Reliable, is the highest evaluation of a person.

Reliable, is the highest evaluation of a person.

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someone in Zhihu once asked, "what is the most important quality of being a man?"

there is a highly praised answer: "when things are reliable, there are responsibilities in front of them, and credit is always the first."

boils down to two words: reliable.

in life, we often see such people who love to talk about heaven and earth, even in astronomy and geography, but they come to a dead end in doing things.

while some people behave in a simple manner and are not good at words, but they are very reassuring. They can not only accomplish everything in an orderly manner, but also often have surprising results that exceed expectations.

as Buffett said: "Reliability is a more important quality than intelligence."

I am deeply convinced that anyone can say beautiful things, but not everyone can do beautiful things. There is no shortage of smart people in the world, but people who are reliable and down-to-earth.

reliable, is the highest evaluation of a person, but also the highest level of intelligence.


there is a saying to sum up well: "the so-called reliable people have an explanation for everything, a reason for everything, and an answer for everything."

to see whether a person is reliable, we must first see whether he keeps his promise. He takes responsibility for everything and finishes everything.

in the TV series "meet Happiness", there is a plot that is impressive.

the heroine Zhen opened to interview the host. Unfortunately, she was caught in a sandstorm and it was extremely difficult to travel. Because she had an appointment, she went anyway, and she wasn't late.

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when she arrived at the interview company, she was already very embarrassed, her mouth, hair, clothes, all covered with sand, sitting in the application seat.

she looked at herself in such a mess that she thought it would be over, because her appearance could not pass. But after reading her resume, the interviewer told her that you were accepted.

looking at the stunned look on her face, the interviewer slowly said, "because of today's sandstorm, you are the only one who has come. We believe that such a person is exactly what the media should have."

in an impetuous society, many people regard breaking an appointment as a life skill and perfunctory as a cleverness, but they do not realize that punctuality and trustworthiness have always been hidden rules between people.

writer Chi Li said: "reliable, simple to say, complicated to fall, sounds like a feeling, and doing is the principle."

A reliable person knows what to do and what not to do, abides by his own principles and holds the bottom line of being a man.

they have a beginning and end to do things, and they have responsibilities to be human beings. Even if something unexpected happens and the thing is not finished, it will give people timely feedback. Get along with them, can sincerely feel respected and sense of security, will naturally have both sides.


in fact, every reliable performance is to show your personal image and accumulate your social credit, which is the most valuable business card.

people are more willing to contact and cooperate with reliable people than smart people. Reliable people will have good luck wherever they go.

I remember meeting a big boy who was responsible for delivering pure water to other people's homes. Every time he greeted others happily.

I observed that after he put the bucket on the water dispenser, he would turn the side with their company logo to the front so that water drinkers could see it.

I don't know if that is the work flow prescribed by their company, but through such a detailed action, without supervision and inspection, it is a sign of responsibility and a habit of dedication.

because of this little move, I was very impressed by him. Not long ago, I heard from the elders in the family that he had already started his own business, enjoyed a good reputation in the neighborhood, and his business was booming.

to see whether a person is reliable, it is not to see how earth-shaking achievements he has made, nor to listen to how eloquent he is, but to conscientiously do what needs to be done is enough.

everything is serious. I am really tired at first, but it can make people feel that sincerity and sense of responsibility in dealing with the world. When the reliable character is recognized by more and more people, it will be easier and easier to live, and as a result, the road of life will become wider and wider.

like the saying: "most of the legends in this world are just ordinary people who turn their hearts into actions."

he who is kind will be blessed. There are so many God-given opportunities in the world, but those ordinary people are practical and reliable to do everything well.

diligent, cautious in words and deeds, abide by the bottom line of their own principles, one step at a time, to create their own blessings.