People with self-discipline are the most worthy of deep acquaintance.

People with self-discipline are the most worthy of deep acquaintance.

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A business scientist once said:

self-discipline is also closely related to friends.

among a group of indulgent people, it is hard to imagine that they can make efforts to make progress.

through half my life, I have met optimistic people, pessimistic people, wise people, stupid people, all kinds of people.

in the end, people with self-discipline are the most worthy of deep acquaintance.


self-disciplined people have given up low-level desires

have touched on a topic: are self-disciplined people boring?

I just want to say: "they are boring only because they have given up low desires."

there are too many temptations in the world, while those who exercise self-discipline make their choices early.

Yan Geling's life seems to be only writing without any recreational activities.

she can get up at 4: 00 in the morning and write for six hours every day.

the only relaxation is swimming 1000 meters every other day.

she has long been immune to the insurmountable laziness of ordinary people, the temptation to swipe her mobile phone and lie dead on the sofa.

she prefers to be busy all the time when she thinks that the state of the holiday makes people inefficient and her brain doesn't work.

she once said: "I belong to the ability is higher than desire, so I can not be driven by desire, content is always happy."

it is precisely to minimize her desire so that her talent will not be suppressed. She continues to write fine works, and "Fanghua" and "the Thirteen Women of Jinling" dominate the best-seller list all the year round.

leadership professor Posner once said that the CEO of Fortune 500 companies, he can't think of which one is overweight.

eating and drinking, relaxing and entertaining, it is not that they do not love, but for higher desires, self-disciplined people can control themselves.

in the face of all kinds of information and jokes on mobile phones, self-disciplined people do not take a second look;

when they encounter crazy sales in shopping streets, they never buy what they do not need;

sofas and recliners are placed in front of them. They can turn a blind eye and turn around and do exercise.

there is a 40-year-old online celebrity blogger who looks like a 20-year-old girl regardless of her skin and figure.

she had dinner with her friends, who ordered fried chicken, pork chops, French fries and a lot of them. The camera turned to her, and there was only a plate of quinoa salad in front of her.

those delicious hard dishes and high-sugar sodas were unattractive to her.

people who exercise self-discipline control their desires before they grasp life.

take the initiative to let go of those short-sighted desires and unnutritious pleasures, they become the freest people and have real happiness.


people with self-discipline see their hearts clearly

those who exercise self-discipline always seem to have inexhaustible motivation, but they are actually clear-headed.

pen pal Xiao Fei has wanted to be a writer since childhood. Serial novels have been updated at least 4000 words a day for two years.

she majored in finance, and sometimes she worked overtime after 9 o'clock when she got home.

but Xiao Fei is so obsessed with writing that she feels uncomfortable without writing all day. When there is not enough time, she writes on the subway and at lunch, so she has to knock down what she wants.

the best part of the story was made up that day. She wrote all day over the weekend and coded more than 10,000 words.

she does not feel tired, indefatigable and supported by dreams. With every step forward, she is happy for herself from the bottom of her heart.

self-disciplined people do not have to force themselves, find the right direction, and do not want to stop.

LV Yanfei from Liaoning, who practiced fancy rope skipping to lose weight, gradually fell in love with this sport.

looking forward to the fancy rope skipping competition, he specially ran to see that he could not jump down 10 of them, endured the pain on his body and practiced obsessively.

he finally got a reward. He joined the national team to win a medal and successfully lost 50 jin. He thought about it many times.

what you think of as extreme self-discipline has long been their habit and their true desire.

therefore, they do not regard the process of transformation as self-abuse, but especially enjoy it.

Li Ruotong has a classic saying:

"I exercise not only for my figure, but also for what I want to eat. I maintain it not only for beauty, but also to be an actor."

understand your own heart, keep unquenchable faith, burning desire, is really sober in the world.

it is precisely because they love and believe in themselves that self-disciplined people live the way they want and interpret lifelong romance.

it is the inner strength that enables them to walk nonstop and emit enviable light.


people with self-discipline know how to respect life

Li Jian, a 46-year-old singer, still does not smoke or drink, and does not allow himself to waste his day.

he has always felt that people can grow old, but they have to be decent.

when his peers began to release themselves, he carefully played the piano, wrote songs at home, read books and tasted tea in his spare time.

not only lead a regular life, but also make life a poem.

when he sang his new single "people in the crowd" at the recent New year's Eve party, his voice was still empty and there was no sign of greasy appearance.

behind that melody is Li Jian's meticulous attitude towards music and life.

decades are like a day, every minute is exquisite, the years leave the sound of piano, singing, fitness sweat, but there are few social activities and idleness.

flamboyant, gaming world, he is not without capital, but for life, he has more respect.

every moment of lifeShould not be used to blaspheme.

those who live seriously are the most admirable.

someone is asking Zhihu: "it's really hard to understand how girls who don't smoke, drink or do bungee dancing get through the trough. What should she do when she's sad?"

the most popular answer is:

We know what is trendy, all our maid of honor champagne dresses are an absolute must -have. Your dream garment is just a mouse click away.

I have tried to cry in a hotel, to listen to my favorite music, to be reunited with my family, and to find the warmth of comfort from friends.

I will not choose to drink drunkenly, let alone go to a bar to relieve the pain.

in the game world, there is also a day of idleness, a day of hard work and a good life, and self-disciplined people all choose the latter.

regardless of frustration or triumph, no matter when they are faced with the gift of time, they will not abuse it with cynicism.

take it seriously and live a well-organized life as beautiful as poetry and painting, all of which are genuine respect for life and life.


walking with self-disciplined people for the rest of my life

Jia Pingwa has a saying:

choose what kind of person to associate with, that is, what kind of life you choose.

as the old saying goes, birds fly far away with the Phoenix, and people are proud of their virtuous products.

get along with self-disciplined people and keep up with them, and you will never be bad.

their "abstinence" can teach you to gradually know how to choose and throw away unnecessary desires;  their serious attitude will infect you, make you understand your heart and find the motivation to move forward.

respect life, follow the heart, happiness is close at hand.

for the rest of your life, walk with self-disciplined people and turn yourself into a self-disciplined person.

encourage each other and move forward side by side. May you be good at each other and meet better yourself.