Raising a wife is the best feng shui for a family!

Raising a wife is the best feng shui for a family!

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it is better to raise a wife than a rich child.

because behind every happy family, there must be a rich wife.

the word "abundance" is familiar to everyone, but many people simply understand it as "material abundance".

but in fact, the enrichment that a woman needs is not only money and material, but also the pursuit of spiritual adequacy.

only when a woman gets enough love, she will benefit the people around her and give you back the best family.

as the Western proverb goes:

therefore, to raise a wife is not only for the woman, but also for the smooth progress of the whole family.


A rich wife makes the family harmonious

the husband is the pillar of the family, and the wife is the lubricant of the family.

A woman is important to a family: she manages family chores, and her family likes and dislikes need her care.

her mood determines the atmosphere of a family to a large extent.

so, as long as you can keep your wife in a stable mood, the family will become more and more stable.

in the variety show "the Man who does housework", the life of Yuan Hong and Zhang Xianyi is amazing.

No star halo is the daily routine of ordinary people:

Yuan Hong gets up early every day to make breakfast, goes out to get express delivery, and gives his lover a massage when he comes back. The strong love can be felt across the screen.

Yuan Hong put more effort into Zhang Xianyi's birthday.

knowing that his wife's idol was Audrey Hepburn, she tried to find the autograph of the deceased celebrity as a birthday present.

in the face of birthday surprise, Zhang Xianyi was moved to tears, saying frankly:

Zhang Xianyi, who was spoiled as queen, also passed on her love to the family, whether it was their small home or the two of them. all let the audience shout "incredibly happy".

the wife's family status is determined by the husband's attitude, and this family status is the best test of marital happiness.

A husband who doesn't know how to love his wife will only let his wife work hard but get nothing in return, and the wife complains, and over time, his family fortune will get worse and worse.

but a wife recognized by her husband will be accepted by the whole family, and a wife who fully feels love will willingly nourish the whole family with love.

in such a virtuous circle, the family will naturally become happier and happier.

therefore, the root of family happiness lies in the happiness of the wife, while the happiness of the wife can only be created by the husband.


A rich wife makes good luck.

the best marriage is called common progress.

behind successful men, there must be a woman who gives silently and has a large pattern. Jack Ma has said in many public occasions: "his wife is his noble person."

how much a man can achieve is determined by the pattern of women, while the pattern of women is influenced by men's words and deeds.

so, a smart man, even if only for his own future, will know how to use love to nourish the warm jade woman around him.

Zhang Jie must be on the list if he is to be selected as a "good man in the entertainment circle".

they traveled abroad. In order to prevent Xie Na from getting lost, Zhang Jie bought balloons and tied them to her. It looked childish, but it was extremely romantic.

during pregnancy, Xie Na had trouble falling asleep, so Zhang Jie told her fairy tales every night to coax her to sleep.

but when Zhang Jie and Xie Na first met, he was just a poor boy with empty music dreams, and Xie Na was already the first sister in variety shows of Hunan Satellite TV.

he, who is not good at words, has always been depressed in the face of the blow of public opinion from the outside. Fortunately, Xie Na, who is lively and cheerful, has always been by his side, taking a walk and chatting. Gradually, the haze has dissipated.

now, when they become an immortal couple envied by everyone in the entertainment industry, their careers rise.

as Xie Na once said:

wife, to a large extent, determines the height of her husband's career.

and a good love should support, encourage and achieve each other.

A man who really loves you must become better because of you, not tie you around and watch you derail from society a little bit.

good men know how important their wives are to them, because they know that no investment can earn a higher return than raising a rich wife.

therefore, affluence is never just a word, but an action of "love what you love and cherish what you have". This kind of love will make the wife live with more dignity, the wife's pattern will be bigger, and the man's career will prosper with each passing day.


raising a rich wife is the best way for a man to show off

the higher the man, the more he knows how to raise his wife.

enrichment, first of all, lies in the heart, secondly in the use of emotion, and finally, in the use of money.

and smart men never put their wives in danger. They will try their best to give them sense of security.

so, when you make raising a wife your first duty, you must be good enough.

actor Liang Jiahui created more than 100 classic characters and won soft hands in various major film awards.

but Liang Jiahui also had a very low period of time when he was young, because Liang Jiahui was banned by the Taiwan media when he was filming in the mainland. at his worst, Liang Jiahui was forced to set up a stall in Causeway Bay.

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it was at this time that Liang Jiahui met his life.His wife, Jiang Jiannian, had only HK $8000 in savings at that time, and their wedding was only a banquet and a diamond ring, shabby and embarrassing.

later, Liang Jiahui's career became more and more smooth, but his wife, Jiang Jiannian, was out of shape and looked haggard because of physical problems, and even the venomous media in Hong Kong said that they were not like husband and wife like mother and son together.

in the face of malicious comments from the media, Liang Jiahui still said affectionately:

A man with ability usually respects his wife, and only a man who is incompetent will yell at his wife.

as Chen Daoming said:

"when you lose face and treat your wife well, you have become a real man; when you give your wife enough face, you have succeeded."

when people reach middle age, their friends gradually fade away, and no one is more intimate than their partner.

so, the most advanced way for a man to show off his wealth is not a car or a house, but a considerate woman standing next to him.

the happiest thing in a woman's life is to have a man who enriches herself.

and the happiest thing in a man's life is that he can be nourished by a rich woman.

the good mood you raise her, she also gives you a harmonious and warm family;

the big pattern in which you raise her, she sends you a good ladder to rise step by step;

you raise her sense of security, she gives you a good promise that you will never give up.

so, in the final analysis, marriage is a process of nourishing and supporting each other. As long as you pass this process well, you will naturally provide yourself and the family with the best feng shui.

May you and I both be wise men, know how to enrich their wives, reap the inexhaustible happiness of a family, and achieve a family's infinite future.