Silence (good text in depth)

Silence (good text in depth)

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writer Ernest Hemingway said: "it takes three years to learn to speak, and a lifetime to learn to shut up."

when I was young, I always liked to talk about heaven and earth, thinking that I knew everything and could do anything.

later, I learned from my experience that

speaking is an instinct, and silence is the wisdom and clarity learned from the ups and downs of a sea of people.

one more sentence is icing on the cake, one less sentence is just right, and learning to keep silent at the right time is the beginning of a strong person.


No explanation is the smartest way to live in life

writer Liu Tong said:

you should know that your explanation may not necessarily be understood by the other party. People who understand you do not need to explain. What does not understand you is not worth your explanation.

be yourself. Without explanation, time will witness the power of silence.

I have seen such a story.

there is a young girl who is unmarried and pregnant, but her biological father is unknown.

because the parents in the family kept asking questions, the young girl made up casually that she was an eminent monk in the temple.

after the baby was born, the parents angrily went to the temple to find the eminent monk and asked him to assume the responsibility of raising the child.

seeing this, the eminent monk took the child silently and said "like this" without explaining anything.

later, when the story spread in the town, people questioned and scolded the eminent monk, hoping to drive him away.

but the eminent monk is calm and patient in taking care of the children.

half a year later, the truth came out, because the child's biological father came to the door, and the girl admitted that she had bitten casually and wronged the eminent monk.

people who have insulted the eminent monk came to the door to apologize to the eminent monk, but the eminent monk just smiled and said, "it's like this!"

Xiaohe in the temple did not understand why he did not explain clearly in the first place. The eminent monk said, "if it can solve the plight of a young girl and save a child's life, why should he explain?"

as the old saying goes, "if you know horsepower in the distance, you will see the hearts of the people for a long time."

those who are clean are self-cleaning, and those who are muddy are self-turbid, because time will not injustice a good man.

instead of eloquently explaining yourself, it is better to be silent and complacent.

Congratulations to those who do not explain, their hearts are strong and determined, tolerant and kind, never live in the mouths of others, but live in their own hearts.


do not argue, it is the highest realm in life

people who are really strong don't take the time to argue, they just do it and don't say it.

because arguing with people at different levels is only a long and futile effort.

there are many obstacles between you. He has never been where you have been, seen the world you have seen, read the books you have read.

arguing is only a kind of unnecessary consumption; not arguing is the ultimate state of life.

in ancient times, there was a chess player who was famous far and near.

one day, a young man suddenly came to visit and said to him, "I heard that your level of go is at its peak, so I specially came to ask for advice."

the chess player asked him, "what do you want to ask me for advice?"

the man said, "do you know how many pieces are in the chess box now?"

after hearing this, the chess player smiled and replied, "A total of 361 sunspots 181 and 180."

at this time, the other party retorted loudly: "you are wrong, there are only 360 in it." And took out the sunspots hidden in his hands.

the students of the chess player were furious and thought the man was insulting his teacher, so they argued with each other and blushed.

after observing the young man for a while, the chess player said to him, "it is true that I am incompetent." So the young man left with satisfaction.

when the students were puzzled, the chess player explained, "he's here to be unreasonable. What's the point of arguing with him for three days and nights?"

people do not distinguish between high and low, but their cognitive level is divided into three, six or nine grades.

as Zhuangzi said, "well frogs cannot talk about the sea, and summer worms cannot talk about ice."

Don't talk to the frog in the well about the grandeur of the sea, don't talk to the bugs in summer about the cold in winter.

it's like standing on top of the mountains, telling you that there is a vast ocean in front of you, that he is in the plain, and all he sees is desolation.

different levels, there is no need to argue, this is the highest state of life.


non-evaluation is a deep-rooted accomplishment

there is a wise saying in "motto United Wall": "sit still and often think about your own mistakes and gossip about others."

it is an instinct to say right and wrong, but to be able to not easily judge others is a deep self-cultivation.

if you don't know the whole picture, don't judge, because you don't know what others are really going through; if you know it all, you should be silent.

I have seen a short but philosophical fable.

the owner of a farm keeps a pig, a sheep and a cow in the same pen.

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one day, the owner caught the pig inside, and the pig shouted loudly and rebelled recklessly.

the sheep and cows only felt the sound harsh and noisy, so they complained, "We are often taken away by our owners, and we don't yell like you."

after hearing this, the pig said sadly, "the master grabbed you because of your hair and milk, and scratching me is killing me!"

many people only live in their own world, judge and blame others at will, do not understand the plight of others, and think they have made a correct judgment, but they are full of malice.

writer Wang Xiaobo said: "the spatter of mouth foam makes a great value to others."The sentence is at a very low level. "

self-righteous comments and accusations will only expose your rashness and ignorance.

if you have ever been ridiculed, vilified, or casually evaluated, you will understand that verbal harm is more hurtful than a sword.

it's really hard to empathize, but we can live a life without telling others what to do and don't judge.

when one day, you know from the bottom of your heart that it is not easy for others to judge a person at will, you will be really strong.

Huang Tingjian of the Northern Song Dynasty once wrote in his poem: "it is better to be silent than to be silent."

does not explain, is words but useless, is better not to speak, silence is the most powerful counterattack;

does not argue, is to cast pearls before swine, why talk too much, introverted in the heart, only show magnanimity and free and easy;

do not evaluate, it is others gossip, silence, do not drift with the current, precipitate yourself in purity.

Life is like water, the more you stir, the more muddy you become. Only by silence can you return to clarity, softness and strength.

for the rest of my life, I will not explain, argue, or evaluate. In silence, I will rise abruptly based on accumulated strength.