People live to the extreme: can make money, be alone, and often read books.

People live to the extreme: can make money, be alone, and often read books.

Good morning, accompany you to read.

I like this poem very much: "sit still and try the tea and turn the book at leisure."

people live to the extreme, have the courage to make money, be quiet alone, and read books to increase their knowledge.

A person's free and easy is not self-willed, but the character that has been precipitated over the years.


will make money, have the confidence

as the saying goes, the poor will be short.

this is not irony, but cruel reality.

A person has no money and is limited in what he can do.

over time, short-sighted and afraid to step out of the comfort zone.

"making money is the greatest decency for adults."

you are trying to make money now, not because money is important, but to make it unimportant.

actress Ma Yili has experienced a failed marriage and she has to accept everything.

after leaving the entertainment industry for many years, she made a comeback with "the first half of my Life" to play a housewife.

later, Ma Yili met a star-chasing girl who had no savings and could only spend money.

she persuaded: "if you are young, please make money first." If you get married and have children, please continue to make money. Because having money in hand is a person's biggest sense of security. "

when people talk about making money, they say, why are you such a snob?

but you should know that it costs money to see a doctor, it costs money for children to go to school, and even the rent goes up every year.

if you don't make money at the age when you can work hard, will you wait until you get old and drink the northwest wind?

will make money, then have the confidence.


can be alone.

Su Shi once wrote: "if you have nothing to do, sit still for two days."

there is nothing in the world to worry about.

the greatest advantage of being alone is to calm your mind.

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"the deer in Youxi are still quiet after the moss, but the birds in the deep trees do not know."

Chen Daoming is a "hermit" in the entertainment circle. He never appears on variety shows and only makes films conscientiously.

he usually refuses parties in the crew.

later Feng Xiaogang said, "this is so unsuitable for the entertainment industry."

Chen Daoming stayed at home alone, copying classics such as the Diamond Sutra by hand, and copying ancient landscape paintings in the yard.

I go out occasionally in order to discuss with the author and study the script.

Chen Daoming once played Fang Hung-chien in Fortress besieged, so he went to Mr. Qian Zhongshu's house three times.

this is how he described Qian Zhongshu's home: "you can smell the smell of books in their house, hear a rare silence, and you can also see Qian's calm." You will feel that you are not even bullshit in front of culture. "

Qian Zhongshu's home has no telephone or TV, and the only thing that rings is the medicine pot that boils traditional Chinese medicine.

when people live to the extreme, they know what they want and can be alone safely.

do not disturb or be disturbed by others.

"living in a shack, taking things as a companion, enjoying leisure alone."

for the rest of my life, I can be alone and keep quiet.


read more often and gain more knowledge

Mr. Lin Yutang said, "Reading can open the clog, get rid of disdain, gain new knowledge, increase knowledge, know more, and nourish the spirit."

read enough books to write good articles.

most successful people have the habit of reading books.

the book is the experience of others for decades, but after you read it, you can take fewer detours.

even if we are in the countryside and in a poor family, we can still be wise and change our destiny because we often read books.

when Mr. Lu Xun was a student in Nanjing Jiangnan Water normal School, he won a gold medal for his excellent grades.

instead of showing off the medal, he took it to the pawnshop and sold it.

in exchange for some thick books, and chili peppers.

in winter, the weather is cold and people are often frozen to death, while Lu Xun just eats chili peppers and chews his forehead with sweat.

in this way, the body gets hot and can continue to read and write articles.

"thinking about heaven and earth is long, forgetting that the world is bustling, and it is more pleasant to have books."

Books are as rich as entering the sea, and there are all kinds of department stores.

if one wants to stand on his own feet, remember to read often and gain knowledge.

"if you have three hours of leisure, there will be coolness hidden in your heart."

when you are alone, you can clear your heart by reading, and it is always sunny to make money.

in this life, although there are wind, frost, rain and snow, there are no worries in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

go to the end of the mountain and watch the clouds rise.

make the best of every day, make the best use of it, and live it to the fullest.