Online celebrity milk tea shop secretly filmed video out, exposed the shocking inside story

Online celebrity milk tea shop secretly filmed video out, exposed the shocking inside story

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the first cup of milk tea in autumn was filled with cockroaches crawling about

the Beginning of Autumn. Unexpectedly, the "first cup of milk tea in autumn" made a comeback after a year of silence.

the capitalists want to harvest another wave of leeks, and some people continue to follow the trend. But do you know?

when you drink the first cup of milk tea in autumn, there may be cockroaches crawling around.

two days ago, after sneaking into the kitchen of "some Snow Tea", a Xinhua News Agency reporter exposed a video that made me vomit.

in the video, the kitchen is full of garbage, the rag is not washed, the expired fruit is used as the raw material, the label on the cup is changed casually, and a cockroach is even found at the scene.

there is a big difference between the dirty and messy kitchen and the exquisite storefront image of "some Snow Tea".

this time "some snow tea" turned over again, netizens were completely angry:

"three or forty-one cups, you give me to drink this?!"

in fact, this is not the first time from a pleasant appearance to a certain snow tea.

however, the reply is an innocuous statement of apology, which is a thing of the past.

after this video was exposed, Xue's tea immediately apologized:

"We have immediately set up a special working group to carry out overnight thorough inspection and rectification of the facilities and stores."

however, ironically, on the second day after the apology was issued, a mother surnamed Lu drank another big fly in the milk tea ordered by her daughter at a branch in the central city of Shenzhen.

good boy! Almost finished drinking a big fly lying at the bottom of the cup, I asked you if you were surprised or not? It's okay to apologize and say rectification, but we won't change.

Marketing routines are constantly iterated-

A popular online store in Shenzhen opened with more than 30,000 people queuing up against the scorching sun, even causing traffic paralysis.

hire people to queue up to do the atmosphere

in the part-time group of undercover journalists, the requirements of milk tea shop employers for "queuing childcare" can earn 90 yuan a day.

A cup of more than ten yuan has a pleasant face, and the price of scalpers was once speculated to range from 200 to 500 yuan. The price has increased more than tenfold.

there are also

packaging copy stinky eye-catching

product prices are also rising all the way.

for a certain milk tea brand, the price of the same milk tea drink has increased by two yuan

mainly hit "some Wetang" at a low price, and the price of some grilled milk, a signature product, has increased by 1/3.

the price of "some Co", a well-known milk tea shop, has also increased.

I remember when I first drank a certain Co, the original milk tea cost only 4 yuan, but now its new product is almost 30 yuan a cup.

the price of some products of a Co has increased by as much as 100%.

however, the products look more and more like--

dirty tea is easy to sell, so they all make dirty tea.

Lilu Xiu brought a raw coconut latte, and all milk tea shops began to sell raw coconut products.

Cheese berries girls like to drink, so they all make cheese berries.

the price is getting more and more expensive, the car is turning over more and more, the product is getting more and more popular, and the reputation is getting worse and worse.

these online celebrity milk tea shops, racking their brains to sell beauty, delicacy and sweetness, have made a lot of money from us.

on June 30, 2021, a Xuedi Tea landed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and issued 257 million shares at a price of HK $19.80 per share, with a total market capitalization of more than HK $30 billion.

however, under the gorgeous robe, it is full of lice.


is even dirtier than foot wash!

how dirty can a milk tea shop be? Not long ago, a reporter from Beijing Television's "this moment of Life" undercover the back kitchen of a well-known milk tea chain, and was frightened by the scene in the store.

the reporter found that the dishcloth and tools in the kitchen were put together at random.

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while the shop assistant takes the fruit with his bare hands without washing his hands.

when making juice, the mangoes, bananas and kiwifruit used to squeeze the juice have blackened and the flesh smells rotten.

facing the smelly fruit, a shop assistant said, "use it even if it stinks. Don't let us waste it."

moreover, it is necessary to "refrigerate and remove flavor" before squeezing juice.

and when the reporter confirmed to the store manager whether to squeeze juice with blackened mangoes, the store manager took out a relatively fresh mango and asked the reporter to cut it "equally" and "evenly divide the good and the bad".

the residual fruit juice on the cutting board of the mango, which the reporter wanted to wash off, was refused by the store manager and scraped directly into the fruit juice sold with a knife, which was not wasted at all.

some shop assistants don't like it and want to secretly replace the customers with good-looking fruit, but when the store manager finds out, he stops it and forbids the use of fresh fruit.

in addition, the tea used for milk tea will continue to be used the next day. The shop assistant himself said:

"I used to like milk tea, but now I don't drink it for nothing."

after the video was exposed, People's Daily couldn't sit still and asked:

"is this milk tea or hogwash?"

these milk teas are dirtier than foot wash!


what you drink is happiness?

No, it's cancer!

in fact, what is more terrible than dirt and mess is that it can also seriously harm your health.

there is also a girl who drank herself into ICU because she drank milk tea.

this girl also likes to drink milk tea every day.

one day, she suddenly couldn't eat anything and was so thirsty that she couldn't quench her thirst by drinking water.

until one day, she almost fainted at home and was sent to ICU for 26 hours before she finally escaped death.

and the doctor's diagnosis makes everyone lose their jaws:

and she has no family history of diabetes, who would have thought that she would have this disease when she was only 25 years old?

from then on, she must carry an insulin pump with her every day and take insulin injections tirelessly before every meal.

so, how much harm is it to drink milk tea for a long time?

1. Caffeine exceeds the standard, panic insomnia

after drinking milk tea, do you feel insomnia and panic? Yes, many of the caffeine in these milk teas you often drink exceed the standard!

data from Shenzhen Institute of quality and consumption show that as many as 10 well-known brands of milk tea are found to contain caffeine, with an average content of 258mg/kg.

among them, a certain Zhilian-classic silk stockings milk tea (black sugar boba) has the highest caffeine content, which is 522mg/kg (about 365mg/cup).

in other words, the caffeine content of 1 cup of milk tea = 3.5 cups of American coffee = 7 cans of Red Bull!

and the so-called "unsweetened" milk tea is not very healthy.

Ningbo Market Consumer Protection Commission has tested 10 online celebrity milk tea brands and found that the caffeine content of the so-called "unsweetened" milk tea is higher than that of sweetened milk tea!

for most people, long-term excessive intake of caffeine will not only cause panic and insomnia, but also cause osteoporosis.