Pattern is the books you have read, the roads you have traveled, the people you have met.

Pattern is the books you have read, the roads you have traveled, the people you have met.

Good morning, accompany you to read.

Mr. Lin Yutang said in the Biography of Su Dongpo: "when it comes to Su Dongpo, Chinese people always smile cordially and warmly."

Su Shi has been repeatedly relegated and drifted from all over the world in his life, but he has a detached pattern and can always deal with it calmly no matter what he faces.

in prosperity, he can enjoy the best; in adversity, he can bear the worst.

he can enjoy the gift of fate, but also can bear the blow of the world, no matter good or bad, has become the scenery of his life.


I have read

Su Shi's "Farewell to Dong Chuanliu": "my life is wrapped in thick cloth, and my belly is full of poetry and books."

Reading can change temperament, full of poetry, people's temperament will naturally be sublimated.

Su Shi not only read widely, but also created his own calligraphy of "being attacked on all sides" and taught countless scholars of later generations.

Su Shi's answer to Wang Shu:

A humble teenager is a scholar, and every book is read over and over.

Books are as rich as entering the sea, and there are all department stores. One cannot read all one's energy, but one can get what he asks for.

therefore, I wish scholars would ask for it one at a time.

if you want to rise and fall in ancient and modern times, the role of sages, and only with this intention, do not think about the rest of your life.

Don't do it again, seek the truth of your deeds, laws and cultural relics, and so on. He always does the same.

although this is stupid, but if you learn it later, you will be attacked on all sides, which is not the same as those who are involved in hunting.

Su Shi believes that when people are reading, they often feel that there is useful knowledge everywhere, just like "being attacked on all sides". They don't know where to start, always rejoice when they read, and get nothing after reading.

Su Shi's method is to read good books many times, each time with only one theme to explore.

Su Shi reads Han Shu, which divides the contents into governance, figures, geography, official system, art of war, wealth and goods, and so on, just like fighting a war, breaking a book into parts, breaking it one by one, and finally reading a book thoroughly.

at the same time, Su Shi will spend more energy than most people to copy and recite books.

therefore, Su Shi was able to understand and master everything from the hundred schools of the pre-Qin Dynasty, the Great Fu of the Han Dynasty, and then to the poetry of the Tang Dynasty.

Confucianism gave him the mission of the country and the world; Taoism gave him a chic and open-minded state of mind; Buddhism gave him the mind to look down on everything.

Su Shi's "set the storm":

do not listen to the sound of beating leaves through the forest, why not sing and walk slowly.

Bamboo stick and awn shoes are better than horses, who is afraid?

A misty rain will last a lifetime.

it is the books that have read that have given him the nourishment of life, the soul of wisdom, and the achievement of his pattern and mind.

even though he drifted away for half his life and relegated more than half of China, he had a stable heart.


only walking, not reading, but a postman; only reading, not walking, mostly a nerd.

Su Shi's youth went out of Sichuan, and then he traveled all over the north and south of the motherland with promotion, transfer and relegation, which also enriched his life experience. it was only later that Su Shi, who was full of poetry and books, walked through the Chibi on the banks of the Yangtze River.

walked through the Yangtze River, waves and romantic figures through the ages;

walked through the West Lake in Hangzhou, and had "if the West Lake is compared to a beautiful woman, she is always beautiful".

after eating pork in Huangzhou, he had "clean washing bell, less water, and he was beautiful when he was hot";

after eating litchi in Lingnan, he ate 300 lychees a day and grew up to be a native of Lingnan.

it is precisely because I have read all the mountains, rivers and lakes, the human style and features, and every plant and tree that we can have such a life pattern and write immortal poems.

it is only with the bold and unrestrained nature of "the old husband chatting with a teenager", with the romance of "wishing people a long time and sharing thousands of miles", and a deep feeling of "ten years of life and death, unforgettable without thinking about it".

Reading is a book with words, walking, and reading books without words.

the more we see, the more we find that the world we live in is narrow, and the things that once seemed to be great are not so important.

the mindset and pattern can be broadened.

experience prosperity, life will become heavy; through the world, the pattern can become open.

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Su Shi has met a lot of people and understood many things in his life.

his father, Su Fu, was not afraid of power and confronted the famous Wang Anshi, and he began to understand what character is;

his wife, Wang Fu, was gentle and generous, but unfortunately died young, which made him understand what is affection and impermanence;

his younger brother Su Zhe was implicated and relegated, but he never complained about his brother and made him understand what family affection is.

his friend Zhang Dun forced him to be exiled to Hainan, but he learned tolerance and forgiveness.

the refugees in Missouri made him understand the significance of making a life for the people.

the drunken man in Huangzhou began to let go of his fame and pride, "self-delight is becoming less and less known."

the aborigines of Hainan turned his journey of relegation into a missionary road.

A hundred years, we will meet a lot of people, each kind of encounter is a kind of fate, people have good or bad, but fate does not.

friends bring warmth, enemies bring pain, they let us know the truth, goodness and beauty of the world, but also let us see the false, evil and ugly.

it is them who make us mature and grow, and they make us who we are.

look at things with joy, everything is born for me; with compassionIf you look at people, everyone comes for me.

the books we have read change temperament and precipitate wisdom;

the road we have traveled broadens our horizons and enlarges our minds;

the people we meet make us understand joy and compassion.