Poisonous words in life (every sentence goes to the bone)

Poisonous words in life (every sentence goes to the bone)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

there is a saying: the strength of the moment lies in strength, and the victory or defeat of the ages lies in reason.

those who gradually understand the truth in life, in fact, are imperceptibly guiding themselves.

warm and cured chicken soup will give us quiet and powerful strength when we are in trouble;

humorous and poisonous words will give ourselves a slap on the head and enlighten us when we are complacent.

how many of the following proverbs about life do you know and how many are you practicing?


Life is more and more yesterday, less and less tomorrow.

Zeng Guofan once said: heaven can be mended, the sea can be filled, Nanshan can be moved, the sun and the moon in the past, can not be tracked back.

the most powerless thing in the world is that time goes by and there is no way to start over.

you and I have come to visit the world, and it will take no more than 30,000 days.

for many people, they often do not notice that nearly half of their time has been wasted, and they have no choice but to watch the passage of time.

since life is so short, why continue to waste time in regret and unwillingness?

Let all unwilling, with yesterday fade out of life, with the yearning for the rest of life, the pace of light marching on the way to tomorrow.

Don't linger on and grieve for the past; don't worry about gains and losses for what you already have; don't worry about those you haven't experienced yet.

although there are more and more yesterday and less and less tomorrow is an immutable truth, don't let sadness become the background of your life.

learn to grasp every minute of the moment and make every second of your life full of happiness. Only in this way can you live up to yourself and your life.


No matter what the fortune-teller says you lack in the five elements, when you reach a certain age, you will find that what you lack most is money.

there is a lyric in "the empty City Plan" that always resonates with everyone:

the world is in a panic, but the broken silver is a few taels of silver, but this broken silver can solve the melancholy of the world, make parents healthy, and protect the growth of young children.

when we were young, we had beautiful unrealistic dreams and a solitary courage to move forward. Even if our pockets were empty, we could still make a manifesto that we should not be shackled by money.

however, it is not until a certain age that we really understand the importance of money.

our dreams about poetry and distance begin to become tied because we have no money;

the love we want to express to our family will also seem inadequate because of lack of means.

Our outstanding beach wedding dresses for older brides are essential for any trendy wardrobe. Our large collections of collections are second to none.

it is said that things that can be solved with money are not a big deal, but the misfortunes of most people are caused by lack of money.

sometimes we have to admit that money is the antidote to adults. It can bring us happiness and sense of security.

in the face of choice, no money can only passively accept the choice of others, rich can choose the people and things they like.

you know, money is not only our strength to resist suffering, but also gives us more choices.


the world is yours and mine, but in the final analysis it belongs to those with good health! Live a long time!

I have read such a story: a frustrated young man complained to the master about his poverty.

the Master mused for a moment and said, "I'll give you a chance to get rich, do you want it?"

the young man nodded.

the master said: I'll give you 12000 gold for your hands and feet. will you change it?

the young man replied at once: no matter how much money you pay, I won't change it.

Master smiled: do you have something more valuable than 12000 gold? do you still feel poor?

as the French writer Montaigne said: as long as you lose your health, life is full of pain and depression. Without it, happiness, wisdom, knowledge and virtue are overshadowed and vanished.

Yes, the body is the capital of everything. Once you lose your health, why talk about splendor and success?

only with a healthy body can you have the opportunity to change your life and leave a great deal of color in your life.

remember, youth is never a waste of healthy capital, and it is the stupidest decision to trade health for a moment of unbridled pleasure.

Don't wait until you see your medical record to regret it. After all, there is no such thing as regret medicine.

from now on, develop regular habits of staying up late, not drinking and smoking, not trying to save trouble, three meals and one meal.

you and I only have this life, cherish the wealth of health, and hope that even if we have white hair, we can enjoy the sun leisurely.


the road of life is like an electrocardiogram, without twists and turns is not a good thing.

We have all carefully planned how to spend every perfect "today" so that we can have a perfect life.

however, no one's life is perfect, ups and downs, life, unknown suffering and joy will always take you by surprise.

maybe one second you are lamenting that your fate is calm, and the next you will suffer a head-on blow.

maybe you are still lamenting the misery of life, but you will see the long-awaited surprise around the corner.

Life is like this, mixed with joys and sorrows, twists and turns.

whether you want to or not, every experience will be the best foreshadowing in life.

Beethoven lost his hearing at the age of 26, but never gave in, endured illness and pain, and persisted in writing.

count the successful people at all times and all over the world, no one has a smooth life without hindrance, stumbling is the norm of life.

Tagore once said: only through hell training can we develop the power to create heaven, and only bloody fingers can play the best song in the world.

even if the road ahead is full of thorns, we should always be prepared to move forward bravely, so that we can ride through the sails and cut through the thorns.

only when we dare to fight with the sufferings in life, can we meet our dream of life after victory.


Don't envy the appearance of others. In fact, everyone has their own inner bitterness.

there is a saying: we always look up to and envy the happiness of others, in fact, we are also looked up and envied.

but we always envy the shiny side of others and are ashamed of our shortcomings.

No one knows that all the brilliance on the surface is inseparable from the clenching of teeth behind, and there is endless pain in everyone's heart.

you envy others to travel around the world and be unrestrained, but you don't see her often work overtime until one or two o'clock in the morning.

you envy others that they are successful and rich, but you don't see the loneliness that she can't find anyone to talk about her feelings in her address book.

in this world, it snows for everyone, and everyone has his own obscurity and cleanness.

those unbearable things about life, without exception, we are all experiencing the hardships and difficulties that happen to others, not being seen does not mean that they do not exist.

therefore, one's own happiness does not need to be referenced by others, but increases the cost of one's own happiness in vain.

what's more, happiness never depends on how loud other people's laughter is, but on how sweet your smile is.

when we concentrate on ourselves to perceive happiness, our troubles are halved and happiness is doubled.