Promote happiness (this article is priceless)

Promote happiness (this article is priceless)

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someone once said:

some people are very rich, have cars, houses and savings, but they are not happy;

some people rent houses and take buses and subways when they go out, but they all hum a song when they walk.

in fact, happiness can be improved by cultivating habits.

if you find life too difficult, you might as well improve your happiness in these five ways.


raise your mindset

Yan Ning, a foreign academician of the American Academy of Sciences, told such a story.

one of Yan Ning's students came to her after watching Ode to Joy.

students ask Yan Ning that Andy's position in the financial world must not be as high as yours in academia, and his work intensity is not as high as yours, but people earn a lot of money. You work so hard every day and earn less than her. Is it psychologically unbalanced?

Yan Ning asked the students, "do you think Andy is happier than me?" Does money become a measure of your happiness? "

then, Yan Ning said something that I particularly like:

"it has been decades since you came to this world, and what you want is the most important." As far as I am concerned, I simply like such a world. "

she doesn't like to compare her income and life with others. She likes the world and thinks that happiness is the most important thing.

in life, the reason why many people feel unhappy often comes from comparison, the ratio of income, work and wealth.

in the constant comparison, we have lost the happiness we originally had.

writer Liang Daowen said: "Happiness is never compared. If you compare it with others, you will only feel miserable."

there are always places where you are inferior to others, and there are always places that are better than people, which is meaningless. It is most important for you to be happy.

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the rest of your life is not long. Live your life well and don't compare yourself with others.

when you make fewer comparisons and are free from external interference, you can live your life the way you like.


promote hobbies

many people know that Yuan Longping has a hobby of playing the violin.

after getting his first salary of 42 yuan, he excitedly went to buy a violin.

Yuan spent most of his time in the fields, often covered with soil, and worked day and night at the stage of seed production and breeding.

playing the violin has become a way for him to adjust himself.

Yuan Longping once mentioned the feeling of playing the piano near Anjiang Agricultural School:

at night, the moonlight is all over the ground, the sound of frogs is constant, and the sound of the piano can eliminate the fatigue of the day.

in Yuan Longping's cabinet, there are many discs, all of which are the works of Tchaikovsky, Schubert and other masters.

in his spare time, he will turn on the stereo and feel the charm of art.

it can be said that the violin not only brought a lot of happiness to Old Yuan, but also alleviated his hard work in the fields.

George Bernard Shaw once said, "you are happy to be obsessed with a hobby."

it is a blessing for people to have a lifelong hobby.

this hobby has nothing to do with work or income, but it can make you happy and happy when you do it.

develop a hobby, such as music, sports, drinking tea, growing flowers, writing, and painting.

when you have a hobby, you can discover a new world full of poetry outside the mundane daily trivialities.


improve health

there is a saying:

exercise can heal the body and mind and make a person healthy and optimistic.

see something on Zhihu.

Xiao Wang went to the hospital for examination because of headache, dizziness, chest tightness and nausea, and found that he was suffering from serious cervical spondylosis.

Xiao Wang found that the cause was all on him. He stared at the computer at work during the day and bowed his head in the sofa and played with his cell phone after returning home. For a long time, it led to a big problem with the cervical vertebra.

after being discharged from the hospital, the doctor repeatedly advised that we must exercise more, otherwise it is easy to have a relapse of the old disease.

from then on, during the break, Xiao Wang used playing ball instead of playing with his mobile phone, and ran five kilometers every morning.

I have formed the habit of exercising every day. After two years, I have never had a relapse, and my body is getting healthier and healthier. Even headaches and colds rarely occur.

Socrates once said:

if you want to keep healthy, you must let yourself move.

A person has happiness only when he has health first, otherwise everything is empty talk.


improve self-control

the author of "how to quit bad habits" talked about a personal experience.

the author likes procrastination, which leads to a lot of things piling up in the end, because if there is no way to finish it on time, he will fall into anxiety and have no sense of happiness at all.

when he realized that procrastination brought a lot of trouble to his life, he was determined to give up this bad habit.

he began to strictly control his bedtime, stopped staying up late and insisted on going to bed on time at 11:00 every night.

in order to eliminate procrastination, he went to the company to deal with the most important work an hour earlier every day.

instead of waking up naturally on weekends, he will get up on time to do some exercise in the morning, and then start his day.

when he improves his self-control and becomes self-discipline, his life seems to have entered another world, full of happiness and happiness.

as the author said:

Victor Hugo, a master of French literature, takes off his clothes almost before he starts writing every day.Because in this way, there is no way to go out shopping in the middle of writing, so you can only stay in the study and write.

the writer Melville, when writing Moby Dick, nearing the end of the story, once asked his wife to tie him to his desk with a chain and was not allowed to open the lock until he had made progress.

there is a good saying: "people are the most comfortable, most comfortable and happiest when they can control themselves."

if a person has poor self-control, he will fall into anxiety because he doesn't finish something on time, and over time, he will have a serious sense of frustration and no happiness.

people with strong self-control tend to be happy because they have completed their life plans on time and achieved returns.

in fact, the so-called self-improvement is the process of constantly improving self-control so that you can no longer do whatever you want.

people with strong self-control are closer to happiness, and a happy life begins with the improvement of self-control.


promote and reject business

A word mentioned in the variety show "exciting offer" is "refusing business", that is, rejected EQ.

the courage to be hated also says: "Happiness is the courage to be hated by others."

have the courage to be hated by others and dare to refuse in order to improve their happiness.

Greg McGee Vaughn talks about such a thing in essentialism.

there is a manager in Silicon Valley named Sam Elliot.

in the past resume, Sam's ability is very outstanding, the performance is also very beautiful.

but he has a big weakness, that is, he can't refuse other people's requests.

after joining a new company, in the face of the bottomless demands of others, he tried to satisfy everyone, resulting in a sharp decline in the quality of his work.

he has become an expert in dealing with trifles in the company and is no longer a professional manager.

Sam was in pain. he asked a senior for advice, who told him:

"stay in the current company, but only work as a consultant, and don't do anything else."

at first he was worried that it would offend a lot of people, but when he devoted all his energy to something valuable, he gained more respect from his colleagues.

and Sam himself has achieved a better self in the workplace.

Sam said with emotion: "if you want to achieve something important, be a free person, don't be greedy for perfection and promise everything."

A person's happiness begins with learning to reject others.

there is a piercing saying: "those who live the most tiring life in the world are those who do not know how to refuse."

when you learn to refuse, you will find life much easier.

I once read a passage describing the understanding of happiness as follows:

"We are so used to it that we gradually forget how beautiful these things are.

A simple meal with lights on at night.

or the sun that falls warmly on you in winter.

it is too common to have it until one day you suddenly lose it.

only then did I realize that all these things are so important in life. "

indeed, happiness lies in the details of daily life. What matters is whether we know how to perceive happiness.

Happiness is an ability.

the British writer Owen said: "the purpose of all human efforts is to achieve happiness."