Reading is the first good thing in the world.

Reading is the first good thing in the world.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

how to evaluate a person's make-up level?

Lin Qingxuan has his own ideas. He once said:

"third-rate makeup is face makeup, second-rate makeup is spiritual makeup, and first-rate makeup is life makeup, that is, to change temperament and read more."

Zeng Guofan also said: "people's temperament, because born, it is difficult to change, but reading can change its temperament."

Today, when everything is "face" and plastic surgery is in vogue, how many people spend all their efforts in pursuit of a good-looking skin, but forget to put makeup on their mental appearance.

only has its appearance, but it is difficult to become temperament. Only by repairing both inside and outside will it be more beautiful.

the person who loves reading is the best makeup artist in life.


the best makeup is reading

novel the elegance of the hedgehog, there is a janitor named Renee, she describes herself like this:

"I am very indifferent to people, people do not like me, but can accept me, because I fully fit the role of a janitor." Ugly, old, bitter. "

then she found her secret garden, the library. She is like a madman, as long as she has free time, she will devote every minute to reading.

so, in the eyes of outsiders, a dirty, sloppy janitor seems to have tore off his mask after work, just like an elegant scholar.

by reading, she got rid of her spiritual inferiority. She knows herself better than anyone else and what kind of life she wants.

she finally changed her description of herself:

"I'm poor and ugly, but unfortunately I'm also a smart, self-contained woman. In terms of intelligence, I am an invincible goddess. "

most of the time, we can not avoid the realistic sense of bones and mud, but reading is a good spiritual food and nutrition.

if we read more books, our emotions will be more abundant and fuller, and our souls will become more abundant and interesting.

more importantly, reading helps us build a quiet inner world to resist the malice and unbearability of reality.

Chen Danqing said: "Reading has two functions: one is to make me think wrong, and the other is to let me have a house of my own and have an inner life."

when you have poems and books on your stomach, you will find that envying other people's lives is far less fun than planting chrysanthemums in your mind.

when you read a lot of books, the realm will slowly rise, and you will have one more perspective to look at the world. When you encounter problems or difficulties in life, you will not panic and be able to deal with them calmly.

time makes you get older, and your appearance will eventually go through the erosion of time, but books can keep your soul on the road all the time.


the best investment is reading

in today's society, "the theory of the uselessness of reading" is still rampant. I can always hear from time to time:

"I have no education, but now I still have several apartments, and a few cars"

"go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables, and basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division is enough."

"wouldn't it be more cost-effective for people to see more of the world and spend their study money on traveling around the world?"

Liang Shiqiu said: "Reading and not reading are two kinds of lives."

I think so.

people who love reading will not look at life only from the utilitarian and superficial point of view of "usefulness".

the beauty of life, the goodness of human being, poetry and distance are all what they yearn for.

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A person who does not read a book can only be regarded as a postman at best, even if he has traveled all over the world.

Zhihu has a question: "I have read a lot of books, but then I forgot most of them. What on earth is the point of such reading?"

A high vote replied, "when I was a child, I ate a lot of food, and now I can't remember what I ate." But what is certain is that some of them have grown into my bones and flesh. "

in those years, many of the roads we have traveled, the people we have seen, and the books we have read have become obsolete, but their nutrients have been preserved in our temperament, in our speech, in the dribs and drabs of life and words.

"Reading is to meet a better self." That's what Yang Jiang said.

on the road to a better self, reading is undoubtedly the best shortcut and the wisest investment.


maybe life will deceive you, but the books you have read will not;

maybe time will slip away, but the books you have read will always be with you.

Su Shi said: "the belly is full of poetry and books, and the smell of books can be far away."

Life is short, but reading makes it beautiful and long.