People who save money and those who don't save lead a different life after middle age.

People who save money and those who don't save lead a different life after middle age.

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Lu Yao wrote in the ordinary World: "money is a good thing. It can stop people from being flustered and make people feel confident."

when we were young, we thought talking about money was tacky.

when you reach middle age, you will find that money is not everything, but without money is absolutely impossible.

buy a house, buy a car, communicate with others, raise children, support parents, daily life. Which doesn't cost money?

No matter how much you earn, you must get into the habit of saving money. Life is really different between saving and not saving.


Liang Wendao once said, "the advantage of young people is that every young man believes that he can fly." On the other hand, when the middle-aged man is flapping his wings, there are still heavy weights on both wings that cannot be thrown off. "

I have a friend who is a sculpture designer with a high income. He often travels everywhere and lives freely and freely, which is the envy of others.

but after 20 years of work, I have almost no savings.

his friends reminded him that he still had some peace of mind in his savings, and that in case something happened, there would be an emergency.

but he disagreed, and in turn advised his friends: "Life is too short. Money in the bank is a piece of paper, and only when you spend it is your own."

until last year, when his father was seriously ill, the doctor said to him, "prepare 200000 for surgery."

faced with this not a huge amount of medical expenses, he fell into unprecedented anxiety and panic.

"the cost of hospitalization alone is more than 2,000 a day."

at that time, it was just in time for the children to start school, and the tuition and living expenses were not a small expense.

when he was desperate, he had to brazenly borrow money from his relatives and friends.

but the blind eye suffers a lot, but he doesn't borrow much money. It was only at that moment that he realized the importance of saving: you never know when life will hit you in the head.

for people who have no savings, the fault tolerance rate is too low, and if there is any mistake, their life will be out of order.

especially the middle-aged people who have no savings, who are old and young, do not plan in advance, and will only be at a loss when they encounter a crisis.

if my parents are sick, what should I do for treatment?

suddenly lost his job, who will pay off the house loan and car loan?

when the child goes to school, how to provide him with a better education?

the biggest advantage of saving money is the high fault tolerance rate in life, and no matter what happens, you still have a chance to deal with it.

if someone in your family gets sick, you don't get distracted and feel like your life is falling apart.

but believe that it will be cured and comfort the sick: "money is not a problem, don't worry."

the money saved is like a piece of hard armor that gives you the strength to fight against life.

can ensure the well-being of the elderly in their old age, young children enter school, and families have firewood, rice, oil, salt, grains and miscellaneous grains.


I quite agree with the saying that 80% of the difficulties in life can be solved with money, and the remaining 20% can also be alleviated by money.

when people reach middle age, the biggest sense of security is not the network between pushing cups and changing cups, but the considerable number in the bank card.

saving money is not only the strength of life, but also gives people more choices.

A Xiu, a writer, said that he made two job changes because he had savings and was strong enough.

the first change was to encounter a better job opportunity.

but at that time, because I took the unit's Beijing settlement index, if I wanted to leave, I needed to pay 200000 of the turnover cost.

many colleagues and friends feel incredible. How can a child from an ordinary family like him be able to pay 200000 in liquidated damages at once?

and their unit's salary was very low at that time, with a monthly salary of only 4900 yuan.

but he didn't take more than a week from confirming the idea of leaving to calling the unit treasurer at 200000 and going through all kinds of formalities.

at that time, he had already saved 100000 yuan by doing a sideline, and his expected income was not bad, so his friend lent him 100000 turnover without hesitation.

later, by saving money, he ushered in a second turning point in his career.

when he had more than 300000 in his hand, he decided to start a business.

the reason why he has this strength is that even if he has no income at all, 30W savings will be enough for him to live in Beijing for a year.

after starting his business, he and his team actively tried a lot of business. The team became bigger and bigger, and the income increased several times.

saving money is an attitude that actively fights with life.

in a sense, the money saved is your resources, and resources are your ability to break the game in middle age.

when you start saving money, you will find that your thinking and experience will also change.

when you save your first bucket of gold, you will be able to make it work as you want and continue to help you make money.

the more wealth you have, the less midlife crisis you have and the more leisurely you live.


A few days ago, a Nanjing girl who "pulled out two apartments nine years after graduation" became popular.

she buys clothes no more than 100 yuan a year, and she can save 90% of her monthly income.

I am only 32 years old, and I have saved two houses in Nanjing.

Oscar Wilde once said, "when I was young, I thought money was the most important thing in the world. I didn't know it until I was old."

the world is full of risks and changes. Tomorrow or accident, you never know which comes first.

saving money is one's foresight.

people who can save money know that "if you have food in your hand, don't panic."That's the truth.

When you choose nighttime outfits for less than $50 collection, you will be making your best decision ever. Let them shower you with a display of exquisite taste.

they know that to have a deposit is to give themselves a dignity, confidence, and the freedom to say "no" at any time.

they know to plan ahead and improve their ability to resist risks.

saving money is a sign of high self-discipline.

people who save money have great self-control and endurance, and they can delay their satisfaction and restrain their desires.

like Stanford's famous experiment on "delayed gratification".

it's not that kids who don't eat candy don't want to eat, but they know that after 20 minutes, they can take one more than others.

there is a program in "Roundtable School" that talks about "the concept of money".

guest Ding Xueliang mentioned one of his Jewish friends and said, "people always think that we Jews love money."

but then my father's words made me completely understand: why do we love money for generations? Because in the event of persecution, it is money that can buy the lives of a family. "

Jews understand that saving money is responsible for the future and ensuring the survival of themselves and their families.

people who save money, more importantly than money, have good habits for their own people's survival.


there is a saying: "if you repeat any ordinary and boring thing over and over again, the result must be extraordinary."

it's the same with saving money.

three simple and practical rules for saving money are given to you:

Rule 91

put 10 coins in your wallet, but you can only use 9 coins at most.

this is the "ninety-one rule": make sure that at least 10% of your monthly income is saved.

for example, 5000 yuan per month, then 500 yuan should be saved.

according to the ninety-one rule, if one wants to achieve wealth freedom, one must be forced to save.

No matter when and where, it will never make an exception.

three, six, five rules

the so-called "365 savings rule" is to choose one of the numbers to save money every day, and the numbers cannot be repeated.

how much money can you save after a year?

66795 yuan.

you can draw a grid of 365, fill in the number of 1to 365, and draw a cross on the corresponding number for each sum of money you save.

save more when you have more money, save less when you have less money, and keep saving every day.

the method of accumulating savings every week

52 weeks a year, saving 10 yuan, 20 yuan, 30 yuan a week. Deposit 520 yuan until the 52nd week.

in a year, even if the initial amount is only 10 yuan, by the end of the year, the total amount will reach 13780 yuan.

you can also reverse the deposit order.

for example, deposit 520 in the first week and 510 in the second week. Deposit 10 yuan in the 52nd week.

if you save more at the beginning, the less the pressure will be, the easier it will be to stick to it.

only save, add up, and then do proper accounting to make money grow.