People's Daily: 2021 the most suitable "summer vacation schedule" for children, too detailed!

People's Daily: 2021 the most suitable "summer vacation schedule" for children, too detailed!

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in the twinkling of an eye, another semester has passed, and the summer vacation that the children are looking forward to has come.

the summer vacation of about two months is a great test for both children and parents. The state of children's summer vacation will affect the state of the next semester.

the connivance of the children during the summer vacation is all buried by the children after the start of school, and the summer vacation allows the children to play crazily, which is a debt owed to the children after the start of school.

excellent parents never leave hidden dangers to their children's future, but will carefully plan their children's summer vacation according to their children's actual situation, so that their children's holidays will not be wasted.


Planning each stage of summer vacation

Summer vacation is not planned, and there is a big gap in the beginning of school. We divide the summer vacation into three stages. The theme of each stage is different, and the things that children have to do are also different.

the first stage: relax and relax

time period: the first two weeks

just experienced intensive review and intense final exams. At this time, don't rush to assign various tasks to your child. After all, summer vacation is not the beginning of school, so children should have a time to rest and relax.

Let the child relax his brain, slow down the pace of life, and enjoy the leisure and relaxation of the holiday.

parents can let their children go to their grandparents' and grandparents' houses for a period of time, not only to accompany the elderly, but also to have a rest in a different environment.

parents can also take their children out to travel and relax, which can broaden their children's horizons and increase their knowledge. Of course, because of safety problems, it is best not to go abroad.

or let the children arrange their own time, you can relax at home, or you can play with your buddies, give them full freedom within a certain range, and let them enjoy the holidays and relax.

the second stage: captivity, combination of work and rest

time period: summer vacation

although summer vacation is a holiday, we can't let children play blindly and leave their studies behind. This is definitely not a good thing.

some studies have found that different social strata have different degrees of letting their children participate in summer study, which has a far-reaching impact on their academic performance and future.

the less time children spend studying during the summer vacation, the greater the decline after the start of school, and the greater the gap between children and other children.

therefore, the holiday is an important "watershed" to open the gap between children. After proper relaxation, we should still focus on learning, and make sure that we do not fall behind even if we cannot leave other children behind.

at this stage, parents should work with their children to make a study schedule and plan their children's study and life every day. They should not be as strict as they were at school, but they should not be too relaxed and should combine work with rest.

Let children make use of the summer vacation to check and make up for gaps, and they can also learn new skills, cultivate their hobbies, and develop their good habits, so that they can gain something in study, life, and spirit.

the third stage: relax, adjust the state of mind

time period: the last week

the last week of summer vacation, we should prepare for the start of school and adjust the children's work and rest time in advance. Let the child's work and rest time gradually return to the normal school schedule.

at the same time, help children adjust their mentality, avoid their weariness of learning, strengthen their learning intensity, and let them adapt to the life of the new semester.

check the summer homework, finish the unfinished ones as soon as possible, preview the new lessons and prepare for the study and life of the new semester.


identify the key tasks for summer vacation

there are a lot of things that children want to do during summer vacation. Parents can list the things they want to do with their children during the summer vacation, and then pick out some of the most worthwhile things to do as the key tasks of summer vacation.

here are some meaningful things, or things that children must do during the summer vacation, parents and children can refer to:

1. Finish summer homework

before the summer vacation begins, the teacher will assign summer homework to the children so that they can keep learning during the summer vacation.

but some children just focus on playing during the holiday and wait until school is about to begin to make up homework crazily, which makes summer homework meaningless.

therefore, children should plan their own study time, finish their summer homework regularly and quantitatively every day, and parents should also supervise their children in time.

2. Participate in family labor

during the summer vacation, when children have enough time at home, parents should let their children participate more in family work.

Labor may not be interesting enough, a little tired, a little dirty, a little bitter, but learning to face and finish positively is in itself the growth and tempering of children.

and, as a member of the family, children have the responsibility to participate in family work and make their own contribution to the family, which is also a way to cultivate children's sense of responsibility.

3. Cultivating exercise habits

exercise is an important factor in keeping healthy. As early as 2400 years ago, Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said:

during the summer vacation, parents can exercise with their children and cultivate their children's exercise habits.

in a child's life, there should be not only still words, piles of books, cold and silent scores, but also warm sweat, leaping body and beating footsteps.

4. Read a lot of books

former Soviet writer Pavlienko said that a family that does not study is a mentally disabled family.

Reading not only enables children to acquire extensive knowledge and cultivate sentiment, but also enables children to relax, relieve anxiety and regulate mood.

the cultivation of good reading habits is the golden key to a child's wisdom. If you can stick to it for a long time, you will benefit for the rest of your life.

during the summer vacation, set aside some time every day for childrenChild reading, let reading become a child's habit, but also let the child grow up in reading.

5. Develop a good hand

some people may ask, with the continuous progress of the times, computers and mobile phones are used more and more, what is the use of writing good words?

in fact, children can write beautiful and neat words, which will not only bring about a gap in paper scores, but also become a decent business card for children for the rest of their lives.

during the summer vacation, there are few learning tasks, and it is a good time to practice calligraphy. Parents can prepare a suitable calligraphy book for their children and let them spend about half an hour calmly practicing their words every day.

it can not only help children develop good characters, but also cultivate their patience and willpower.

6. Visit museums

in the long history, countless splendid civilizations have emerged, and countless civilizations have been annihilated. The museum is a place where traces of these civilizations are preserved.

during the summer vacation, take the child to visit the museum and tell the child in advance to abide by the rules of the museum and not to force the child to learn anything from it.

Let the child play and observe in it, and naturally gain something in the process, cultivating the child's concentration, imagination and creativity.


avoid forming bad habits

as the saying goes:

thought determines behavior, behavior determines habit, habit determines character, and character determines destiny.

habits will accompany the child throughout his life. Good habits will benefit the child for life, while bad habits will become a stumbling block to the child's growth.

during the summer vacation, it is easy for children to develop some bad habits, so parents must be vigilant.

1. Work and rest chaos

if you don't have to get up early to go to school during the summer vacation, children are easy to indulge, don't want to sleep at night, and don't want to get up in the morning. Parents who indulge blindly will only confuse their children's biological clock and do more harm than good to their children.

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during the summer vacation, you can relax slightly in your work and rest time, but you still have to be regular and regular, so that children can develop good work and rest habits from an early age.

2. Indulge in mobile TV

during the summer vacation, although children have a holiday, their parents have to go to work. Many children stay at home alone, watching TV and playing with their mobile phones all day.

once the child is addicted to the mobile phone, it is very difficult for the child's heart to get back from the TV and mobile phone after school begins. The most direct impact is the loss of interest in learning and the sharp decline in grades.

therefore, during the summer vacation, parents must manage their mobile TV well, spend more time with their children, and arrange more interesting and useful activities, so that their children's real life is wonderful enough that they will not indulge in the virtual world.

3. Disobeying rules

during the summer vacation, without the restraint of school rules and the influence of classmates' conformity, children are easy to lose order and are no longer willing to abide by some of the rules formed in school.

but once the rules are broken, it is very difficult for children to follow them.

therefore, parents must become commanders and punishers to help their children establish boundaries and urge them to follow the rules.