People who can accompany you to the old age all have this characteristic.

People who can accompany you to the old age all have this characteristic.

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Liao Yimei has a classic quote:

it is easier to fall in love than to get along with each other. Love is based on love, and love is based on understanding.

only if you know it, you can have a long time.


what's it like to feel that the heart is better than appearance and that knowing is more important than love

being understood?

Zhihu has such a high praise answer:

people who understand you will love you in the way you need.

give 100 points of sincerity, let you feel 200% of love;

people who don't understand you will love you in their own way.

give 100 points of sincerity, you can only feel 50% of your treasure.

the love story of Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu, a pair of talented scholars and beauties, has always been praised.

once, Yang Jiang sent a letter to Qian Zhongshu, with only one word written on a piece of paper: pussy.

Qian Zhongshu replied to the letter, with only one word written on a piece of paper: you.

after receiving the reply, Yang Jiang was moved to tears by the contents of the letter.

it turns out that the traditional Chinese character for "pussy" is "Yi", which means to ask Qian Zhongshu how many people there are in his heart.

Qian Zhongshu replied with the word "you", which means: "you are the only one in my heart."

this may be the feeling and romance of being in touch with someone who understands you.

because to love you is to give you the love you want.


No one is alone, and no one understands

the first king in "South of the border, west of the sun" stares at the old photo of Shimamoto for a long time.

Shimamoto asked,

Chu Jun answered.

the one who wants to understand you is the one who really cares about you.

he will not miss your future, will participate in your present, and even your past wants to know.

he is obsessed with your old photos because he wants to touch your old days, to meet you earlier, to protect you, and to understand you.

the person who wants to understand you is the one who has waves in his heart.

every word you say, in his ears, is as melodious, gentle and pleasant as a lark.

understand, is a kind of tacit understanding, is a kind of tolerance, is the mutual understanding and waiting in life.

everyone says that growing up is isolated and helpless, and we should learn to be alone.

so we always urge ourselves to grow up in the midst of disappointments and frustrations, and take strength as a disguise.

in this world, there are many people who tell you to "be strong", but few people are willing to hug you and say "you can cry".

you feel lonely. I'm afraid it's not that there's no one with you, but that no one understands.

the best love is probably someone who can understand your silence.

when everyone cares whether you fly high or not, only he cares about whether you are tired or not.


those who understand you deserve to spend the rest of your life

the famous female writer Margaret Duras said:

it is easy to get love, but difficult to understand. Sometimes, what people need is not material wealth, but spiritual comfort.

84 Charing Cross Street was immediately translated into ten languages and became popular all over the world.

the book tells the story of Frank, an elegant English gentleman, and Hailian, a frank and lovely Miss America, wrote to each other for twenty years, but never met each other all their lives.

in his last letter, Frank wrote "miss you" in the corner.

throughout his life, this gentleman only revealed this gentle ambiguity to bid farewell to him and Hailian in this life.

this gentleman regards Hailian as his soul mate, but in the past 20 years, he has never pursued Hailian, nor has he ever thought of betraying his marriage.

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because I understand, I will never be perfunctory or snub; because I know, I will be gentle and tolerant and abide by the bottom line.

their feelings are not perfect, but they are pure enough to be emotional and courteous.

Today, the secondhand bookstore at 84 Charing Cross Street has also become one of the most famous "pilgrimage" places in Britain.

it's as if you walked in there with a silent signal: my soul is waiting for a resonance.

the years are quiet, but there is someone who knows you are warm and cold, and understands your joys and sorrows.

the mountains and rivers are vast, and there are fireworks in the world. Only those who know you are worthy of the rest of your life.