School is about to begin. In order to reassure the children, please read it aloud three times a day!

School is about to begin. In order to reassure the children, please read it aloud three times a day!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the beginning of school is getting closer and closer.

but many children are still immersed in the joy of summer vacation, free, loose, indulgent and unable to extricate themselves every day.

Today, I would like to share these 11 parental rules with you.

in order to help children feel at ease as soon as possible and protect the new semester, parents must read aloud every day.


from today,

I am the "first responsible person" for children's family education.

I must clarify my responsibilities.

I know that the grades of

students change significantly every time school begins.

this is because some children,

, work hard silently during the holidays and move forward steadily;

while others become more and more depraved,

is gradually left behind by other children.

Holidays are a watershed in opening the gap between children.

if I continue to indulge and indulge my child in these last ten days,

I am betting on his future.

so, let the child feel at ease as soon as possible,

make adequate preparations for the start of school,

from now on, it is urgent.


from today,

I will spend more time with my children.

No matter how busy I am,

I will spend an hour every day

by my side.

when children encounter learning difficulties;

I will coach patiently;

when children are lazy and want to give up,

I should cheer up in time.

I must not play with my mobile phone while

perfunctory with my child.

I must cherish this remaining time,

let the child feel my care and love,

accompany the child to work hard and make progress together.

believe in my intimate companionship.

is the best way for children to express their love.


from today,

I will review my holiday life with my children, and

make a simple review and summary.

We are going to share

what we have gained this summer,

, such as reading a few books, where we went, and what joys and regrets we have


such as wasting too much time playing good.

and reflect and summarize in time.

this is not only a ceremony for children's holidays,

can also help me understand their hearts better,

cultivate their self-introspection, and

let them stride forward with a sense of thinking and achievement.


from today on,

I will urge my children to finish their summer homework.

I know that many children

have the habit of procrastinating and dillydally, and

always wait until the last minute to start worrying.

so I should take the initiative to check the progress of my child's homework.

timely remind my child that the holiday is coming to an end,

be sure to allocate the remaining time,

finish the rest of my homework,

as a student,

you must be responsible for yourself.


from today,

I will begin to cultivate my child's good habits and help him become a self-disciplined person.

I want to cultivate my child's concentration.

I will not disturb him casually while he is studying.

I will make a rule with him:

I can't play until I finish the required learning tasks every day.

I want him to develop the habit of thinking actively when he meets problems.

Don't always rely on others.

I want to cultivate his healthy living habits.

keep exercising and reading every day.

I believe that good habits are the beginning of self-discipline.

A self-disciplined child,

, even if the foundation is poor,

has a chance to soar.

I can't stay with my child all the time.

self-discipline is the best gift I can give him.


from today on,

I will begin to urge my children to go to bed early and get up early.

during the holidays,

Children often stay up late to surf the Internet and play games.

mental state is depressed,

work and rest habits are disordered.

only by helping children adjust their work and rest time as soon as possible

can children have a good mental state;

quickly adapt to the rhythm of the new semester.

I know that to help children adjust their biological clock,

to go to bed early and get up early,

We have to start by changing ourselves.

only when we do not stay up late and stay up first, can we have the right to convince our children.


from today on,

I'm going to start to be hard on myself.

I'm going to put down my computer and cell phone

not to play games and play TV at home.

create a quiet and good family atmosphere

because I know that

Family education is the most taboo "double standard"

if I play games and surf the Internet

how can I ask my child to put down my phone and write intently?Homework?

only when words and deeds match,

can we set a good example and win the respect of children.


from today,

I will begin to develop my child's ability to manage time.

the reason why many children procrastinate is due to lack of time management ability.

I want to let my child make his own daily schedule.

divide tasks according to morning, afternoon, evening and evening,

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the whole period of time.

as long as the child finishes the task within the specified time

the remaining time is at your disposal.

during the rest time,

I want to teach my children more forms of entertainment.

such as going out for a walk with my child,

go to the park to play sports and play ball.

I understand that only by giving children more exposure to the real world outside, can we avoid being immersed in "junk happiness" such as mobile phones

to get a more efficient rest.


from today,

I will work with my child to make

learning goals and plans for the new semester.

does not need to be an ambitious goal.

can be an increase of 10 points;

can also be an improvement of 5 places.

it is good for a child to make a little progress;

is also worthy of my recognition.

I want to tell my children that

the road to your dreams may be long and hard;

but when you really achieve excellent grades and

achieve your goals,

you will really feel the joy of learning.

by then, all the effort and effort will be worth it.

only by helping the child set a firm goal can the child set sail into the distance.


from today,

I will pay more attention to my children's emotions and communicate more with them.

because I know that

many children are prone to anxiety and panic when facing the arrival of the new semester.

I must listen to my child's troubles,

understand my child's anxiety,

help him build self-confidence, and

greet the arrival of the new semester with the best state of mind.

I want to tell my children that

schools are also rivers and lakes.

there is no turning back in life.

since I have chosen the sea of stars,

is doomed to go through both wind and rain.


finally, I would like to tell my children that

after the beginning of the new semester,

you must pay more attention and work harder in class.

because with the introduction of the "double reduction" policy,

gives this new semester a different meaning.

I want to tell children that the role of

learning will be redefined, and

your future battlefield will not be online teaching.

does not lie in the supplementary teacher,

only in the school classroom.

only by grasping every minute and every second in school and making good use of limited resources and time can

stand out in the fierce competition in the future.