Six important things in life

Six important things in life

Good morning, accompany you to read.



when do you think you should read more?

is it when you encounter a problem, you can't solve it, but you can't do anything about it, you're still upset, you can't resolve it, but you don't know what to do, or when you see other people's witty remarks, quick thinking, and talent, but you're a blank.

in fact, everyone knows the benefits of reading.

but many people don't do it because it takes time and step by step.

maybe if you play a game today, you will gain the "sense of victory" to defeat the enemy in five minutes. If you read a book today, it may take five years to feel the nourishment and change it brings to you.

playing games is a self-exhausting process. The longer you play, the more excited you may feel, but after playing, you don't learn anything and waste a lot of time.

Reading is a process of self-storage. The more books you read, it may not be used right away, but it will give you all kinds of opportunities and possibilities for the better.



when did you find that you have to exercise?

perhaps the answer of most people is not when they are in good health, but when they are ill and hospitalized, or even when they have all kinds of physical malaise.

the benefits of exercise are the most obvious.

it not only makes you have a stronger body, but also brings you a good mood, and even gives you a good figure and shape.

but we don't do it precisely because of laziness and procrastination.

maybe if you play with your cell phone for an hour today, you will feel comfortable, effortless and painstaking.

but if you run for an hour, you will feel painful, because it means you have to pull yourself out of your comfortable life and do something more difficult.

in fact, if you don't exercise for a long time, it will bring a lot of harm to yourself.

for example, whether you sit for a long time or lie down for a long time, it will eventually hurt the body, and even bring great trouble and pain to yourself.

Don't wait until something goes wrong before you exercise.

spend the time and energy you spend in hospital on your daily exercise, you will benefit a lot and win yourself a healthier life.



when do you think it is necessary to learn?

usually not when you are playful, when you feel stable, and not when you feel the years are quiet.

it is precisely when you fail the exam, face greater competitive pressure, and even feel that you can no longer keep up with the pace of society.

maybe learning is not as necessary every day as eating.

but if you stop learning, you will find it difficult to do anything. It is not only easy to be eliminated, but also easy to be replaced.

there is a saying: "you are never too old to learn."

whether it's for a course, for a technology, or even for a job, only by constantly improving yourself can you better master knowledge and skills.

if one does not eat the hardships of study, he is bound to eat the bitterness of life.

but the difference is that the hardship of learning will make you better and better, and the bitterness of life will only bring you difficulties and pain.

never be complacent or stand still.

every day of living, let today's self, than yesterday's own, a little more growth and progress.



when do you think you should be with your family?

maybe the answer for many people is that when you think your parents are old, when you think your children are growing up, or when you think your family is spending less and less time together.

for every adult, there is great pressure and responsibility.

maybe you used to be busy with your work, go out to earn money to support your family, and waste a lot of time with your family in order to socialize what seems necessary.

in fact, we work hard for most of our lives to bring a better life to our family.

but when you focus blindly on gaining fame and wealth, you will gradually deviate from the original direction.

sometimes, parents don't want you to be successful, but they want you to have more dinner and chat with them.

sometimes, children don't just want to buy toys, but want you to spend more time with them, watching cartoons and playing games.

Don't wait for your children to be with their parents when they want to raise them, or to play with them when they are far away from you.

companionship is the least urgent but irreparable thing in the world.



when do you think saving is important?

your answer may be when parents need to pay hospitalization fees, when children need to pay registration fees, or even when you are in urgent need of a sum of money.

it is not easy to make money these days. The key is that there are many places to spend money.

in any case, you should learn to save for a rainy day.

No matter how much money a person earns, no matter how rich he is, a penny he has and spends a penny will be in danger of making his life deadlocked.

A man, no matter how little he earns, no matter how poor he is, but knows how to save all the time, spend the money he should not spend, and not waste a penny he should not spend, then he will live.We need more sense of security.

maybe money is not everything, but many of the hardships in life are brought about by lack of money.

sometimes we learn to save just to gain economic and spiritual independence.

Don't get into the habit of spending a lot of money, because in the end, you will not only spend money, but also your self-esteem and helplessness when you need it badly.

A person's extravagance and waste is always unforgivable, because every penny brings you not only a symbol of wealth, but also the security and strength of life.