Sharp contrast! At the Olympic Games, the completely different performance of Chinese and Japanese athletes made me understand

Sharp contrast! At the Olympic Games, the completely different performance of Chinese and Japanese athletes made me understand

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Today, we continue to talk about the Olympic Games.

on July 29th, in the women's table tennis singles match at the Tokyo Olympic Games, Chinese player Sun Yingsha directly "beat" and cried Ito Meicheng with an absolute advantage at 4:0. "I don't think my performance was bad, but in the end I didn't win a game," Ito said in an interview after the game.

his face is full of grievances and unwillingness to be reconciled, but he stubbornly refuses to admit that he is not as skillful as others.

looking back at the performance of Chinese athletes in the Tokyo Olympic Games, I understand:

the gap between athletes and athletes, and the comparison of patterns and patterns is simply a world of difference.


on July 27, in the table tennis mixed doubles final at the Tokyo Olympic Games, Chinese couples Xu Xin and Liu Shiwen were defeated by Japanese couples Miyagi Miyagi and Ito Meicheng and won the silver medal.

in the post-match interview, Xu Xin generously praised Japanese player Meicheng Ito:

"Ito Meicheng is a world-class player among female players and dares to fight against men, especially in the fight." very bold, very brave. "

it is worth mentioning that in the table tennis competition of the Tokyo Olympic Games, there are clear rules that players are not allowed to blow the ball or touch the table-- it is for epidemic prevention, but I just want to roll my eyes.

in the game, both Japanese players fouled, but the referee turned a blind eye to it.

Water Valley Falcon blows the ball.

Ito Meicheng touches the table.

in front of the cameras of the media all over the world, Japanese players were accurately caught committing fouls. Chinese player Xu Xin did not mention a word after his defeat.

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on the contrary, it is generous to admit and praise the excellence of the opponent.

from Xu Xin, I see a pattern called

A really good person is to respect his opponent.

the larger the pattern of a person, the more open-minded he is, and the more tolerant he is.

and the smaller the pattern, the less you can see or pretend not to see the excellence of others.

this reminds me of a story-


Zhihu netizens @ Wang generally shared a very realistic story.

on her way home, Lao Hong saw a beautiful young woman speeding past in a Porsche.

Lao Hong immediately muttered, "it must be indecent to drive a luxury car so young."

at the gate of the community, I met the old man talking about the increase in pension.

Lao Hong complained again, "Why should we add money to these old people? are they as valuable as young people?"

I went downstairs and learned that Lao Wang's son scored more than 90 points, while his son only scored more than 70 points.

he was resentful again and suspected that Lao Wang had given a gift to the teacher.

in Lao Hong's eyes, as long as it is better than herself, it is particularly dazzling.

this is the person whose pattern is too small.

A person with a big pattern will certainly admit that others are excellent and will not be stingy in giving applause to others.

because being able to see the excellence of others is the best evidence of your own excellence.


especially like a sentence:

A person's pattern is hidden in his words and deeds.

Let's first take a look at Ito's performance after winning the mixed doubles.

her expression was full of disdain and superiority.

after watching Ito Meicheng's performance, let's take a look at the actions of Chinese women's weightlifter Hou Zhihui after winning the gold medal in the women's weightlifting class of 49kg.

at the award-receiving ceremony, Hou Zhihui took the initiative to invite silver and bronze medalists to stand on the championship stage and take photos.

in order to make room for the other two contestants, Hou Zhihui deliberately moved to the middle.

from her expression and manner, what you see is not satisfaction after winning the championship, but more low-key and modesty.

in her opinion, everyone who has fought for the ideal and the honor of his own country is really strong.

whether the pattern of the two people is higher or lower, we should make a decision.

in Hou Zhihui, I see a pattern called

does not write superiority on her face.

this reminds me of another story-


from the media author @ Family Brother wrote an article "what did I see when I was working as a receptionist in a five-star hotel?"

one afternoon, there was a long line at the front desk of the hotel, and the elder brother of the family was busy for a long time, and finally only the last two guests were left.

one is an old man wearing ordinary cotton clothes. he was very quiet and smiled kindly when he checked in.

but he is the chairman of a certain group, the chairman of a large group, polite, without a secretary or assistant, waiting in line patiently, and finally did not ask for a luxury suite.

and a guest behind the old man is a small boss.

this boss is good at showing off. He can see his LV belt from 5 meters away, with a gold chain around his neck. He walked to the front desk and patted his GUCCI wallet on the stage before he could speak.

the first sentence is: "I am a member, open a luxury suite for me."

Brother of the Family sighed: "as soon as I opened my mouth, the quality and pattern were immediately exposed."

people with a really big pattern never emphasize a sense of identity and never write a sense of superiority on their faces.

finally, I would like to tell you another story that took place not in the Tokyo Olympic Games, but in the Beijing Olympic Games--


in the women's table tennis competition at the Beijing Olympic Games, the "Devil King" Zhang Yining played the famous Japanese player Ai Fukuhara.

according to the rules of the competition, the one who gets 11 points first will be awarded.Win.

Zhang Yining directly called Ai Fukuhara at 9:0. Ai Fukuhara was about to cry.

at this time, Zhang Yining misserved and intentionally gave Ai Fukuhara a ball, and the game ended at 11:1.

some people may question that Zhang Yining is insulting Ai Fukuhara and disrespecting her opponent.

in the table tennis match, there is an unwritten rule that you can't hit the opponent at 11:0, which is tantamount to nailing the opponent on the pillar of shame.

therefore, there was the scene of Zhang Yining's service error, and Ai Fukuhara showed great respect and gratitude to Zhang Yining after the game.

can Zhang Yining play Ai Fukuhara at 11:0?

she could, but she didn't.

in Zhang Yining, I see a pattern called

never do anything, leaving room for others and saving face.

A person can stand from each other's point of view, put himself in the other's shoes, and not embarrass or embarrass others, is a pattern.

in fact, this gentle quality is a gene engraved in the bones of Chinese people.

people who are really good all know how to give in quietly and give people a step down.


in fact, Xu Xin, Hou Zhihui and Zhang Yining are not the only ones showing a big pattern.

just like on July 29, Sun Yingsha still kept a low profile after defeating Ito Meicheng, and also expressed her respect and appreciation for Ito Meicheng.

in Chinese players, what we see is not only superb professionalism, but more importantly, the great power demeanor shown in dealing with others.