People should not be good, dogs should not be full; people cannot be whole, melons cannot be round.

People should not be good, dogs should not be full; people cannot be whole, melons cannot be round.

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the first sip of water when thirsty is always the sweetest, but if you drink too much, you will feel dull;

when you are hungry, the first mouthful of rice is always the most delicious, but if you eat too much, we will still feel full.

in the longer and longer days, many people will find it more and more difficult to be happy.

do not realize that these problems can be easily solved by a real old saying.

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"A man should not be good, a dog should not be full; if a man is not whole, a melon cannot be round."

in the wisdom of the older generation, we will find. In fact, happiness is very simple, contentment is good; in fact, happiness is very simple, moderate is good.

Today, let's talk about the great wisdom of these old sayings.


"people should not be good, dogs should not be full", moderation is good.

A man should not be good, and a dog should not be full, which means that you should not be too kind to him, or he will be ungrateful and gain an inch; dogs should not be fed too much, but they will not look after the house.

so, if you want to have a good life, there must be a limit to everything.

what we often say is "never pour seven points of tea, leaving three points is human" is the best interpretation of "moderation".

1. If you pour seven minutes full, the tea will not burn the guest or spill on the table and clothes.

2. Tasting tea needs to be tasted over and over again, and a pot of tea needs to be poured several cups on average, so it is impossible to pour too many cups.

3. When tasting tea, not only drink the tea soup, but also look at the color of the soup and smell the tea. It is not convenient to taste the tea when it is too full.

4. 7% of the tea is poured and 3% of the human feelings are left behind. "the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water." there is only a cup of shallow tea, which can be tasted leisurely by sipping slowly.

5. Pour seven minutes of tea into the teacup. There is a certain space between the surface of the tea and the mouth of the cup, so the clear aroma of the tea is not easy to be lost. The strong aroma of tea can be smelled before drinking tea.

Seven points is not only the criterion of pouring tea, but also a kind of proper grasp of people's life.

Life is limited, and there is a ruler to be a man. Even with the people closest to you, keep a certain sense of distance.

keep a glass of water away from friends;

keep a bowl of soup away from relatives;

keep a piece of paper away from your lover.

Life is moderate, but too much is a disaster. The way to get along should be as light as a chrysanthemum. Only by maintaining a relationship in moderation can we have the greatest happiness.


"people are not all, melons are not round", contentment is the most important.

people can't have everything and melons can't be round, which means that people can't get everything they want, and melons can't all grow round.

there is no perfect thing in this world, and people can't get it all.

therefore, the method of asking for happiness in the world is nothing but contentment.

in the Ming Dynasty, there was a man named Hu Jiushao, whose family was very poor. He taught and worked hard at the same time, and he could only get enough food and clothing.

at dusk every day, Hu Jiushao would go to the door to burn incense, worship nine to heaven, and thank God for giving him a day of happiness.

his wife sneered at him and said,

"We have vegetable porridge three times a day. How can this be Qingfu?"

Hu Jiushao said contentedly:

first of all, I am very glad that I was born in a peaceful and prosperous age without the scourge of war. It is also fortunate that our whole family can have food and clothing, so that we will not be hungry and cold.

the third thing is that there are no patients in bed and no prisoners in prison. What is Qingfu?

"the family is rich, the daily eclipse is no more than three meals; in Guangsha, it takes only six feet to sleep at night."

only by knowing how to be content, can we really live a good life in the present.

Yang Jiang said at the age of 100:

"We were so eager for the waves of fate that at last we found that the most beautiful scenery in life was inner calmness and calmness.

We were so eager for the recognition of the outside world that we finally knew that the world was our own and had nothing to do with others."

people only have a lifetime. If they pursue too many desires, they will only be physically and mentally exhausted. Happiness comes from the contentment of the heart; happiness comes from the wealth of the spirit.

contentment is the only way to be carefree. Only when you have no worries can you have peace of mind. Only when you are calm can you be at ease. Only when you are at ease, can you be happy from your heart.

three thousand weak water, take only one ladle, contentment, is the greatest happiness.

"A man should not be good, a dog should not be full; if a man is not whole, a melon cannot be round." There is a ruler in life, and there is always happiness in contentment.

Moriyama Avenue said in "towards another country"

"We have to meet the last day of our lives, and there is no turning back, so there is no need to care about age at all. As long as we work hard and live willfully, that's what life tastes like."

in this life, it is good to live happily.

May we go through half our lives, maintain relationships with "moderation", have everything we want, let go of what we can't get, and let go of what we can't get.