Please bring your smile home (very thoroughly! )

Please bring your smile home (very thoroughly! )

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

once there was a very touching article that brought different feelings to many people. Uncle Fan shared it with you today. This is "bring your smile home":

when mother and son are worried about the tuition fees for college, my father came home and smiled and said, "I'm laid off";

my father always hit a brick wall when he went out to look for a job, but when he came home every day, he smiled and said, "almost".

my father was hurt at work, but he still smiled when he came home and said, "it's all right, it's all right".

finally, the family saved up their tuition with a tricycle.


Why is the mood at the moment of entering the house so powerful?

American social psychologist Lochins has discovered the famous "first cause effect", which means that the first impression in interpersonal communication occupies a dominant position in the mind.

although it is not the first time for families to meet each other, the "first cause effect" also works.

going home is a "meeting again" with your family, which determines how your family judges the state of your day, and that judgment dominates your mind throughout the rest of the night. affects people's emotions and behavior.


in fact, there is no shortage of happy families in the world, but families who do not know how to enter the door.

there is a housewife whose master is generous and kind, the children are polite, and the warm and harmonious atmosphere fills the whole space.

her home looks no different from an ordinary family, except for the wooden plate hanging on the door, which says--

"Please throw away your troubles before you enter the door;

when you go home, bring back happiness."

A friend came to visit and asked about the plank:

the hostess smiled and explained:

"I'm not reminding them. Once I saw a tired face, furrowed brows and sad eyes in the elevator mirror. It scared me a lot.

so I began to wonder how my children and husbands would feel when they saw this sad face.

then I thought of the silence of my children at the dinner table and the apathy of my husband. I thought it was all their fault. In fact, I have my own reasons!

the next day, I wrote a wooden card nailed to the door to remind myself. As a result, I was reminded not only of myself, but of the whole family. "

when entering the house in a different way, the transmission chain of negative emotions is cut off when entering the door, and what is left at home is peace and warmth.

it's all thanks to that little wooden card.

but behind this card is the knowledge of "face management".


it is necessary for everyone to manage their own faces before entering the house.

unload the expressions of fatigue, anger and sadness and update them into a relaxed, joyful and stretched face.

look at our faces with our own mirror before going home. Did we accidentally bring back a bad mood?

if you find yourself looking bad, you might as well give yourself a smile first. Even if you deliberately raise the corners of your mouth, it will have a positive impact on people's mood.

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even if it is bad news, the smile on the face will make the listener feel that "this is not a fatal problem" and will think about things in a positive direction.

Family is a mirror for us. If one person smiles, others will be infected.

A smile when you go home is the best gift to bring to your family.