Reading and not reading lead two lives.

Reading and not reading lead two lives.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


Reading is the fairest opportunity to change fate

yesterday, a group of freshmen admitted to Tsinghua University big data rushed into the hot search:

among the more than 3500 undergraduate freshmen at Tsinghua University, students from rural and poor areas accounted for 20.2%, and students from western provinces accounted for about 26.6%.

some people praise Guizi from the poor family, while others say that "children without umbrellas will run harder."

for Sun Chuan, an examinee in Mianning County, Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province, university is not a key point, but another starting point.

when he was admitted to Tsinghua University's mechanical aviation and power major with a high score of 675 in this year's college entrance examination, a few days before he got the admission notice, he was still working at the construction site to lighten the burden on his family and earn some tuition and living expenses.

he said it has always been his dream to be admitted to Tsinghua University. Parents work very hard, only by studying hard can they be rewarded.

Reading is one of the best ways for ordinary people to change their fate.

there is more than one such similar experience.

four years ago, the boy from the mountain village of Gansu was admitted to the infantry junior command major of the University of National Defense Science and Technology with a score of 620. When he received the admission notice, he was still moving bricks at the construction site to subsidize his family.

the moment he left home to go to school, he shouted to the mountain: "Mountain, I went out", which moved countless netizens.

four years later, in the face of graduation assignment and becoming an officer, he took the initiative to write an application for going to Xinjiang, saying firmly: "the mountain is still that mountain, but in my eyes it is no longer a bondage, but a great mountain of the motherland."

and that girl from a state-level poverty-stricken county on the Loess Plateau of Gansu Province has seen that her hometown has inconvenient transportation, limited educational resources, backward economy, the bitterness of lack of money and lack of self-confidence.

through reading, she personally rewrote her destiny and became the only girl who spoke on behalf of undergraduates at the graduation ceremony of Tsinghua University.

Professor Chu Yin of Renmin University of China once said:

Our elegant collection of party dresses for teens will catch everyone attention. Our vast selection makes it easy for you to find just what you are looking for.

most of us are not from wealthy families, and we are all on our own.

you know, in our ordinary lives, there are only a few opportunities to change our destiny, and reading is one of the brightest and best ways to go.

Education may not necessarily take you to the top, but it can at least protect you from falling to the bottom.

knowledge may not necessarily make you rich, but it will at least break through your narrow horizons.


the world is severely punishing those who do not read

the famous writer Li ao has a famous saying:

is talking about reading.

some time ago, an article entitled "what happened to those who scored 0 in the college entrance examination?" "scan the moments.

it talks about the current situation of candidates for the college entrance examination with 0 marks that year, among which there is a student who impressed me very much-Xu Mengnan.

in 2008, Anhui examinee Xu Mengnan took the first college entrance examination, when he firmly believed in a set of educational ideas he had set.

in order to attract attention, he deliberately wrote on the back of each answer card, "my name is Xu Mengnan, and my test number is × ×."

at that time, public opinion set off the whole country, but the attention soon faded.

born from an ordinary farming family, he was listed in a key high school with excellent grades since childhood. Although there are four children in the family, his parents are still under great financial pressure to support him to study.

never thought that a rebellion in the college entrance examination destroyed the hopes of the family.

in the next ten years, Xu Mengnan, who does not have a diploma or degree, will eventually have to pay for his impulse.

go to all kinds of factories and workshops, assemble advertising boxes, manhole covers, and produce sanitary products. The dirty work has been done all over, the wages are low and tired, and life is still destitute.

casually found a girl to marry and have children, but his wife thought that his salary was too low to make ends meet, so she left him.

after suffering from not studying, he realized how stupid what he had done then.

he was once interviewed by the media, and he said this:

in 2018, 28-year-old Xu Mengnan made up his mind to return to the examination room. after 10 years in society, he once again picked up the review materials for the college entrance examination and honestly took the second college entrance examination. In May of the same year, he received an admission notice from a college.

Life is made up of step-by-step footprints. Once you go astray, it is impossible to turn back.

this society is cruel and realistic.

if you can't bear the bitterness of reading, you have to eat the bitterness of life.

as Han Han wrote in Education as I understand:

but up to now, there are still children who refute parents' supervision and urging with the theory that "reading is useless,"you can still be a big boss even if you don't read," and "graduates of Peking University don't also raise pigs."

do not realize that the consequence of believing in a few cases is to let those children who do not like to learn grow up to find that

what you have wasted today is your irreparable meanness and regret in the future.

all the laziness you've stolen will end up slapping you in the face.


study hard so that you can choose the life you want

Zhihu. The question is: what do you think is the meaning of reading? The high praise answer at the bottom of

goes like this:

when I went back to my hometown a few days ago, I met my primary school classmate Liu Liu, whom I hadn't seen for a long time in the supermarket. I almost dared not recognize my old appearance.

after a careful chat, I found out that she had been working on the factory assembly line. In order to make a living, he works day and night, but receives a meagre salary.

when she was less than 30, her hands were scarred by needle car cloth and covered with adhesive tape.

when she saw me, she choked up and said, "if I had been able to take the high school exam with you good students, I wouldn't have been reduced to this. I watched the start of kindergarten and couldn't pay the tuition fee."

it was not nice to see it. I asked her, "can't I change to another lighter job?"

she sighed: "We come and go in this town. It's good to be able to make a living. There's no choice."

I think the most sad thing is to lose the right of choice in life.

because there is no choice, you can only repeat mechanical operations on the pipeline, and there is no hope.

because there is no choice, freedom, self-esteem, happiness, dream and sense of achievement are all meaningless.

study hard, not because you want to compare your grades with others, but because you have the right to choose a job that you like and make sense in the future, rather than being forced to let your job choose you.

study hard, not because you want to be rich and rich, but so that you can make more and better friends and choose a more comfortable social circle, rather than letting others pick and choose from you.

there is no road in vain in life, every step counts.

only time should not be taken lightly, and only efforts must be lived up to.

any time you spend reading will be rewarded at some point in the future.