Respect (this article is priceless)

Respect (this article is priceless)

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the best way to get along with others is not to be proud at the top and not to be humble at the bottom.

respect yourself and others.

this is not only a person's self-cultivation, but also the foundation of a person's self-cultivation.

the famous entrepreneur Panasonic once fell ill and several friends came to see him.

he goes to a restaurant with friends.

he ordered a steak for everyone and everyone had a good time.

only he ate half of it by himself.

the manager of the restaurant was very nervous and thought there was something wrong with the steak.

when checking out, Panasonic specially asked the restaurant to call the cook and said to him, "the steak is delicious, but I have a bad appetite, so I didn't finish it."

Don't worry, it's not that you did a bad job. I hope the manager won't blame you.

after hearing this, the cook made a deep bow to Mr. Panasonic.

Lu Xun said:

I thought others respected me because I was excellent.

slowly I understand that others respect me because others are excellent, and excellent people know how to respect others.

as one of the greatest entrepreneurs, Panasonic treats everyone equally and does not despise others because of its identity.

he doesn't think the chef's business is trivial. He pays attention to their affairs and takes good care of them to avoid causing trouble to them.

only if you are willing to respect small potatoes can you be called a big shot. Such people respect others and solemnly themselves.


"Mencius leaves Lou Zhang sentence": those who respect others, people always respect them.

only by knowing how to respect can we win respect.

A thriving cake shop welcomed a beggar in rags.

the guests next to them all pinched their noses with an expression of disgust.

but the store entertained the beggar warmly.

the beggar carefully took out a handful of change from his pocket and whispered to the shopkeeper, "I want a cake, the smallest one."

the shopkeeper picked out a small but delicate cake for him in the window.

and bowed to him to thank him for coming.

the beggar is gone. The boss's grandson is puzzled and doesn't understand why Grandpa is so enthusiastic about a beggar.

Grandpa said: his money is begged a little bit, which is more difficult than others. He is really very kind to us when he is willing to buy our cake.

Sun Tzu said: then why charge him money?

Grandpa said: he said to buy, of course, I should respect him, if I do not charge him money, but it is an insult.

later, the business of this cake shop became bigger and bigger, and by the time the owner retired, he had become a famous local entrepreneur, and even once became the richest man in the city.

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the Book of changes says: it is not easy to hand in, but not to violate the next.

do not flatter those who are stronger than you, and do not treat those who are weaker than you lightly.

this is not only a person's inner kindness, but also a person's personality and self-cultivation.

know how to respect and let one learn to think of others.

know how to respect and let a person improve his EQ.

know how to respect and let a person improve his or her level.

excellent people know how to respect others, respect others, can become better.