Please be sure to put away these four things when you are over thirty

Please be sure to put away these four things when you are over thirty

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

walking, half of my life has passed.

through a carefree childhood and teenagers who dare to love and hate, each of us is constantly changing and growing in the hammering of life.

there are some things that are romantic when you are young and stupid when you grow up.

if you have grown into a responsible adult now, be sure to put these four things away.


put away hypocritical tears

I just watched a variety show a few days ago. An actress performed poorly on the stage, but she burst into tears on the spot after she left the stage.

he babbled that he was well prepared and that he was the part, but she still accidentally screwed up on the stage.

her tears not only failed to win the sympathy of the audience, but caused a lot of ridicule.

Judge Zhao Wei bluntly said:

when you encounter problems when you are young, others will think you are cute when you are spoiled, or even cry loudly;

when you encounter problems when you grow up, if you still only cry bitterly, not only will others not sympathize with you, but they will also think you are too hypocritical.

in the adult world, no one cares about the process, everyone only looks at the results.

No matter how much you suffer or suffer, it doesn't matter to others, and your tears are worthless in the eyes of others.

it is better to win than to cry. Only when there is no sympathy for tears, can strength be respected.

putting away hypocritical tears and learning to speak with strength is the sign of a person's true maturity.


put aside useless face

when young, most people have good face, like to brag to friends, and often make their faces swollen and fat;

like to show off in front of relatives, even if they spend a lot of money.

just like an uncle in my hometown, he earned a little money when he was young, and he was like a big boss every time he went back to his hometown.

dressed in a famous brand, he spends a lot of money and responds to everything he asks for. Be sure to serve the best wine and the most expensive food when inviting people to dinner.

over time, people in his hometown thought that he was really rich, and every now and then people came to ask him to do things and borrow money from him.

at first, my uncle tightened his belt to cope with it, but then more and more people borrowed money, so he couldn't make it any longer. his wife quarreled with him every day, making the family jump.

there is a good saying that fools love face, and wise men value inner son.

the more mature people are, the less they value the so-called "face", because they value their "inside" more.

do as much as you can, and you don't have to belittle yourself, let alone bluff.

to be a man, you should seek truth from facts. Do things according to your ability.

A false name is useless. The most important thing is to put aside the useless face and live a solid life.


put aside our excessive enthusiasm

when we were young, we always wanted our friends all over the world, to be extremely enthusiastic about everyone, to dig out our hearts, and to be good friends once we went shopping, and we could make good friends with a meal together.

when we grow up, we find that our friends come and go, and there are very few people who can accompany you to the end.

when it comes to this, the classmate Xiaoxiao has a deep experience. When Xiaoxiao was at school, she was a famous "socialite" in the school. She knew a lot of people of different majors and grades, and he could easily post a circle of friends and receive hundreds of likes.

when I saw her again at the classmate reunion some time ago, I found that she was not as active as before, and she was faint when greeting people.

in a moment of curiosity, I asked why.

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Xiaoxiao sighed and said:

it turns out that when Xiaoxiao was just working, she tried to have a good relationship with her colleagues.

A female colleague often dined with Xiaoxiao. Xiaoxiao regarded her as her best friend and told her everything.

as a result, the colleague later turned around and snatched the customer from Xiaoxiao, and went to the leader to tell Xiaoxiao that he was black.

one year later, Xiaoxiao's father was seriously ill and needed money. Xiaoxiao asked many classmates for help, but not only those who liked her every day were not willing to help, but many people even did not reply to the news.

humanity is like a thin sheet of paper, and the world is like a new chess game.

the older you get, the more you will understand that unilateral enthusiasm can not be exchanged for true friends, but can only bring you a group of like friends at most.

after the twists and turns of life, I advise you to put aside your excessive enthusiasm and be a colder person.

the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water, there is no need to please and cater deliberately, to make one or two true friends is better than thousands of false friendships.


put aside the excuse for idleness

I have read such a sentence, which is very heartbreaking:

"Children envy adults that adults do not need exams, but adults envy children that they only need exams."

when we were young, we only faced the pressure of exams, but when we grew up, we were burdened with the pressure of survival.

when we were young, we still had our parents to protect us from the wind and rain, the teacher gave us advice, and our classmates gave us cooperation. now we are left alone, facing the challenges of life.

when I was a child, I was scolded by my parents at most. When I grow up, I will only get a head-on blow from life.

like my cousin, he was the only child in the family when he was young and was regarded as the apple of the family's eye.

his parents do not have the heart to say a word about him because he is lazy to study and his grades count down.

when he is too lazy to eat and is picky, his mother makes delicious food for him in different ways.

now he's almost 30.If you want a degree, you don't have a degree, you don't have the ability, you don't even have a wife.

his father died a few years ago, and his mother's pension was so meagre that he had no choice but to go to the county to deliver takeout to make ends meet. He went through the wind and rain every day, and never dared to be as lazy as when he was a child.

Life will not laugh with you. Once we do not rely on shelter, we must put aside the excuse of laziness, run with tears and clench our teeth in order to live an ordinary life.

Life is not easy, and we need to do our best.

in the adult world, there is not so much hypocrisy, so much fragility, so much face, so much enthusiasm.

all you need is your strength, and you're done.

everyone who works hard is a great strong man.