Position! (good text in depth)

Position! (good text in depth)

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between people,

positions are different, ideas and opinions are different.

if you are a customer, you will think that the merchant is too profiteering;

if you are a businessman, you will think that the customer is too picky.

if you are a student, you will think that the teacher is too strict;

if you are a teacher, you will think that students are not motivated.

different ways for fish and birds, different ways for turtles and rabbits, and different positions for

, it is difficult for

to feel deeply and understand each other.

since the positions are different and the levels are different,

does not have to explain each other and expect to be tolerant.

not only makes it difficult for others, but also forces itself. 01

position is different, do not seek to understand

cast pearls before swine, cattle do not understand,

sparrows and hawks sing to each other, there is no response.

the same thing, the position of

is different, the angle of seeing is different,

will naturally produce different cognition and understanding.

is like a blind man touching an elephant.

he only touches the wall in front of him.

people with different positions,

starting point is different, can not be compared,

thought is different, can not bind peers,

why insist on understanding, there will only be misunderstandings,

do not need to crave tolerance, waste energy and feelings.

instead of taking the trouble to empathize with others,

learn to let go and look down on others.

when you know yourself cold and warm,

There is no other place you are guaranteed of versatility, only by wedding a line with sleeves dress. These collections easily match to all occasions.

you will no longer crave for others to understand.


levels are different. There is no need to explain

other people's business, none of our business,

our business,

our lives,

is only responsible for doing our own business.

most of the time,

meaningless arguments, time-consuming explanations,

all come from people at different levels,

express their opinions and argue.

because of the different levels, it is useless to say more.

Summer worms do not speak ice, well frogs do not speak the sea,

not everyone is worthy of our explanation,

Tao is different, do not plan with each other,

heart is different, can not feel.

instead of wasting time and arguing,

it is better to stop the loss in time and stop decisively.

in silence, with static braking, the clear person clears himself. 03

compare the hearts of the people


all disputes and contradictions, estrangement and prejudice caused by


are all due to their different positions.

does not know how to think of others, never thinks of others,

ignores other people's feelings, ignores other people's losses,

only for their own gain and loss,

will lead to the deepening of contradictions and the deterioration of the relationship.

people's hearts are always mutual.

if you understand others, others will tolerate you.

if you give in to others, others will be obedient to you.

only for the sake of others, the relationship between each other will be better.

only by comparing the hearts of others can we get the sincerity of others.

those who love to come back, those who are blessed are blessed.

give roses, leave the fragrance in your hands!

A person lives a lifetime,

Don't stand in your own position to judge the level of others.

Don't always accuse others of right or wrong with your own ideas.

Why should people with different ways confide their hearts?

those with different hearts should not seek empathy.

position is different, do not seek to understand,

this is respect for others,

levels are different, do not explain,

this is respect for yourself.

get along with others, remember to compare your heart to heart,

interact with others, and learn to think of others.

only in this way can others be considerate and tolerant, and your relationship can last long and your relationship will be stronger!