Others respect you, not because you are good, but because.

Others respect you, not because you are good, but because.

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others respect you because others are excellent

Cang Yang Gyatso said: ufeffufeff

respecting others is not only a kind of self-cultivation, but also a virtue.

and excellent people, let alone because of each other's high and low, to change their attitude, they will respect everyone.

there is a famous cake shop in front of which comes a beggar in rags.

when the guests in the store saw it, they all looked in disgust and walked around him, covering their noses.

the shop assistant hurriedly came out and shouted to the beggar, "get out of the way and go away."

the beggar took out some dirty small coins and said timidly, "I'm here to buy cake, the smallest one."

at this time, the shopkeeper came over enthusiastically, took out a small and delicate cake, handed it to the beggar and said, "Thank you. Welcome to come again!" And made a deep bow to the beggar.

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the beggar had never been treated with such respect, and some of them were flattered and left with excitement.

the grandson of the store owner asked his grandfather, "Grandpa, why are you so enthusiastic about beggars?"

Grandpa replied:

Sun Tzu still can't understand: "in that case, why do you charge him?"

Grandpa said, "he is a guest today, not a beggar. Of course we should respect him." Wouldn't it be an insult to him if I didn't take his money?

We must remember to respect each of our customers, even if he is a beggar, because everything we have is given by our customers. "

Liu Yong once said:

knowing how to respect the dignity and dignity of others is respect for the highest state of others.

the better a person is, the more he knows how to take care of the self-esteem of others.

when others respect you, it is not because you are good, but because others are good.


Don't think highly of yourself and don't underestimate others

Su Dongpo, a great writer in the Northern Song Dynasty, once thought he was knowledgeable and looked up to the top, and no one paid any attention to him.

one day, he went on an outing in the countryside at a time when farmers were picking up mud and fertilising fields.

he walked leisurely on the ridge of the field, only to find a peasant woman carrying a load of mud from the opposite side, blocking his way.

Su Dongpo said arrogantly: "everything is inferior, only reading is high, I am a scholar, and your wife should give way to me."

the peasant woman showed no sign of weakness: "since you are a scholar, I will give you an upper couplet. If you can find the lower couplet, I will let you."

Su Dongpo turned a blind eye to the peasant woman: "A bullfight is hidden in the chest, of course."

the peasant woman blurted out, "A load of mud is in the way."

Su Dongpo was surprised to hear that Zhong Ni was Confucius and Zilu was a student of Confucius. He was stunned by the peasant woman's talent and could not answer for a long time.

the farmers working in the fields on both sides couldn't help laughing at Su Dongpo's embarrassment.

Su Dongpo saw this scene, and there was a flash of inspiration.

he hurriedly responded: "the Master of the two lines smiled back." As soon as the words were spoken, people laughed even more.

although he is on the couplet, he also realizes that no one can underestimate the fact that a real person does not show up.

he bowed his head in shame and hurriedly took off his shoes and socks and went down to the field to make way for the peasant woman.

since then, Su Dongpo put down his arrogant attitude, no longer looked down on anyone, and learned to respect everyone.

Yu Minhong said:

Confucius also said: "if three people walk, there must be my teacher."

there are people outside the people, and there are days outside the sky.

Let go of arrogance and learn from others with an open mind in order to get the respect of others.

Zhuge Liang said, "Don't be a bitch by your wealth."

not to show off your sense of superiority is the upbringing of compassion; not to embarrass others is the best respect for others.

if you want to be respected by others, you must first learn to respect others.

do not think highly of yourself, do not underestimate others, is a person's best self-cultivation.


the low water is the sea, and the low water is the king

Liu Bei is the punctual wife of Xinye. In order to invite Zhuge Liang, who has a sense of economy and latitude, he did not hesitate to condescend and pay attention to the cottage.

when he was five miles away from the grass lodge, he got off his horse and led the horse to walk. In the snowy weather, he stood in the snow outside the cottage for more than an hour, waiting for Mr. Zhuge to wake up from his nap to show his sincerity to his husband.

Zhuge Liang was deeply moved by Liu Bei's behavior, so he decided to go out to assist Liu Bei.

on military affairs, Liu Bei delegated power to Zhuge Liang. He would support all decisions made by Zhuge Liang and seldom tell him what to do.

he gave Zhuge Liang the greatest room to play, which is his trust and respect for Zhuge Liang.

Liu Bei is not only so respectful to Zhuge Liang, he is very modest to everyone around him.

because of Liu Bei's humble corporal, many capable men followed. In front of Uncle Liu, everyone received rare respect and experienced the dignity of being a human being.

Liu Bei seems mediocre and incompetent, but what is most powerful about him is that he knows how to lower himself and respect others. As a result, he has achieved his own and established his dream of national security.

the low water is the sea, and the low man is king.

only when the water flows lower can it converge into a broad sea. If people keep a low profile and humility, they can achieve great things and become dragons and phoenixes among people.

because I know how to respect others, I know how to think of others and feel for others in my own way.

the higher the person is, the more humble he is.

lower yourself, humble and introverted, not only warmOthers can also make their lives glowing.

your future is hidden in your attitude towards others.


excellent people know more about respecting others ufeff


in dealing with others, if a person can respect and understand others, then he will certainly be understood and respected by others.

excellent people know more about respect for others, because they know that to be respectful to others is to be solemn to themselves.

Confucius said:

means that if you want to live a good life, you must first learn to treat others with courtesy.

caring for everyone around you with a sincere heart can not only warm others, but also illuminate your future.

your heart is one inch wide, the road is one foot wide, open your heart to everyone, and your life will be wider and wider.