People with a good mindset have these five habits, and one of them is great.

People with a good mindset have these five habits, and one of them is great.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

people are always envious of others in this life.

look up to other people's lives, envy their happiness and envy their success.

as everyone knows, those who seem to have everything going well often have two words engraved on their back: state of mind.

if you have a good state of mind, everything is good; if you have a bad state of mind, everything is hard.

as Samuel said, "the world is like a mirror: frown at it, it frowns at you; smile at it, it smiles at you."

in life, those who have a good mindset are always full of positive strength and keep a lot of good habits.

because of this, life is getting better and better, and the future is promising!

be grateful, be content and cherish blessings

as the saying goes, nine times out of ten life is not satisfactory.

but in the face of the same thing, people who can't get over it are always more painful.

they will complain because they can't get it, worry because they think too much, and resent anger because they are dissatisfied.

in other words, discontented and ungrateful.

do not know that in the long river of life, only you are your own ferryman.

know how to be contented, you will find that every place has the most beautiful scenery;

learn to be grateful, you will find that every day is the best time.

as a famous online saying goes, "in order to find happiness, you have traveled all over the world, but you have never seen it." In fact, as long as you have a grateful and contented heart, happiness is by your side. "

I remember reading such a short story.

in ancient times, there was a man whose family was very poor. Even though he was teaching and farming, he still lived in poverty.

but every dusk, he would kneel in front of his house to burn incense, worship nine to heaven, and thank God for giving him a day of happiness.

at this time, his wife laughed at him and said, "We eat vegetable porridge three times a day. How can it be Qingfu?"

but he did not expect that he said: "you and I were born in a peaceful and prosperous age, and there were no wars or disasters, so we were able to eat, dress, and not suffer from hunger and cold. Moreover, if there are no patients in bed and no prisoners in prison, what is Qingfu?"

if you are content, you will not be humiliated all your life.

if one can be grateful for everything around him, he is bound to be happy and happy for a long time.

the mind does not care, where is the trouble

in this lifetime, there are as many worries as there are concerns.

most of the time, the pain is found by yourself, and the sadness is saved by yourself.

when the heart is small, things are big; when the heart is narrow, there are many worries.

in fact, many things are not so complicated, but they care too much. If they always complain, how can they talk about happiness?

someone once asked the Zen master, "does it take any effort to practice?"

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the Zen master said, "eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are sleepy."

the man asked, "this is the case with most people. Is that what the master does?"

the Zen master replied, "it's not the same." When others should not eat well, they must think about it in every way; when they should sleep, they should not sleep peacefully, and they have to worry about it in a thousand ways. So I'm different from them. "

what the Zen master said is to tell us that in life, if you can let go of the burden, you can be relaxed, and only by looking down on the gains and losses can you live a happy life.

the so-called state of mind determines everything.

Don't worry, everything is fine!

calm and breeze comes

as the old saying goes, "trees come from the roots, people from the heart."

when you have a clear mind, you can be calm; when you are calm, you have to be calm.

in the final analysis, a person's life is nothing but a journey of spiritual cultivation.

keep your heart, take your time in case of trouble, look for hope from adversity, and you will be happy in the end.

as Lin Qingxuan wrote in "the most Beautiful Life is Qinghuan,"

"see the world with a pure heart, live with joy, create affection with an ordinary heart, and remove obstacles with a soft heart."

Life is alive, the heart is like dust, the breeze comes.

such a story has been told.

two colleagues sitting together chatted, and one of them asked, "what's the weather forecast for tomorrow?"

the other said, "it's going to be my favorite weather."

the man asked, "how do you know it happens to be your favorite weather?"

as a result, the colleague said, "I find that the environment is not always what I like, so I learn to face everything I encounter happily." Therefore, I must like the weather tomorrow. "

isn't this the case in the world? It doesn't always get what people want.

but we can't change the weather, but we can control our mood; if we can't control the environment, we can adjust our state of mind.

Let go of impetuosity and peace of mind.

in the final analysis, there are thousands of floating world, you and I both need to calm down!

calm, not arrogant and impetuous

Yu Dan once said: "one's self-confidence comes from inner calmness and calmness."

being indifferent is always the best state of mind in life.

if you are calm and calm in your heart, you will not be anxious about a trifle, fight because of some misunderstandings, or get lost because of a mistake.

like the great poet Su Shi's life, he was an official for several years, but he was repeatedly demoted and had his ups and downs.

but in the face of difficulties, he is not arrogant and impetuous, he has the heroic spirit of going to the east of the river to sweep away;

in the face of gains and losses, he is neither sad nor happy, and has a misty rain that is open-minded all his life;  in the face of ups and downs, he is not angry or discouraged.Wish people for a long time, thousands of miles to share the beautiful feelings.

it is his leisurely state of mind that enables him to be carefree on the road of life in the wind and rain.

has always been a favorite phrase:

"A person's life will inevitably have ups and downs, will not always be like the rising sun, nor will it always be miserable." Floating and sinking may be a kind of training for us.

therefore, when you float above, don't be proud; when you sink at the bottom, don't be pessimistic. "

I think so.