Precipitate yourself (this article is priceless)

Precipitate yourself (this article is priceless)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

people who really read books are never short of free souls.


precipitate friends

time smoothes out people's edges and corners, and also precipitates true friends.

A good friend is worth a fortune.

there is no road to sincerity, because sincerity itself is the road.

Friends are like RMB, there are true and false.

false friends will often come to you when you are all right; true friends will never stay away from you when you are in trouble.

A true friend lies not in rhetoric, but in the hand that pulls you at the critical moment.

those friends who surround you all day and make you a little happy are not necessarily true friends.


calm down

as indifferent as smoke and rock, we can stay away from the inner hustle and bustle; life has its ups and downs, and you can't lose anything.

people spend all their lives, so it's better to be happy than frown.

more bitterness and less joy is the necessity of life. To be able to meet hardship is the calmness of life, and to turn bitterness into pleasure is the transcendence of the wise.

leaning on the building to listen to the wind and rain, looking lightly at jianghu road.


sow kindness

kindness is not intentional, it is a pleasant and natural thing, sometimes kindness is for peace of mind.

the ancients said:

sow goodness for the benefit of the world, that is, accumulate virtue and happiness for yourself.

when you look at the world with your eyes, you will inevitably be blinded by one leaf; if you look at the world with your heart, you will see everything in the fundus;

if you touch the world with a kind heart, everything will become vibrant and dazzling.

the five tastes of life are mixed, and life is disturbed one after another. a kind heart will be able to put all kinds of tastes in place and make life look like joy in its own heart.


cultivate hobbies

Zhang Dai said at the end of the Ming Dynasty:

if you have interests, you can show a person's true nature.

people who have interests are happier.

when a person is immersed in his hobby and puts his heart and soul into it, he will temporarily get rid of the trivialities of life and shine all over, which will also infect the people around him.

the ancients said that "enter the Tao by art". Beneficial interests and hobbies can nourish life and enrich one's spirit.


gains and losses follow fate

Buddhism says:

the world is changeable, and gains and losses are external things. In fact, there is no loss to our hearts. It is only because we care too much that it creates pain and annoyance.

if you can pick it up and put it down, all gains and losses are normal;

stand high, look far, and don't worry about right or wrong;

can think freely, see through, life confusion naturally open.

Life is about forgetting age, fame and fortune, and sadness.

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put it down, not without it; only if you put it down.


learn to bear

some people are always shouting for a good time, but the real world is full of rivers after all.

you must keep running to stay where you are; you must learn to bear grievances in order to withstand the storms of life.

A mature person can bear not only hardships but also grievances.

who doesn't move forward while weeping?

Don't easily expose your inner fragility and learn to bear what you should be responsible for;

Don't easily describe the awkwardness of life, but learn to face the reality of chaos and disorder;

Don't easily compromise with the world, it makes you cry, you have to make yourself laugh in persistence.

as long as we can bear, do not escape, cherish, and have a strong heart, life will not be too pale.


always be grateful

the ancients said:

if you can't repay 10,000, you can also repay in case; if you can't, you should always be grateful.

those who are grateful have a soft heart and a bright world.

gratitude is not only giving, but also emotional pleasure.

Thanksgiving for every spring, summer, autumn and winter in the past, for every ups and downs in the past, everything is the best arrangement.

Thanksgiving to love relatives and friends, gratitude to all sentient beings, at this moment, Nietzsche said, "gratitude is the health of the soul."


be diligent in reading

the ancients said:

Yang Jiang said:

every thought gained from the book is everlasting, solid and practical.

people who really read books are never short of free souls. Their hearts need no defense, but they will never be captured.