People are all forced out! (good text in depth)

People are all forced out! (good text in depth)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

as long as you work, your body will be haggard; as long as you love, there will be sorrow in your heart. Life, we will not be satisfactory, even if again glamorous people, there are others do not know, full of bitterness.

if you are alive, you must be tired!

teenagers fight for their studies, middle-aged for their families, and old people for their health! In our whole life, no one can cross us, only ourselves.

what's wrong with my life?

the sky does not collapse, the earth does not sink, no matter how much trouble will pass! No matter how distressed you are today, the sun will still rise tomorrow. Just do what you have to do!

Don't think about giving up. Giving up means nothing.

when you tell yourself that you can't and your heart is decadent, you've already lost. People, as long as you do, there will be achievements, if you give up, all your previous efforts are empty talk, can only be wasted.

it is not terrible that someone is better than you, but the terrible thing is that those who are better than you are still working hard silently.

We do not advocate comparison, but we do not advocate mediocrity as ordinary and valuable.

sometimes, it is necessary for us to compare with others, to let you know what those good people are doing, not to mention busy, time is squeezed out.

when you take one more step every day, what about a year? How many years? Those who keep pace with you will eventually be left behind by you.

people are forced out! It's all done!

No matter how much you think about it and don't put it into practice, it's all empty talk! Don't say you can't, how about if you get hurt? Stitching and mending can still go, and the scar will heal by itself, so you don't have to think about it.

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what to do! Some people can spare no effort to do, not that he is not tired, but that he is stronger! If you push yourself once, you can show your potential!

everything is difficult at the beginning, but persistence is the most important thing.

something becomes a habit. When something becomes a habit, you are not tired. Just like a person who likes to exercise, it will be difficult to stick to it when he starts to exercise, but it will not be comfortable to do nothing when exercise becomes a habit.

the formation of habits depends on self-discipline, and people who are self-disciplined enough are outstanding enough!

when others say you can't, you think you can't. That's not resigning to fate, it's acknowledging pussy!

Don't care what others say, don't care what others say! Who is born smart? Don't you hit a brick wall again and again, and then learn to be smart! Who began to be good, not again and again suffering, boiled out a clue!

Adult world, dark can be hypocritical, dawn can only work hard!

with an air-conditioned room, who wants to run in the scorching sun? With a heating house, who wants to move forward in the cold wind? Life, how much you can endure, how outstanding you are.

mature you and me, should not complain, should not be discouraged, what we should do is to encourage ourselves every day, cheer ourselves up, move forward with confidence, and never admit defeat!

to everyone who works hard for life. May you persevere and hope you have a bright future!