Please don't take the children to travel during the summer vacation! A good article that makes countless parents reflect.

Please don't take the children to travel during the summer vacation! A good article that makes countless parents reflect.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

some time ago, my best friend took the children out to play and signed up for a Sanya 5-day tour.

look at the moments posted by my best friend every day, which is really enviable.

the sunset, the beach, the sea view room, the delicious food and the beautiful scenery are simply beautiful.

after a wave of likes, my best friend sent me Wechat, "never take the kids on a trip!"

I was very confused. My best friend explained:

I don't talk about traveling. I go out early and come home late every day. I can only visit N scenic spots every day, but the children don't appreciate anything.

the key is still tired and tired in the sun. If you want to sit and enjoy it, the child will run away. Finally, when the child's excitement is over, he yells tired and shouts heat, cheats on the ground and loses his temper and refuses to leave.

the next day, the child said that he didn't want to go out and had a lot of fun playing with sand on the beach of the hotel.

take the children all the way to understand the grandeur of the sea and the wonder of nature, which takes time, effort and money, but the children have the right to play somewhere else.

I can't help thinking about what travel means to children.


"did you take the child on a trip? Where did you play? "

when it comes to summer vacation, many parents take their children on non-stop trips and eye-openers, from all kinds of parent-child trips to summer camps.

according to a survey, the cost of travel has become the third killer of spending money on education after school choice and interest class expenses.

in the summer bill posted by a mother, travel and study alone accounted for 46000 yuan.

she said that her monthly salary of 5W could not afford a summer vacation for her child.

one of my colleagues, since her child went to kindergarten, she has to take her child on a trip every summer vacation, from three to five days to ten and a half days.

in the middle of this summer vacation, colleagues took their children to visit the famous scenic spots in the next province.

"it's nothing!"

she also plans to travel all over the country before her children graduate from primary school:

"Children usually wait in the classroom to read ten thousand books, but when they have a holiday, don't they have to travel ten thousand miles?"

"if you don't go out for a walk during the summer vacation, what material will the child use to write his composition?"

"after school starts, everyone is talking about where to play. Children must have something to talk about."

"Last year, my child was ridiculed for not seeing the world because he had never been on a plane."

"after walking in so many places, you have gained a lot!" We said curiously.

"it's hard to say, but it's better to go for a walk than to stay at home. Besides, all other children go on a trip, and I don't want my children to leave anything behind."

indeed, in the current environment of education, neighbors and friends around them are touting the benefits of travel, and parents will inevitably have a kind of anxiety:

if they do not go out to learn, they will lose at the starting line.

I have a neighbor who saves his whole year's holidays until summer vacation in order to clock in with his children.

A few days ago, a parent in the class took their children to the Great Wall and thought it was not easy to go to Beijing. She went out early and came back late every day. She rushed to visit all the scenic spots in Beijing for five days. It is said that after the little girl came home, she didn't get enough sleep and the whole person wilted.

this is the "theatrical effect" of education:

when people are watching the play, some people stand up in order to see clearly, and the people behind have to stand up in order to see clearly.

finally, the atmosphere of anxiety forces the whole theater to stand and watch.

when parents are surrounded by knowledgeable anxiety, traveling with others becomes a need to relieve anxiety.


I have seen the real experience of a mother in Baoma circle.

in order to let her daughter see more of the world, she took her daughter to visit the cultural village with Lingnan characteristics, but her daughter had no interest in antiquities culture, ancient architecture, and folk customs.

instead, she was pestered to ride in the ancient sedan chair to marry the bride, simply not to be too happy.

later, she summed up her experience and hired a commentator during a visit to the museum, thinking that her daughter would understand better, but her daughter was still of little interest. She scanned the stones, embroidery and earthen pots that she looked like in ten minutes.

and then keep trying to find something fun and delicious.

in desperation, she told her daughter about the history of laundry from ancient times to the present, thinking that it must be within her daughter's understanding of life.

when she talked carefully for a few minutes, trying to encourage her daughter to study hard and grow up to become a scientist, her daughter seriously concluded:

"Mom, let's go back and buy a stick like this!"

