Reading more ancient books is an eye-opener and mind your own business.

Reading more ancient books is an eye-opener and mind your own business.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Zheng Banqiao once said:

when Zheng Banqiao was the county magistrate of Weixian, he noticed that some gentry were nosy and interfered with the county government.

he took this opportunity to educate them, read more ancient books, broaden their horizons, mind their own business, and recuperate their spirits.

this also applies to us.


read more ancient books and broaden your horizons

Zhang Ying, who was a bachelor of Wenhua Hall and Shangshu of the Ministry of propriety during the reign of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty, also had a union, but her attitude towards the world was more positive.

in fact, reading more ancient books not only broadens your horizons, but also can cure illness and health.

Ouyang Xiu, a writer and historian of the Northern Song Dynasty, wrote in the Records of Dongzhai:

"the ill health of each body may be recited by the ancients if the six Classics and hundred Classics are recited;

if he loves his profundity, greatness, greatness and beauty, he must be at a loss to think, be at ease, and know nothing about the body of illness."

Roman Roland, a master of language art, feels the same way about bibliotherapy.

he said:

and all the disturbances that involve you, it's no longer worth taking seriously. "

nowadays, although you don't have to read all the ancient books, you have to read them. If you make friends with the ancients, you can not only concentrate and nourish your spirit.

can also comprehend the wisdom of ancient times, make people dispel their psychological troubles and enter a wonderful realm of detachment.


mind your own business

everyone's life is different, so don't impose your values on others.

Dickens said, "the best courtesy is to mind your own business."

to make a clear distinction between oneself and others, it is not a matter of duty to ignore the right and wrong of others, and to pay less attention to things that do not endanger the public interest of society.

mind your own business, causing trouble and annoyance to others is only secondary.

the most terrible thing about meddling is that you think you are smart and stand in a superior place to point.

the most talented and meddling person in history, the most regrettable person to die is Yang Xiu.

Cao Cao suffered successive defeats in the middle school of the Han Dynasty.

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if you want to join the army, you are afraid that Ma Chao will refuse to defend.

want to stop the army, but also for fear of Shu soldiers ridicule, hesitant.

just as the official entered the chicken soup, someone entered the account and asked for a night password, and Cao Cao casually replied, "Chicken Rib!"

seeing the chicken ribs, Yang Xiu asked the accompanying sergeant to pack up and prepare for his return journey.

as a result, Cao Cao killed him in the name of testing the holy will and disturbing the morale of the army.

if Cao Cao wants to say clearly, can't he say the word "withdrawal" himself?

isn't it a matter of meddling that Yang Xiujun just let loose, act wisely and do things he shouldn't do, say things he shouldn't say, and end up dying young?

unlike Yang Xiu, there was a man named Lou Shide in the Tang Dynasty who did not care about important matters and never took gossip to heart.

once, when he was walking down the street, he suddenly heard someone calling him an animal by name. He pretended not to hear him and went straight over.

his entourage couldn't help saying, "Sir, didn't you hear someone scold you?"

Lou Shide said: "he is scolding others, you heard wrong."

the entourage said, "how could he have heard you wrong when he called your name abusive?"

Lou Shide said: "there are many people with the same name in the world, and he is scolding another Lou Shide."

at this time, the man scolded more and more fiercely, and his followers could not bear it, and said, "Sir, that man is pointing at you again and calling you an animal, not even as good as an animal."... "

Lou Shide interrupted him and said, "he scolded me, but you repeated it to me. Aren't you scolding me, too?" Mind your own business. "

there are many unimportant people and things in the world. Instead of being disturbed by trifles to worry, worry, annoy and sorrow, it is better to read more ancient books to broaden your horizons and cultivate your body and mind.

people who mind their own business always have a little more spring in their hearts than others.