I know is that my aesthetics and taste are given by those good movies.

by the way, she taught me how to play Douban, and so did Zhihu, including the PS technology that I used to be proud of.

I played Douban at that time, but I couldn't find Daniel to pay attention. So I first opened her account, then wrote down the Daniel one by one in her follow list, and then switched the account to follow. By the way, from the Zijin input method in the sixth grade to the Aoyou browser in junior high school and the next Firefox, I seem to be one step faster than my little friend, thanks to her, of course.

after giving me an IPOD to listen to music in my freshman year of high school, she sent KINDLE to school last week to read books. Although she gave it to me without using it, I still think I am very lucky.


in high school, my head teacher often asked me to play songs to my classmates at the end of class. Every time I played a song, I felt a little embarrassed, because at that time I seldom listened to the top 100 of the American Billboard or the annual hit song. Instead, there are many albums of Lu Guangzhong, Fang Datong, Lin Yoga, Zhang Xuan, soft and hard masters, MIKA, who don't shine during the day.

at that time, my classmates and teachers reflected their opinions: "the songs played by Zhang Jingshi every day are used to hypnotize."

maybe it's because I put some symphonies in it.

this is actually because of my sister. She is the kind of person who clicks on his home page and listens to all his songs when a song is good. Of course, this habit spread to me. When I was in junior high school, I liked listening to Eason Chan's songs, so I put all his songs on the computer, and then watched all the concerts again, so did Jay Chou and Soda Green.

I still remember that when I was in junior high school, I used to listen to Internet radio. I wonder if you still remember Smart Internet Radio. Am100? At that time, I was a loyal fan, often added to those NJ fans. At that time, there were several popular drool songs, such as "my memories are not mine", and "the Old Man and the Sea" was the "Little Apple" of that era. Everyone listened, and of course I didn't let it go, so I went down to the computer to play games.

once, my KuGou randomly came to "my memories are not mine". My sister happened to be passing by and said coldly, "Delete it, don't listen to such an ugly song."

so I deleted it and haven't heard these songs since.

No wonder I only listen to Lingwei's radio program now, and sometimes I download its entire movie soundtrack to my mobile phone after watching the movie.

(Ling Wei: the anchor of Phoenix Uradio. He opens his microphone every working day from 23:00 to 00:00. Now he uploads his program on NetEase Yun Music every week. Welcome to subscribe. )


in May last year, my sister said to me for no reason, "go and open a Subscription account."

my sister always puts forward these strange suggestions, such as asking me to be a LOL commentator or broadcast live on YY.

I answered her, "Why do you want to drive?"

she is also very direct: "Why don't you open it?"

I still don't know what my purpose is to drive Subscription account, so I ask her, "Why do you want to drive? is it easy?"

she said, "I don't know. I haven't driven it. Go and find out."

so a week later, I sent a photo of myself and my ID card to Tencent and applied to open "disorganized".

she didn't say anything to me either. She just told her friends one by one that Subscription account, who asked them to pay attention to her brother, was called disorganized.

so on the first day I had three figures of 112 fans. After that, though, it took me nearly half a year to increase my fan count to 500.


in my first year of high school, a female classmate who was very good with me told me all kinds of annoying things about her brother when she heard me talking about my sister. "it's nice to have a brother like you," she said to me seriously. "it's nice to have a brother like you." I waved, because from childhood to childhood, it was my sister who acted as any door for me to understand the world.

I said to her, "it's nice to have a sister like me, so you have to work hard to be a good sister."

she nodded and said, "mm-hmm."


as I grew up, my sister seemed to be overtaken by me (it was taken for granted in her eyes), but now I think about it, I still did a lot of stupid things when I was a child.

for example, persuade her to sell her tickets for the Shanghai World Expo because her family's economy was poor at that time. At first she was reluctant to give up, but she still sold it. It was her graduation trip in the third year of high school, which was ruined by my mother and me.

for example, at that time, I also thought that she should come back to work here, because it would be easier, and because I agreed with my mother.

there are too many such "for example". When I was a child, I always heard my relatives say that my sister was so beautiful when she had long hair when she was a child, but because of my birth, my mother didn't have time to wash her hair every day and cut her winter mushroom hair.

so my sister didn't start to grow her long hair until she graduated from college.

it's not easy to be a sister, stuck between your brother and your parents. When many things can only be chosen from one of two, she often chooses

"give it to her brother."

my sister likes reading very much. She is the most favorite girl I have ever met since I grew up. But in the past few years, she always said to me, "well, now that I'm so busy at work, I want to do something mindless when I get off work, and I just want to sleep during the holidays."

so I overtook her.

but this is not taken for granted.

Sister, isn't it?

I don't want you to change anything because of this article. I just don't want you to lose to me.


you have always been my role model.