Please collect the most correct way of life for yourself!

Please collect the most correct way of life for yourself!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

"Zhuangzi" has a saying:

means that the heart of a wise man is like a mirror, which does not hide all grievances and wrongs, and those who come and go do not stay, so they can act decisively and respond to things.

Life is like a journey, although there is a hard way, but there is also a scenery.

when suffering and frustration, please remember these four words, learn to hold your own umbrella, give yourself happiness!


things adapt to

to make things difficult for themselves, which is the source of pain for most people.

Life in the world, but in a hurry for decades, how can everything be satisfactory?

when people reach a certain age, they should understand that there are many things in this world that we can neither control nor change.

only by learning to be pessimistic and comfortable with what happens, can we reduce the growth of pain and live a thorough and relieved life.

Su Shi's life was full of ups and downs, wandering, and suffered many twists and turns of fate.

Jinshi, a young Jinshi, was originally complacent, but his relatives died one after another, and his official career plummeted.

it is hard to imagine the grief. I am afraid that ordinary people will complain about God's injustice and live a lifetime of self-pity.

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but Su Shi did not give up, and fate gave him the deepest malice, but he turned and engraved it into the most magnificent poem of his life.

was demoted to Huangzhou. He opened up wasteland and ploughed the countryside, calling himself "Dongpo", playing ox horns and singing "Bamboo stick and awn shoes beat horses, who is afraid?" A cloud of misty rain will lead a lifetime.

when he was demoted to Huizhou, the local terrain was remote, miasma was widespread, and the living environment was bad. Friends wrote to him to comfort him, but he did not care much about it. He actively managed the place, saying bluntly that "if he eats 300 lychees a day, he will continue to be a native of Lingnan." Being demoted to Hainan, he opened a context and set up a school on his own, which made the sound of books and strings everywhere, leaving a masterpiece of "nine dead southerners I do not hate, Zi Youqi won a lifetime".

No matter how difficult life is, no matter how painful the situation is, Su Shi can stand loneliness and loneliness.

he adapts to the environment, adapts to the environment, and improves himself and achieves others wherever he goes.

as the saying goes, "it is a blessing, not a curse, but a curse cannot be avoided."

gain and loss of life, success and failure, prosperity and loneliness, but in the blink of an eye.

sometimes, the more you cling to, the more troubles and boredom you have, so you might as well let go of your ego and let it go.

the heart is strong, everywhere is the stage; peace of mind, all you see is the scenery.


not welcome in the future

many people worry about their future when they think about their future.

but the future is beyond our control. Worrying too much will only add to your troubles.

writer Lin Qingxuan talked about a story when he was a child:

there was a large yard in which many trees were planted. The father stipulated that his children could not go to school until they had finished sweeping the yard, and everyone was very reluctant to sweep the floor.

my father taught me a way to shake the tree and shake down the leaves that will fall tomorrow before sweeping the floor, so that it can be swept every two days.

the next day, the children shook the tree hard before sweeping the floor, only to find that shaking the tree was more tiring than sweeping the floor.

finally, the leaves of tomorrow were swept clean, and when a gust of wind blew, some leaves fell again.

everyone was surprised, so they got together to discuss the solution, and finally came to a conclusion: "maybe you don't shake hard enough, shake it hard tomorrow."

early the next morning, the brothers shook the trees so hard that they shook several trees to death.

but no matter how hard we shake today's tree, tomorrow's leaves will not fall in advance!

this gives us a life inspiration:

Spring flowers come from green, autumn leaves fall. This is the inherent law of all things, and we cannot force it.

sometimes, what really scares us is not the thing itself, but a heart that fears the future.

just like the man in the ancient state of Qi, he always worried that the sky would fall and he had nowhere to live. He could not even eat or sleep for it, and lived in anxiety every day.

not to mention that the sky will not fall, even if the naive collapse, there is nothing we can do!

in life, there is no need to worry about things that haven't happened yet.

instead of living in fear, it is better to do what is at hand and focus on the life at hand. If you are worried and restless all day, the more you don't want something to happen, the more it will happen, but when you take care of it calmly and calmly, you won't be at a loss no matter what happens in the future.

try to leave everything to time, and one day you will find the answer you want.


at that time

because of my work, I knew a basketball coach who had won several consecutive championships.

this coach has a habit of writing down the predicted results on a piece of paper and sealing them up for each match, until the end of the game, and then sharing the predicted results with others.

of course, the predicted results are pretty much the same as the results of the competition, and some people even doubt his ability to foresee the future.

however, he said:

out of such an original intention, his team won one after another.

people's time and energy are limited. If you do what you are doing, but think about what happens later, and care too much about gains and losses, you may lose everything.

the results are important, but the process of focusing on the present and fighting hard is even more valuable.

as Zeng Guofan said:

without distractions, grasping the power and time of the moment is the only way to success.The channel with the fastest work.

A friend once asked the Zen master for advice on how to practice in life.

the Zen master replied, "come to eat hungry and sleepy to sleep."

the man wondered: "eating and sleeping counts as spiritual practice?"

the Zen master replied, "ordinary people think about things when they eat and think about things when they sleep, which is naturally not spiritual practice." If eating is eating and sleeping is sleeping, that is spiritual practice. "

instead of being nervous all day, it's better to do what you are most sure of right now. The most terrible thing in life is not repeated defeats, but indecision and too many worries.

if you don't have the spirit of concentration, you will accomplish nothing.


it is said in that if a person wants to really mature, he must turn part of the nutrients of the past into the soil of today.

the courtyard is full of flowers, and when winter comes, thousands of flowers will wither.

the little disciple saw Master cleaning the fallen flowers as if nothing had happened, and asked sadly, "Master, aren't you sad?"

Master said calmly, "I already shed tears for it yesterday."

when spring comes, the courtyard will be full of flowers.

the little apprentice danced and saw that Master was indifferent again, so he couldn't help asking, "Master, don't you like flowers? all the flowers in the yard are blooming. Why don't you see how happy you are?"

Master smiled and said, "I was happy for it yesterday."

whatever happened yesterday, it is a thing of the past for today. Love and hate is a thing of the past; good things and bad things are a thing of the past.

We can't hold on to the beauty of the world, nor can we destroy all the gloom of life.

those people and things in the past, you are reluctant to give up, all kinds of nostalgia, are clouds and smoke.

in this life, there is no big deal, and there is nothing difficult to get by. Only those who can't get over it will stay in their memories and deserve it.

since you choose to be far away, don't linger on the warmth of the past, take your stubbornness and pride, keep moving forward, and don't look back!


wise people live in the present, happy and open-minded; fools lose their time and stop.

for most of my life, we have loved, fought, cried, laughed, and carried on according to our own heart!

in the second half of 2020, may you take your time, live yourself well, cherish the present, and leave no regrets.

May you accept all the challenges of life, digest all the pain silently, and live bravely and happily for the rest of your life!