Sincerity + gratitude + character = being a man!

Sincerity + gratitude + character = being a man!

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Wang Xiaobo said: "if one lives in this world, the first thing is to be a good person."

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write a person and learn to be a man all his life.

in this life, no matter how difficult life is and how the world changes, we must know how to be a man.

because people who know how to be a person are more likely to get respect and help from others.

what is the way to be a man?

is actually very simple, sincerity + gratitude + character = being a person!


be sincere

get along with others, be sincere.

Shakespeare said, "honesty is the most touching."

hypocritical people love to play with their hearts and tricks, which makes people chill;

sincere people don't play with their hearts, are sincere to people, and make people warm.

sincerity is more useful than any routine.

I have read such a story:

Lao du, the owner of a supermarket, is doing very booming business. In order to expand his profits, he plans to open a new store elsewhere.

when many suppliers heard about it, they came to him to cooperate.

after some selection, he is entangled between the two suppliers.

both suppliers offered similar prices, so he asked them to supply the goods several times one after another.

A few days later, one of the suppliers, Ah Hua, was afraid that the other would come first, so he bought a gift to see Lao du express his sincerity.

Lao du declined Ah Hua's gift and told him that he was still considering it.

finally, Lao du decided to cooperate with another supplier.

Ah Hua was so confused that he called Lao du to ask why.

Lao du said, "to be honest, the price you give is a little more favorable than his." But there are always problems in several supplies with you. Either the quantity of the goods is wrong, or the old and new batches are mixed with me. I can't feel your sincerity. "

hearing this, Ah Hua was speechless and ashamed.

most of the time, people choose to trust a person, not for his extraordinary ability, but for his sincere attitude.

there is a saying: "there is no road to sincerity, sincerity itself is the road."

true wisdom is to treat others with sincerity.

you are true, so are others; if you are false, so are others.

sincere people can gain the trust and recognition of others by doing things and treating others with sincerity.



A person can't be ungrateful all his life.

as the saying goes, "the grace of dripping water is rewarded by Yongquan."

No matter big kindness or small favor, we should learn to be grateful.

the TV series "Please answer 1988" is about the daily relationship of people who live in double doors.

but this ordinary daily life has moved countless audiences.

Meilan's condition is the best in the double door, but she never looks down on anyone and often helps others.

if you buy expensive ingredients, you will give them to everyone; in winter, you will order a lot of briquettes to keep you warm.

once, because her family was in distress, Te-shan's mother wanted Meilan to borrow money, but because she could not open her mouth, she went home angrily.

when she got home, she found that Meilan had already put her money in the basket.

Meilan's kindness to everyone is seen by everyone.

when Meilan is in trouble, everyone will release her; when they know that Meilan's dream has not been fulfilled, they will try their best to help her accomplish it.

they give and thank each other, so they have such a warm and loving mode of getting along with each other.

some people say, "the greatest evil of human nature is the lack of gratitude."

I think so.

ungrateful, will make human feelings become cold, will make society become more indifferent.

you know, in this world, nothing is taken for granted.

others are kind to you because they are kind; when others help you, they value your affection.

so, at any time, we should remember the goodness of others.

although you can't pay it back in time, you should be grateful and keep it in mind.

in this way, it will not chill the people who help us.

as the saying goes, be grateful and do good deeds.

people who are grateful are more likely to get warmth and help from more people.



to be a man, it is a matter of character.

as Bai Yansong said: "moral character is the highest degree, the unity of virtue and talent is the real wisdom, real talent."

whether a person is worthy of communication and trust depends not on his wealth and status, but on his character.

people with bad character will not be welcomed no matter how good they are; people with good character will be welcomed no matter how mediocre they are.