Smart people don't talk about it for the rest of their lives!

Smart people don't talk about it for the rest of their lives!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

A person's mouth is his fengshui.

if you have something to say, it will make people feel like a spring breeze, and it will naturally turn major matters into minor ones and trivial matters into nothing.

without mercy, people will be bored and disgusted. On the contrary, they will cause trouble and cause disasters.

so the really smart people all know the truth that "if you say too much, you lose". They never say these five words.


sarcastic words, do not say

in life, there are always some people who speak openly, regardless of other people's feelings.

take bitterness as hello and bitterness as true temperament.

they just want to be happy, but they don't want to say something, how painful it is for each other.

the writer Miss Hui once said:

"there is a tiger called 'verbal violence' in everyone's heart, which can easily destroy the mentality of trust, respect and equality. Compared with the violence of action, this tiger hurts people in a different way, but it is as painful as it is. "

I think so.

people who are really good at talking and have a high EQ are never aggressive.

I watched the variety show "wonderful work" before, and Lin Zhiling was invited in one issue.

during recording, the host he Jiong asked her, "what is the limit height of a boy you can accept?"

Lin Zhiling did not answer immediately, but gently asked the other person, "how tall are you?"

he Jing said, "172."

Lin Zhiling immediately replied, "that would be 172."

the so-called way of speaking is to pay attention to each other.

for the sake of others, do not slander, this is a kind of wisdom, but also a kind of kindness.


complaining about others, not saying

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people who always like to talk about frustration are generally very unlucky.

they never look for reasons on themselves, nor do they complain to solve the problem, but to say, "I'm right, it's all their fault."

this unreflective and negative attitude determines that complainers can only get worse and worse, from one failure to another.

instead of complaining, it is better to change.

in this life, nine out of ten things are unsatisfactory. Learn to accept the baptism of life calmly so that you can see the rainbow after the wind and rain.

as the saying goes, a gentleman does self-study without virtue and resentment, and villains have complained about others.

A really strong man never complains, because he knows that if he wants to make things better, he can only get better.

so, less complaining, more action and change.

in life, you can only win with a smile.


hypocritical and arrogant words, do not say

as the saying goes, there will be rain when heaven is crazy, and there will be disaster for people who are crazy.

to do nothing and not to say all you have to say is to leave leeway for others as well as for yourself.

otherwise, you will talk too arrogantly on weekdays and will not end well.

I remember hearing such a story from an old man when I was a child.

in ancient times, there was a man who liked to talk crazy and turned a blind eye to anyone.

someone asked him, "how old are you?"

he said, "I don't even remember. When I was young, I personally saw Fuxi and Nu WA, and the Queen Mother of the West even invited me to Yaochi."

one day, the king fell off his horse and needed thousands of years of blood as a medicine.

when everyone was at a loss, someone said, "there is a man who has lived for thousands of years, and his blood can be used by the king."

so the king immediately sent someone to arrest the man and decided to kill him as a drug.

it can be seen that you can't talk too crazily, and don't make a show of yourself.

people who are really smart understand the truth that "there are people outside the world, and there is a day outside the sky." that's why they talk humbly and do things in a low profile, so they are not arrogant and arrogant when they take credit.

in this way, it is the foundation of being a man, and it is also the best way to get happiness for yourself.


slander other people's words, do not say

Zhihu once had a question: "how can we win the respect of others?"

one of the answers impressed me:

but not everyone understands this.

what many people like to do most is to spread gossip everywhere, face to face, behind their backs, and to gain the pleasure of life by slandering others.

but don't forget to sit still and think about your mistakes and talk about others.

knowing how to respect others is the most basic accomplishment a person should have.

A disciple of Wang Yangming, a philosopher of the Ming Dynasty, often took pleasure in gossiping behind his back.

once Wang Yangming specially admonished him:

from then on, the disciple was cautious in his words and deeds and got rid of the bad habit of talking about people behind his back.

Plato has a famous saying:

other people's stories have nothing to do with you, so there is no need to talk about them arbitrarily; you are not in charge of other people's right and wrong, and you are not qualified to comment on them.

only when you are alive and know how to protect the reputation of others can you complete your own reputation.


embarrassing words, not to mention

A netizen once told a story of his youth:

his family was not rich since he was a child, and his parents scraped by to send him to college.

on the first day of school, his parents specially bought him a new pair of sneakers.

who knows, the new sneakers were glued in less than half a month.

Usually can also "cover up" for a while, but in PE class, no matter how careful, socks will be exposed from the glue.

at this time, a female classmate next to me saw it and immediately teased and said, "the shoes are worn out like this." At that moment, all his self-esteem was crushed. To this day, I can't forget it.

in life, each has its own splendor and its own difficulties.

it is a person's greatest upbringing not to poke through the embarrassment of others.

Chekov said:

very often, do not disturb, do not poke, do not mention, seemingly simple, but it is one of the warmest fulfillment.

it is not only a kind of thoughtfulness, but also a kind of self-cultivation.

A good talker wins as soon as he opens his mouth.

they are not mean, so they win popularity;

they do not complain, so they are blessed;

they are not arrogant, so they get good luck;

they are not judged casually, so they are respected;

they are not embarrassed, so they feel warm.

Mahatma Gandhi said, "change the world in a quiet way."

those who have "mouth virtue" have no words in their mouths, but they have light in their hearts. They not only fulfilled themselves, but also warmed the world.

from now on, may you also speak well and be a really kind and courteous wise man.