Please clean yourself up

Please clean yourself up

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

"Cai Gentan" has a saying:

this is indeed the case.

even if you are down and out, as long as you clean yourself up, although the material appearance is not luxurious, it can give people an inexplicable elegance.

A clean room, a clean circle, a clean heart, no resplendence, no deliberate effort, no intrigue, but it can always make you feel the regular life, comfortable time and simple self unconsciously.


the room is clean

"sweeping power" says:

the cleaner the house is, the more regular your life is, and the more comfortable your mood will be. A clean house will absorb blessings and make you walk more and more smoothly.

some time ago, my friend moved to a new home. I went to celebrate the housewarming. I found her in a much better state of mind. During the chat, I found that she was living a good life, and her house was even more clean and tidy, which was very different from that when I went to her house a few years ago.

that year, she owed a lot of debt when her investment failed, and her lover of five years broke up with her, and the whole person was in a state of extreme chaos.

when I arrived at her house, her room was so disorganized that the 120-odd-square-meter house looked small and narrow: all kinds of express cartons were stacked randomly and used mask boxes were stacked high;

there were flipped books on the desk and coffee table, and some of them were even discolored by the sun;

the dresser was covered with dust and the bedroom was littered with hair.

We have been tidying up the room all afternoon. When the bottles, cans and old cardboard boxes were all thrown away and the room took on a new look, she sighed:

I am so tired recently that I don't want to do anything. I know the house is messy and dirty, but I don't want to move. I don't want to tidy up, and I don't want to lose anything.

the house is getting more and more messy, but I am calm as usual, but I know that if I don't clean it, I may be flooded with rubbish, bored all the time, and I can't get out.

Home is a harbor. A clean room can nourish life and make you feel more at ease to move forward.

if the house is in a mess with a pile of useless items, it's not cost-effective to move forward with unnecessary weight.

she says that over the past few years, she has made a daily cleaning plan to keep the room clean and close to a grandmother's philosophy of life:

after eating, she quickly cleans the table and leaves something delicious and good to drink in the fridge; wash the clothes quickly after taking a shower, and tidy the wardrobe properly.

in this way, after a tired day's work, I think there are a lot of delicious food in the refrigerator when I get home, the house is clean, my mood will be much better, and I will have more fighting spirit to do a good job every day.

in this way, she developed good living habits, the room became clean and simple, relived the joys of life, and grasped the new happiness that belonged to her.

as the saying goes, "if you stay in the orchid room for a long time, you don't smell it, and if you live in a dirty room for a long time, you don't feel its chaos." whether a person lives well or not, you can find out the answer by looking at her room.


the circle is clean

there is a saying:

"the bigger I grow, the smaller I like the circle. Life is too busy. I really don't have the energy to fit into the messy circle. I just want to live a comfortable life and witness my glory."

it is true.

people in a clean circle are bound to be clean and bright physically and mentally.

you do not rely on the so-called circle to do a certain thing, nor do you think about the power of the circle to seek self-interest for you, less, more confused, clean circle, let people magnanimously welcome their own glory.

Peng Lei, the lead singer of New Pants, is a demon. He will mercilessly choose to delete people who don't agree with him and can't play with him, even if he is a former good friend.

he deleted his friend because his friend ordered a song by Eason Chan for him, because he didn't want to talk nonsense to people who were inconsistent with their musical ideas.

in Sister through the Wind and waves, Lang Jie Bai Bing is a big fan of the new trousers band. She wanted to add Peng Lei's Wechat friend, but she was refused on the spot. Peng Lei said:

Our winter ball dresses are made to unsettle even the casual looker. Peace of mind from the minute you buy.

"Don't add me." there's nothing in my moments. "

in the Qifa Shuo program, Li applied to add Peng Lei as a friend of Peng Lei, keeping Peng Lei with 100 friends on Wechat, and chose to delete famous directors Xu Zheng and Ning Hao.

when Cai Kangyong asked, "they are big directors, is it appropriate for you to delete them so calmly?" He replied:

"We don't usually communicate, and they won't come to me, so it doesn't matter to delete."

and the newly added friend Li Shu was deleted by Peng Lei less than a week after the recording of that episode of Qifa Shuo.

he always firmly believes that

his circle of friends needs like-minded friends, not too big, and it is enough to clean it up regularly and keep it clean and thorough.

he enjoys the clean pleasures of the circle, does not mix with the circle that he does not approve of, and is not influenced by secular contacts.

just firmly do what you like and want to do, act purely by yourself, but get the favor of more people.

Zhuangzi once said, "simplicity can't be compared with beauty in the world."

the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water, clean circle, simple get along, not deliberate, not flattering is enough to make yourself free from social bondage, you can have a beautiful heart, such a circle, enough.


the heart is clean

I like this sentence very much:

I like a writer Shu Guozhi very much. He is a strange man. Some people call him a "city wobbler". Others call him an "elegant wanderer", but he evaluates himself:

whenever I wake up, I want to be in the crowd. I love lively all my life, but I often wander alone and eat alone.

this kind of waking moment is the most boring to me. I never have the heart to do anything, but I can't sleep any more. at this time, staying at home is like being in prison, and that's why I seldom sit at home and always hang out.

living in modern times, he has the rhythm of the ancients.

he likes the life he chooses, even if he is bitter and not rich enough, he does not regret it, because he can restore the truth of life.

he pursues a simple pace of life. He walks without a car, rents a house without a house, lives in Youth Travel, and is not burdened by debt.

he feels that he wants to explore the mysteries of life, so he takes simple luggage to wander around the world, feel and experience the splendor of life, live a simple and happy life on a little columnist's income.

he does not put much burden on his life. According to his own rhythm, he always drinks tea, eats, sleeps and walks freely.

he says: "because his own life is not good, he envies other people's lives."

his heart is pure, he can always get rid of the complex stories that interfere with himself, listen to his inner voice to make a choice, and obtain self-defined happiness.

simple and complex, more complex than simple.

people with a clean heart can also create the life they look forward to when they walk around, because they already know the connection between inner expectations and a happy life, and know how to trace the good things back.


the cleaner the

, the better

the brighter the window, the blooming flowers, and the courtyard in front of the courtyard are all beautiful;

the circle becomes smaller, simple, clean, and happy;

the mind is transparent, excluding complexity, and there are expectations for birth and entry into the world.

through the mountains and rivers, through Baiwei life, after tasting all the bitterness and sweetness, those vivid and clean traces will be clearer, and everything will be obvious:

the cleaner, the more transparent; the cleaner, the better!