People are more and more silent, the reason is not chill, not helplessness, but.

People are more and more silent, the reason is not chill, not helplessness, but.

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when we were young, we liked to talk.

when we were young, we talked eloquently.

but as we grew older,

gradually changed,

became untalkative and silent.

in fact, there is no silence for no reason.

all silences are for a reason.

when a person becomes more and more silent,

the reason is not chill or helplessness, but because of the following three points.



people with different values,

have no common language, do not speculate,

do not have the same ideas, and are easy to have differences.

well frogs can't talk about the sea, summer worms can't talk about ice.

people with different values can't communicate at all.

instead of wasting their breath, it's better to keep silent.

because in front of such people,

talking leads to contradictions.

only silence is the best way to get along.


the more mature people are, the more silent they are, and the more stable they are, the less they speak.

because they know that

more words will lead to trouble,

shut up and talk less, and reduce disasters.

the depth of water is silent, and people's words are unstable.

the more mature and stable people are, the more they can understand this truth.

the high realm of being a man,

is not eloquent or eloquent.

but no matter what you do, you can do it all the time:

shut up properly and keep silent.


be tolerant to others, protect yourself

once ignorant,

cause right and wrong because you tell everything,

because you expose the hearts of the people and offend people.

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it was found later that

there are a lot of things in my heart, the cleanest,

some people see through, the safest.

if you have suffered losses and been hurt, you will understand:

it is good to see things clearly, needless to say, and

people can see through them and do not need to expose them.

to get into trouble, expose and hurt feelings.

it is better to learn to be silent, to be tolerant to others,

to show mercy to others and to reduce the burden for yourself.

living in this world,

We have to deal with people every day,

win for a while,

win a lifetime with silence.

keep your heart when you are alone, keep your mouth shut when you are in a group, and

regard each silence as a process of ascension and self-cultivation.

for the rest of my life,

behave in a silent manner,

do not complain, everything is bearish,

do not argue, it is pointless to move forward!