People, no matter how honest they are, they can't "bear" three things. If they take a step back, they will be looked down upon.

People, no matter how honest they are, they can't "bear" three things. If they take a step back, they will be looked down upon.

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the traditional concept that we have accepted since childhood has taken a step back and endured calm for a while.

in life, sometimes we have to learn to be wise and act foolish. It may be a blessing to ignore it, but sometimes we still have to worry about what we should care about.

an honest person is often unwilling to let others be hurt, would rather endure hardships than others to compete, or even give way everywhere, but you should know that a smart and honest man will not let himself suffer too much. He is willing to give sunshine to the world, but he does not want to be bullied.

Please remember that sometimes we choose to be patient is magnanimous, but sometimes we can't.

because Grandpa once said, no matter how honest you are, you can't stand three things, and if you take a step back, you will be looked down upon.


things that humiliate dignity cannot be tolerated. People want to live with face.

We must live with dignity. Only by living with dignity can we be looked up to by others.

We don't ask for others to look up to us. At the very least, we should let others look down on us.

all men are created equal, and we are born no different from others.

if you give in to things that are humiliating to your dignity, others will only trample on your dignity and do worse things.

Bad guys can not be indulged, once or twice of tolerance, will only connive at their bad habits, not only let themselves suffer great losses, let them slowly lose themselves.

when people are alive, we must save our face. We never want to bully others, but at least we must protect our dignity.

people must not be proud, but they must have pride.

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No matter how honest you are, always protect your dignity and never give in to things that humiliate your dignity.


what is unfair cannot be allowed. We have the right to be treated fairly.

We have the right to be treated fairly at all times.

now that it is the 21st century, everything should be fair and just.

although we do not have the ability to change the world and change all injustices, we must bravely defend our rights in the face of unfair treatment.

when you encounter things that are unfair, you must not give in, because your concessions will only give others an inch.

sometimes, if we are treated unfairly, we may only lose small benefits, but on a large level, what we lose is more fair.

how can a person who does not even dare to compete fairly be looked up to by others?

Fairness and justice is the basic rights and interests that we should at least protect. If you encounter unfair treatment, you should speak up bravely and fight bravely. No matter what the result is, at least we will not regret what we have done.


make use of your feelings can not be allowed, love is non-renewable products

people are group animals, the world is vast, we will have countless people pass by in our lifetime, and will walk with countless people.

and affection is generated in this companionship. Affection is the most precious thing in the world. It is a kind of non-renewable luxury, and once used, it will never be found again.

We are willing to treat others sincerely, but please don't let your sincerity be used by others. When others take advantage of your feelings, this kind of thing must not be backed down.

if someone hurts you, don't accept his forgiveness later. if someone wants to use your feelings to do bad things, break up with him. After all, your kindness is not worth being disappointed, and you should be responsible for yourself.

affection is non-renewable, and our relationship is not cheap. Just because we are willing to give feelings to others does not mean that they can be wasted or even consumed wantonly.

Please take your feelings seriously, otherwise no one will cherish your feelings, and no one will take you seriously.

generally speaking, there is nothing wrong with tolerance, but excessive tolerance, or tolerance at any time, will make your life worse and worse and make yourself looked down upon by more people.

as honest people, we have never thought of bullying others, so please be smart and not be used, bullied or even looked down upon by others because of your temporary ignorance.

A step back is not suitable for all occasions, because not all concessions can be understood.

as Grandpa said, no matter how honest you are, you can't stand three things, and if you take a step back, you will be looked down upon!