Raising a grateful child is the highest display of wealth in the family.

Raising a grateful child is the highest display of wealth in the family.

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the most advanced way to show off wealth in a family is not a house or a car, but raising a grateful child.

No matter how big the house is, it is only for living, and no matter how expensive the car is, it is just for walking and raising a grateful child, which is better than a rich family.

Children are grateful and families are prosperous from generation to generation.

on the contrary, ungrateful children will be the greatest sorrow of a family, bringing disaster to themselves and nine ethnic groups.


the lack of gratitude education for children

will eventually severely punish parents

educator von Nasky said: "what children become depends on the shape of their parents."

parents' deeds and deeds are the best teachers for their children, and educating their own children is the most important cause of being a parent.

Parental education will affect the rest of one's life, the life of a child, and the fate of a family.

if children lack gratitude education in the process of growing up, parents will eventually suffer the consequences.

A 30-year-old man in Tianjin asked his parents for 60,000 yuan in betrothal gifts, but his parents could not afford it.

because before that, they had already taken out all their savings and borrowed 300000 yuan to make a down payment for their son's wedding house.

Men do not sympathize with their parents, but blindly scold:

"you are so poor, why am I born?"

"are you trying to kill me?"

"then go to hell!" Finally, my mother jumped from the fifth floor and died on the spot.

No matter how much parents give in front of ungrateful children, they will never be enough.

Children who are ungrateful will only take it for granted that their parents have given them, greedily believing that their parents must support them for the rest of their lives and take things that do not belong to them as their own.

when parents cannot satisfy their greed, they regard their parents as enemies, speak ill of them, or even fight them.

such children are undoubtedly "white-eyed wolves" in human skin, who have long lost their conscience and do not deserve to be human.


spoiled or unloved children

it is difficult to be grateful

in today's society, many children have become the apple of the family's eyes and have been praised.

parents do everything for their children day after day to meet all the requirements of their children.

over time, parents' efforts become debt and compensation in the hearts of their children, and they naturally do not feel grateful and considerate.

they can easily get what they want from their parents from an early age. They not only do not know how to cherish and squander, but also deny the truth of "no hard work, no gain" in their hearts.

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grow old with peace of mind, using parents as cash machines, squeezing out every penny and sucking up every drop of blood.

parenting expert Li Meijin once said: "when a child is 3 years old, if you don't meet his requirements, he will roll all over the ground at most; but when he is 15 years old, he may hurt himself, commit suicide and quarrel with you; but when he is 20 years old, he may resent you or even attack you."

A habitual son is like killing a child. Doting is not love, but a chronic poison that destroys a child and family.

it is difficult for a spoiled child to be grateful, and so is a child who lacks love.

Education of Love says: "Education without emotion and love is like a pond without water." Without water, there can be no pond, and without love, there can be no education. "

Children ignored by their parents will not feel loved and will never learn to love and be grateful.

when you grow up, you only think about yourself and put yourself first.

in life, all you know is to take, not to share, indifferent to your parents, even regardless of them.

in their eyes, parents are just strangers under the same roof.


raising a grateful child

is the highest display of wealth in a family

Nietzsche said: "gratitude is the health of the soul."

A child who knows how to be grateful has love in his heart, which is enough to light up the bright future.

once watched a video that made people feel deeply:

A 12-year-old boy went out with his parents with eye diseases, and the boy walked in front to show them the way.

along the way, instead of complaining, the boys were willing to be their eyes.

in the face of praise, he said, "I just did what I had to do."

the words are the most sincere voice to the parents in the grateful heart of the children.

some people say, "gratitude is a virtue and a realm."

I think so.

when gratitude becomes a habit, people will not take everything for granted, nor will they blame others for not being satisfied with trifles.

but will double cherish the beauty of life, share and pass on in love and being loved, so that happiness can be recycled.


there is a Greek proverb: "those who forget gratitude fall into difficulties and cannot be saved."

ingratitude, disaster is not far away.

Thanksgiving is the title ring of grass, and it is to think of the source when drinking water.

raising a grateful child is a family's greatest achievement.