Purify yourself! (good text in depth)

Purify yourself! (good text in depth)

Good morning, accompany you to read.

there is a saying in Daojing: "Virtue is thicker than a naked son."

means that a person with profound moral character, like a newborn baby, is simple and honest, clear and bright.

in fact, at the beginning of our lives, we are as clear and clean as white water.

it's just that there are too many trifles, too much desire, too much obsession, and people's impurities become more and more.

only by purifying yourself and making your body and mind perfect, can you return to simplicity and cleanliness and live a detached, free and easy life.


purify the body

"Lu's Spring and Autumn" has a saying: "running water is not rotten, the hub of the household is not beetle, and it moves."

only flowing water will not rot, and the frequently rotating door shaft will not be eaten by worms.

the same is true of people. The body needs to move from time to time in order to be purified, with long-lasting vitality and exuberant vitality.

We can think about why scraping and cupping can relieve fatigue. After massage and sweat steaming, will you feel comfortable?

Wanna go for for a flirty young child official gowns and flaunt your body? Spend time and consider this selection.

because these belong to "passive exercise", the body runs, qi and blood is unobstructed, and your body's toxins are metabolized.

but these effects are short-lived, and only exercise is the best way to purify the body.

exercise can fundamentally accelerate circulation and metabolize garbage in the body, which is far more effective than what detoxification tea and enzymes you drink.

Let yourself move and like the outdoors. You can take a walk for more than 30 minutes every day and get some fresh air.

if you like fitness, you can sweat in the gym. Jogging, swimming, yoga, doing exercises and dancing are all good.

Fan Zhongyan also said: "there are good activities and harmony among the five internal organs."

regular exercise can help us purify the toxins accumulated in our bodies, which is absolutely beneficial and harmless.

keep going, your body will become healthy and light, and tiredness will be swept away.


purify the mind

Yang Jiang said: "maintaining the state of mind of contentment is the best way to harden the mind and purify the mind."

when there are too many desires, man becomes a trapped animal in a cage, and every minute of abstinence loses an inch of wisdom.

and the more you experience, the more you can understand that "the supreme taste of the world is Qinghuan", and let the soul return to simplicity and purity, so that life can be truly happy.

A person with simple desires and contentment tends to be richer and richer inside.

once read a short story.

there is an old man who often fishes by the river. The fish he catches has to be measured with a ruler. If the fish is longer than the ruler, he will release it back.

others didn't understand it and asked him, "everyone else wants to fall into a big fish, but why do you do the opposite?"

the old man smiled and said, "because the pot in my house is only as long as a ruler, no big fish can hold it."

the pot in the elderly is not really unable to hold fish, but in order not to get lost in endless desires.

in Cai Gentan, it is said: "those who are satisfied are in Wonderland, and those who are not satisfied are in the ordinary world."

Happiness does not come from external material abundance, but from inner simple contentment.

with gratitude and contentment, you can purify your mind and have the purest happiness.


purification circle

looking back on the past, too many meaningless people and relationships occupied our time and energy.

but you should know that the larger the circle, the more complicated the heart, which will only consume your energy, which is tantamount to chronic suicide.

purifying your circle and creating a comfortable and high-quality environment for making friends is the best way for a person to keep in good health.

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: "it is not necessary to sharpen arsenic. One is better than ten thousand sleepers."

means that you don't have to make a lot of friends. A few friends are enough.

this is the case with Qian Zhongshu. He is so talented that the readers who admire him are unknown.

but he has always been unsociable, and at a certain age, he even closed the door.

I spend most of my time reading and writing with my wife Yang Jiang at home at their desks.

as the writer Chen Zhong said, "Friends should be deleted and simplified."

in fact, there is no need for us to invite too many people into our lives.

it is better to cultivate a good habit of purifying the circle regularly from now on.

although the circle is small, it is good to be clean, effortless and uncatering to make your life comfortable and comfortable.


purify emotions

Li Yu wrote in the poem: "asking how much sorrow you can have is like a river of spring water flowing eastward."

it is inevitable to encounter unpleasant things in life. Some people are worried and constantly entangled in internal friction, while others have a bad temper and suffer bitter consequences on impulse.

then you will find that people spend their whole life paying for their out-of-control emotions.

be good at purifying your emotions, not trapped in the heart, not confused with emotion, is the wisdom of life, but also the practice of life.

writer Shen Congwen is a master of purifying emotions.

he regards writing as "emotional gymnastics". No matter how surging emotions are, he can always purify them in words.

if you really can't digest your emotions, count yourself in silence for three seconds and divert your attention.

the powerful ability to purify emotions has made Shen Congwen calm after all his life, and he has healed countless hearts with the words in his writings.

as the saying goes, "Life is a passer-by, so there is no need for thousands of knots."

emotion, in the final analysis, is actually your own choice.

heDon't try to sort your emotions into trash, just put them and forget them.

purify your emotions, be a calm man, and do things rationally is the greatest kindness to yourself.

Zhuangzi said: "it is simple and the world can't compete with it for beauty."

to live clearly and transparently is to reach the most wonderful state of life.

so, learn to purify yourself, life will be a new look, life can be free.

body, mind, circle, mood, everything is clean and simple.

despite the strong wind outside, I am still complacent. This kind of life is the highest life!