Saving money is the highest level of self-discipline

Saving money is the highest level of self-discipline

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even if we desperately want to exercise self-discipline, we will occasionally tell ourselves that life is too short, have fun in time, and wait for the money.

what time to go to bed, how to force yourself, no money, no fantasy, but you don't see how self-disciplined people can save money.

self-discipline that really changes your life starts with saving money.


the life you want

not only rely on earning

often hear sarcastic remarks:

more people work hard to earn money, not everyone enjoys happiness.

who doesn't work hard to run alone to sweaty takeout boys, hawkers out of breakfast stalls in the early morning, and migrant workers crawling scaffolding in the wind and sun?

said that because of not working hard, no one answered the white-collar workers who worked overtime in the office and the workers on the assembly line.

it's true to bear hardships, but after suffering from making money, you still have to know how to save money.

otherwise, if you don't want to fight again and again, you will be so busy that life is still very difficult. You can only cry miserably and bear it at the same time.

A vendor in an Indian slum described in scarcity sets up a roadside stall with only a blanket selling vegetables, fruits and flowers day after day.

they get up early in the morning and borrow 1000 rupees from the bank to buy goods in the morning. They can earn about 100 rupees that day and have to pay half the interest.

the remaining 50 rupees, in addition to daily expenses, will be spent on a cup of tea, snacks and children's candy.

there is helplessness, but if vendors don't spend the rest of their money and save only 5 rupees a day, after 200 days, they won't have to borrow any more money.

save 50 interest in one day and 100 in two days. Poverty alleviation is just around the corner.

most of us, except a few rich ones, have to live a hard life first, and there is no head for us to go in and out with one hand.

if you want to taste the sweetness, you have to rely on money to buy it. If you keep it sweet for a long time, you have to save it slowly.

when you save more, the day will be clear.

otherwise, it will be useless to do everything we can.


lack of self-discipline in money

all self-discipline is in vain

to change fate, enrich the mind, and strengthen the body. It is not done out of thin air. Saving less is actually a paradox.

it's hard to settle down because you have no confidence in money.

many people rely on spending money to force self-discipline, spend money on fitness cards, buy online courses, and fill up the paying community. In the twinkling of an eye, they don't know what to look for, and they become less interested.

I'm not serious about money. If I talk about self-discipline, I'm afraid it's also a Buddhist system. I'm afraid I'll have to give up halfway.

even if they are forced to exercise self-discipline, it is difficult for them to counterattack.

imagine a scenario: a working girl who graduated from high school quit her job and taught herself English, studied computer, went to college in the United States, and graduated as a programmer with an annual salary of $100000.

she goes to the gym after work, plays Frisbee and goes hiking on weekends to see the world.

who knew that her father's condition worsened and she was fired soon after she rushed back home. The industry was depressed and it was difficult to find a job again.

when the source of money is cut off, the life gained by self-discipline will not last.

this is Sun Ling's personal experience, from the elite of Goldman Sachs to the unemployed, but luckily she knows how to save money.

when she left the factory to prepare for the exam when she was poor, she saved 10,000 yuan frugally.

even if she earns too much, she doesn't spend too much. she looks at the big boxes of meat in the supermarket and the whole bag of carrots.

the promoted chocolates are unhealthy and do not buy.

when I went shopping, I took some strawberries, green peppers and regular water, all of which will be available.

later, even if she was frustrated and unemployed, she still had a buffer, lived a small life in no hurry, and waited gracefully for her next job.

when people are alive, there are always a lot of accidents, some unexpected and some unexpected.

you are not sure about your fate, but it is most realistic to save money.

is also a good self-discipline and good accumulation, self-discipline is really meaningful.


to save money efficiently

is to learn to spend money

maybe you think it's okay to spell it out once in a while, and then you have to save money. It sounds tired and shabby.

some netizens in Zhihu complain that their old mothers and employees of state-owned enterprises have a good income and can especially save money.

once she just got home and smelled of smelly meat.

the beef boiled in the pot has been kept for more than half a year, and it has been frozen and melted. Her mother did not listen to what she said, but it was only when the passing neighbor said it smelly that her mother said she would dump it herself.

when she walked into the kitchen, she found her mother secretly stuffing meat into her mouth and kept having diarrhea in less than half an hour. At that time, her father was ill in bed, and my mother suddenly got sick, which made her very anxious.

if you save money and lose your life, you might as well not save.

it's not strange that some wealth management companies write copywriting:

you really know how to save money, so you don't have to work hard.

Douban blogger Tangli began to save money around 2018. As a teacher, he started to earn 4000 or 5000 yuan a month. Now he has saved more than 8000 yuan and has saved 307,000 yuan.

Last month, she spent less than NT $2,000 on food and beverage, vegetables, fruits, red envelopes, clothes, and activities, plus telephone and party fees.

she keeps an account of every sum of money she spends. She thinks which part should be exceeded, so be more restrained.

by walking more than 10,000 steps a day instead of the gym, she saved money on cards.

Mobile phones and computers are more cherished, because there is no loss, and there is no need to change too frequently.

knowing that she can spend money on novels, feel at ease to find a place to travel, and nothing will be delayed.

the rest of the money can be saved on a regular basis, and she has a good time.

learn to save money, not so that you don't spend money, but for fear that you won't spend money.

spend money blindfolded, take what you want, spend money like running water, and always overspend.

try to keep an account slowly, clear the allocation of each share of money, look back regularly, spend only what you want to spend, give up what is not worth it, and naturally have an arrangement.

if you have a scale in your heart, you don't have to chop your hands, you don't have to wake up with scolding, and you won't be aggrieved.

when you see more and more money, you feel a sense of achievement.


save money

quality of life

Life is sometimes in a dilemma, and expectations are drifting away.

the money earned is saved, and even if you do something you don't like, you can leave generously at any time.

the most exaggerated person I have ever heard is Japanese uncle Sakaguchi, who resigned at the age of 50 and went home without a loan.

he earns an average salary and saves so much that he has worn a T-shirt for nearly 20 years.

buy as much food as you want, and the refrigerator is empty all the year round.

the mobile phone was Nokia in 2007. As long as he could use it, he would not change it. He saved 3.3 million yen a year and saved 100 million yen in more than 30 years, enough to support the rest of his life.

this kind of courage does not need to be imitated and endured for 30 years, let alone everyone's ideal.

but the thriving life and ordinary wishes are all realized by saving money.

Douyin blogger @ Meishu and Xiaopang once sent a video:

when she first worked, she was 7000 yuan a month and her husband 10, 000 months, with a clear plan.

if you get your salary, you will first be forced to deposit 5000 yuan in the bank on a regular basis to prevent indiscriminate spending.

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the remaining 4000 is social insurance and house fund, leaving 5000 of the daily expenses such as clothing, food, housing, transportation, water, electricity and gas, and setting up a separate account to put 3000. Training, study, travel, sharing money, and sick money all come from here.

A regular period of 60,000 yuan a year, plus the rest of the money, can save 70,000 to 80,000 yuan.

over the past five years, they have saved the first bucket of gold to start a business and established a firm foothold in Beijing.

any counterattack, any change, need some capital, no matter how much, you have to save by yourself.

writer Lian Yue once said:

saving money is not to show off, let alone comfort the heart, but to live a comfortable life, to struggle with capital, and to advance and retreat in times of emergency.

what you want, the life you want, or even just sense of security, you can only give it to yourself by self-discipline.

and the highest level of self-discipline must start with money, saving up the strength to turn against the wind and the ability to resist risks.