Pure heart, peace of mind, state of mind

Pure heart, peace of mind, state of mind

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


mind is clean: there is no dust in the heart, peace of mind

is clean.

the word "pure" is like a clear lotus, unstained from the mud and blooming in the earthly fireworks.

it is also like a blow of dust, sweeping away the dust in my heart, emptying all my desires, and suddenly my heart is clean and clear, full of mountains and rivers.

A piece of white moonlight is lost in my heart. Clean and clean.

Jing is the silent Zen meaning of Meng Haoran's "seeing the pure lotus flowers, you should know not to dye your heart." it is Tao Yuanming's pastoral poetry of "picking wild flowers by the fence and inadvertently seeing Nanshan". It is also Su Dongpo's broad-mindedness of "the boat has died ever since. Jiang Hai sent the rest of his life."

the most rare thing in life is that you still have a clean and pure heart after a thousand sails.

Clean, is a kind of comfortable temperament. A clean person has not only a clean appearance, but also a clean heart and a clean circle.

there is a saying in "those things of the Ming Dynasty":

A simple life is easy and happy. Clean state of mind, peace and serenity.

the mind is pure, then the heart is calm, and there is no dust in the heart.


peace of mind: peace of mind can only be calm

quiet, which is a kind of silent beauty.

quietly watch a flower bloom, quietly listen to the wind across the courtyard, quietly enjoy the sunset and clouds.

every quiet moment, the heart is at peace. Despite the hustle and bustle of the world, my heart is still quiet.

this stillness can contain not only all things in the world, but also three thousand in the floating world.

quiet, like a Zen room hidden in an ancient temple in the mountains, even the plants are quiet, only a few wisps of fragrance gently curl around.

Searching for an outstanding tulle homecoming dress to dazzle your friends? Your will be elated by your enchanting look.

A Sanskrit sound comes to an end, and everything comes to silence.

stillness is also peace of mind. Only when you are calm can you take your time.

be a quiet person, neither fight nor rob, neither humble nor arrogant.

find your own place in the complicated world. Get along with yourself quietly, do not disturb other people's lives, nor disturb your own rhythm by others.

Bai Luomei said:

"in this noisy world, we all need a suitable place for our souls.

maybe it's a quiet house, maybe it's a wordless book, maybe it's a maze path.

as long as it is what I want, it is a post station, so that I will not be so lost in order to start in the future. "

quiet is the end-result of the soul. Only in silence can we hear the inner voice and see the wider world in the hustle and bustle.

A quiet heart can get rid of the shackles of fame and wealth and reach a more distant realm of life.


mood: vast state of mind, light clouds and light wind


such as deep valley orchids, quietly spit fragrance, no matter whether anyone appreciates it or not. Such as the summer lotus, out of the mud but unstained, graceful and graceful, elegant and refined.

every flower has its own character. Guarding one side of the world, quietly blooming their own splendor.

there is a beautiful view at 04:00, which varies from one to another. The same is true of our lives.

the situation is born from the heart, and things change with the heart. A person's state of mind is full of ups and downs along the way. Different ages, different experiences, different feelings, the mood will be different.

people's state of mind is constantly honed in the process of circulation at 04:00. Like a piece of old tea, under the precipitation of the years, it becomes more and more mellow and thick.

"pain without speaking, laughter without speaking, confusion without loss, surprise without confusion". The realm of life, under the polish of time, will become more and more open and clear.

Life is like a budding flower. Along the way, there will always be unexpected surprises.

We are all passers-by of time. Gathering, dissociation and clutch is just the normal state of fate. The hustle and bustle is nothing but the blink of an eye.

Lin Qingxuan said in "the most Beautiful Life is Qinghuan":

if you have a clear mind, you will live a pure life. If the heart is quiet, life will be at ease. With a vast state of mind, life has its own bright moon and breeze.

Let the mountains and rivers come and go in a hurry. I take a stroll in the courtyard, the clouds are light and the wind is light.