Other people's mouths, their own way.

Other people's mouths, their own way.

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in the Night talk around the stove, it is said: "there is no basis for doing things, but I hope I can get by."

the world is very complicated, and everyone has his own principles for dealing with the world, and many people have different standards for judging right and wrong.

although it is difficult to argue, as long as we do not go against our own conscience, do things openly, and behave innocently, we do not have to pay too much attention to the mouths of others, but just go our own way.


gossip, let him say

share a story:

an old monk took his disciple down the mountain and passed a river. he saw a little daughter-in-law standing on the bank of the river, afraid to cross the river, and was anxious to stamp her feet. Seeing this, the old monk felt compassionate and waded across the river with his daughter-in-law on his back. The young monk felt very ashamed when he saw master crossing the river with a female benefactor on his back. After crossing the river, the old monk moved on as if nothing had happened. The young monk walked more than ten miles angrily, and finally couldn't help asking, "Master, you usually taught me to be a monk when all four are empty and abide by the rules and precepts, but why did you carry that woman across the river as if nothing had happened?"

the old monk smiled and said, "I carried the woman across the river and forgot her, but you thought about it all the way, you said, whose spirit is not clear?"

Life is like this, where there is someone, there is right and wrong. Everyone has a mouth, and there is always something to say about you.

We can't stop other people's mouths, so let them say what they like. Go your own way and live your own life firmly, but do good deeds and don't ask about the future.


be innocent and do things cleanly

Mencius said, "admiration is worthy of heaven, and does not bow to the earth." The gentleman is magnanimous, raises his head, is worthy of heaven, bows his head, and is worthy of others. In one's life, one must be open and aboveboard, be open and aboveboard, be worthy of one's own conscience, and be worthy of heaven and earth.

Yu Qian of the Ming Dynasty was upright all his life. At that time, his officialdom was very corrupt. When the minister went to Beijing, he had to give a lot of money and gifts, otherwise the consequences would be embarrassing. But every time Yu Qian goes to Beijing, he only takes his luggage with him. Fearing that he would suffer, the kind-hearted man persuaded: "if you don't bring gold and silver to Beijing, you should also bring some native products to get one free!"

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he raised his sleeve and smiled and said, "I have fresh air on my sleeves!" Later, Yu Qian was falsely accused of being killed, and when he copied his family, he had "no spare resources". The family plagiarist saw that the main house was closed and locked, thinking that the money must have been hidden in it.

opened it. It turned out that the treasures were all gifts from Emperor Jingdi. They were clearly recorded and untouched, and all those who saw them burst into tears.

many people look at the impermanence of the world, and people who do good deeds are not paid and are often misunderstood; people who do bad things sometimes go unpunished. But as Hugo said, conscience exists in our hearts, and we should cherish it and take care of it. Because everyone has a scale in his heart, if he has done something wrong, he will live in unease and condemnation all day long; if he does not do something wrong, he will not be afraid of knocking at the door, saying ignorant words, or being afraid of people's opinions. Only when you are serious about people and things and stand firm can you have a clear conscience and peace of mind.


as the old saying goes, "Zhilan was born in a deep forest."

it's the same with being a human being. Don't worry about the reputations of the outside world, because they don't define yourself. Everything can be asked to me, with a clear conscience, in order to live calmly, easily and well. Only when you are not influenced by the outside world, can you concentrate on making the best of yourself.