Six habits of going uphill alone

Six habits of going uphill alone

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keep learning

someone on the Internet asked: "Why do you still have to keep on studying after graduation?"

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"in order to improve yourself, get a raise for promotion."

"in order not to be eliminated in the social competition."

"to get closer to the life you want."

indeed, only by constantly learning can we keep up with the pace of the times and make our material conditions richer.

but the significance of persisting in learning is much more than that.

Wang Xiaobo once said: "there is really no point in living with a closed attitude."

when I went to the countryside to jump the queue, Xiaobo's life was very hard.

if you don't have enough to eat and wear, you will work in the fields during the day and report and stand by at night.

at that time, his only pleasure was sitting in the moonlight in the early hours of the morning, reading books and doing a few math problems.

not for utilitarianism or to show off, but to sincerely think:

"knowledge can make you live in the past, the future and the present, and make your life fuller and more interesting."

Real life is often trivial and stereotyped, and continuous learning is the most cost-effective growth.

with the time spent playing games and brushing short videos, I can safely finish reading a book and experience another kind of life.

quit Shuangwen drama and entertainment variety, watch high-score movie documentaries, and learn about the world.

after work, buy food home, cook according to recipes, and create it with your own hands.

enriching one's own life is to adhere to the meaning of learning.


refusing to procrastinate

procrastinating cancer patients is probably no stranger to the "dark playground".

what is the Dark Playground?

when you have important responsibilities, but indulge yourself and have fun in time, you come to the dark playground.

at this time, you seem to be having fun and relaxing, but your heart is full of guilt and anxiety.

in the end, if you don't play well, the task is a mess.

procrastination is not only the biggest obstacle to growth, but also a great waste of time.

when chatting with my college classmates, I was impressed by high achiever's words:

"Don't you feel very uncomfortable when you don't finish your homework?"

"I usually get things done as soon as possible and then play comfortably."

indeed, overcoming procrastination, completing the task first, and then having fun is the best way to deal with the world.

tell yourself: do it first, then do it well, finish it first, and then perfect it.


regularly review

I have heard a sentence in which the boss criticized his subordinates: "have you accumulated five years of work experience, or have you repeated one day's work experience for five years?"

there are always people who are busy every day, but with little progress or results. The reason for

is probably that they don't know how to review.

what is a review?

to put it simply, it is to sum up rules from past experiences to guide the future.

this is a way to check and fill gaps, and it is also the best way to optimize iterations and make continuous progress.

netizen @ Daisy Witch, for a period of time, fell into a bottleneck of growth and progress.

No matter how hard she tries, she can't break through, but she doesn't know what the problem is.

after trying various methods, she detected the problem through retrospect and finally broke through the bottleneck.

now, review has become her upgrade weapon.

if you want to make progress as fast as possible, you can also review it regularly from today.

take 15 minutes before going to bed to sum up today: what has been done from morning till night, where it has not been done well, where it can be done better, where it needs to be improved, and where it needs to be avoided.

sum up the experience, put what you have learned into practice the next day, and take small steps to grow.

accumulated over time, rise abruptly based on accumulated strength.

after getting used to daily reviews, you can also conduct weekly, monthly and annual reviews according to your personal situation.


keep smiling

psychologists believe that emotional expression = language (7%) + voice (38%) + facial expression (55%).

among them, the expression mainly refers to: smile.

that is to say, keeping a smile can leave a good impression.

smiling is a person's best business card, no one likes a sad face, and no one likes a negative energy person.

be happy and smile at others. When you pass on the beauty of the world to others, they will return with the greatest kindness.

at the same time, psychologists also believe that smiling helps release bad emotions and make you happier.

when you laugh from the bottom of your heart, you will feel that everything is not so bad, the food is delicious, the sun is bright, the sleep is comfortable, and the people around you become lovely.

smile more every day.

think of the good times when you are unhappy, look for the grateful experiences in your diary, and you will laugh from the bottom of your heart.


enjoy being alone

Yishu once said: "it is not lonely to watch TV at home alone. It is really sad to sit pale in a crowd that does not speculate."

in order not to be lonely, people often force themselves to make friends of different frequencies and integrate into inappropriate circles.

in the end, I found that I felt lonely when I reveled in a group of people, and gained a lot when I was alone.

being alone is aPersonal best value-added period.

at that time, the writer Mingyue was once regarded as "unsociable" by people around him.

in his childhood, other children were all messing around in groups, but he stayed in the room reading alone.

when he went to college, his roommates met for parties and socialized, but he sat late into the night in the self-study room.

he took part in the work, and his colleagues flattered and courted each other, but he went home to write after work.

someone asked him, "Don't you feel lonely?"

he said, "I haven't had any friends for more than ten years, but I'm not alone." I think I am very strong, and I know more than many of my peers. "

it is this state of mind that enjoys solitude that makes the literary work "the things of the Ming Dynasty", which makes Shi Yue, who is not interested in, become famous all over the world.

Zhou Guoping once said: "the best state of life is rich and quiet."

the world is so noisy that you learn to enjoy your alone time, set aside some time for yourself every day, digest the noise and tiredness of the day, and talk to your inner self.


regular travel

netizen @ Atlantic Eel said: "Travel can extend your life and allow you to live 40 years in 30 years."

he has a wealth of travel experience:

standing under the stone wall of Turkey, taking pictures of his emotional grandchildren there;

sleeping at the airport in Azerbaijan and agreeing to wake up with his first-time Iranian friends;

sitting in Belgrade Park, chatting and hugging timid Syrian refugees.

you may ask, "this guy has a lot of money in his family, right?"

not really, all the travel expenses are his work savings, and each trip is only a few days in order to save money.

but it is these few days that have greatly enriched his personal experience and life experience.

Yu Guangzhong once said: "the meaning of travel is not to tell others,'I have been here, 'but a change." Travel will change people's temperament and make people's vision become more long-term. "

No matter how busy your work is, take the time to take a look outside.

it's good to have the conditions to go abroad, and the scenery at home is not bad.

you can see the historical sites or enjoy the beautiful rivers and mountains.

you can feel the gentleness and elegance of Suzhou and Hangzhou, or you can understand the majestic desolation of Gansu and Qinghai.

the world is so big that if you don't go out to have a look, you will gradually be solidified by life, thinking that there is only one way to live in front of you.

go for a walk regularly to get back the soul that is lost in the complexity.

Anthony once said, "first we form habits, and then habits make us."

Life is a spiritual practice, and good habits are the way to upgrade.