I think it should be fun to beat clothes with sticks by the river. "

the edification of "thick history" failed, and the mother could only change to the natural edification that nourished all things in silence.

as a result, she finally got into the scenic spot, but her daughter stopped on a swing and refused to go. She didn't know whether the scenery was beautiful or not. She just wanted to have fun.

once, my daughter accidentally saw a small whirlpool in the canal, so she picked weeds and watched them spin rapidly under the whirlpool, then suddenly sucked into the bottom of the water and disappeared. The daughter pouted out and played with her little ass for an hour.

she can only look up to the sky and sigh: what about learning and seeing the world?

psychologist Piaget said: children and parents see the world differently. Children can only see the world from their own point of view.

in the eyes of adults, it is an exquisite classical calligraphy painting, an amazing Diaolianghuadong, and a beautiful scenery that can fall in the eyes of children, but they may not necessarily feel beauty and shock.

so, seeing and seeing are two different things.

if parents insist on letting their children travel according to their own ideas and wishes, regardless of their children's preferences and interests, they are doomed to be disappointed.

in fact, isn't it a meaningful trip to allow children to have their own enjoyment and fun?


there is a good saying: "the meaning of travel is not to 'remember'. What you see and feel is what you get."

since we choose to take our children on a trip, we should not linger in the scenic spots, but have a real experience.

Children in early childhood actually don't know anything about historical sites or cultural connotations. all they need is a place where they can play freely, a place with water, trees, and small animals.

when children are young, they mainly play.

his parents can take him to play in the park and go to the wild.

my son especially likes to roll on the grass and then pick up a pile of useless flowers and leaves as if he had found a treasure.

it would be even better if ants moved. He looked at it all afternoon.

as the saying goes, one flower, one world, one leaf and one Bodhi, as long as the child feels it, it broadens the child's vision and enriches the child's perception and cognition of the outside world.

after children enter primary school, they can go to some scenic spots according to their textbooks and their own exploration.

for example, after learning the Landscape of Guilin, my son has always said that he wants to see the mountains of Guilin and the water of the Lijiang River, and to personally experience the beauty of "people swimming in the painting while the boat is on the blue waves".

I took him to Guangxi during the summer vacation.

during the

period, my son not only took the books to carefully observe how the author described Guilin, but also went out of the textbook to explore different Guilin. When he returned home, he was happy to write down 1000 words of Guilin's travels.

Let "want" be the reason to "go" so that children can enjoy the trip from the bottom of their heart.

after that, choose according to the child's interest.

such as Science and Technology Museum, Museum, Planetarium and so on.

when my son was in the fifth grade, I took him to the Science and Technology Museum to visit scientific phenomena such as electricity and magnetism, face recognition, thermal imaging, sound formation and so on. Every time I experienced it, his eyes were bright and excited.

after junior high school, he prefers to go to the Science and Technology Museum.

"the experience of each visit is different. With the deepening of the study of chemistry and physics, I feel the magic of science and technology more and more."

"at first, I just knew how to press the button, but later I knew what kind of conditions were imposed and what the principle was, and now I have a better understanding of the essential meaning and meaning of the textbook title."

an educator said: "Education is a process of awakening, and the most important part of this process is the touch of the soul."

for children, every novel experience is a spiritual journey.

when you travel with your child, you should take the child as the starting point, feel attentively, think and explore.

this kind of travel is the best gift for parents to give their children.


Let's put aside everything we are familiar with and explore and understand the unknown world. "

I don't have a full schedule when I take my children on a trip.

I hope this trip will give the child time to digest and absorb every process of the trip, including the process of arranging the itinerary, tidying up the suitcase, observing scenic spots, and coordinating time with each other, so that he can participate in life and perceive life.

I hope that children can not only enjoy the scenery along the way, but also precipitate their hearts, grow up on the journey, and become better themselves.

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every trip has an unusual meaning for children.

when we travel during the summer vacation, may parents accept it with a tolerant heart, so that their children can find out with curiosity that we follow our heart and act at will.