One of the six most difficult "diseases" in the world should be careful.

One of the six most difficult "diseases" in the world should be careful.

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there is a question on Zhihu: "what kind of disease is the most difficult to treat?"

the highly praised answer is "heart disease."

I think so.

physical diseases can be treated by medical means, but "problems" rooted in the mind are often difficult to detect and cure.

as early as the pre-Qin period, the divine doctor Bian Que clearly put forward the "theory of six non-governance".

in his opinion, there are six kinds of diseases that are difficult to treat:

arrogance can not be cured regardless of reason;  light body and heavy wealth, two do not cure;

food and clothing is not suitable, three do not cure;

Yin and yang, storage of qi is uncertain, four do not cure;

believe that witches do not believe in medicine, and six do not cure.

these six diseases are the same for our behavior and habits.

only by discovering your own problems in time and clearing away the obstacles in your heart, will there be no cure, and the road of life will be smoother and smoother.


arrogance regardless of reason: emotion comes first and is unreasonable

when Xunzi talks about a gentleman in "self-cultivation", he mentions: "anger is not enough to seize, but joy is not enough."

Zhang Fei in the Romance of the three Kingdoms is like this.

after Guan Yu's death, Zhang Fei became dazed and moody, and only wanted to avenge his second brother.

especially after drunkenness, Zhang Fei became even angrier, and even took the soldiers under the account to make a case of anger.

when Liu Bei learned this, he carefully advised:

"if you whip the soldiers and let them follow you, sooner or later you will get into trouble."

soldiers should be tolerated and not so emotional. "

but Zhang Fei was already out of control. He not only turned a deaf ear to Liu Bei's words, but made them worse: he ordered the army to make white flags and white armour within three days, and the three armed forces hung filial piety against Wu.

at that time, Fan Jian and Zhang Da, generals under the account, said to Zhang Fei:

who knew it was this sentence that annoyed Zhang Fei, and he immediately ordered the samurai to tie the two men to a tree and each "reward" 50 whips.

as a result, on that night, Fan Zhang and Fan Zhang took advantage of Zhang Fei to get drunk, secretly killed him, and then fled to Soochow.

as the saying goes:

"emotion over reason is the cause of evil in the world."

if Zhang Fei had listened to Liu Bei's words and learned to put down his emotions and put things right first, he would not have galloped for the rest of his life, but he would have come to such a sad end.

in the face of problems, we can examine them calmly and consider them with compassion, so that we can solve the problems and find a way out.

when you think of heaven and hell, if you control your emotions, the world will naturally shake hands with you.


belittling money is more important than health

I have read a sentence before: "the greatest sorrow in the world is that people are gone and money is not spent."

money enables us to enjoy a high quality of material life, but only if we have a healthy body to enjoy it.

if a person regards money as more important than his body, he will regret it one day.

Liu Zongyuan wrote such a story in the Preface to Ai Shen Wen:

the people of Yongzhou are good at swimming. One day, the river rose sharply, and five or six people crossed the Xiangjiang River in a small boat.

when we crossed to the middle of the river, the ship broke and the people on board swam to escape.

one of them tried his best to swim but still couldn't swim far. His companions said, "you are the best swimmer. Why are you lagging behind?"

he replied, "I have a thousand dollars around my waist, which is too heavy to swim fast."

my companions said, "Why not throw it away?"

he didn't answer, but shook his head.

after a while, he became more tired. The man who had swam across the river stood on the bank, shouting and shouting, "you are so stupid that you are so blinded by money that you are drowning. What is the use of asking for money?"

he shook his head again and finally drowned after exhaustion.

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Food and clothing are not suitable: clothing and diet are too wayward

sometimes, the disease comes not from the influence of the outside world, but from an unhealthy lifestyle.

Mr. Yang Jiang died at the age of 105, she calmly spanned more than a century.

this benefits from her attitude of not being surprised by honor or disgrace, as well as her healthy lifestyle.

in her later years, Yang Jiang paid special attention to her diet: getting up every day and insisting on two cups of cold and white boiled water, cereal for breakfast, black fungus for lunch, light dinner, fruit after dinner.

despite her old age, she has been exercising all the time, such as doing some health exercises.

at the same time, she also likes to practice calligraphy, which can not only smooth the meridians, but also edify sentiment and reconcile inside and outside.

only wearing warm clothes, eating healthily and being diligent in self-discipline are the greatest protection to the body.

there is no medicine for regret. Instead of falling into a situation of regret in the future, it is better to greet every day with a healthy lifestyle from now on.


Yin and yang are combined, and the storage of qi is uncertain: being too shrewd and complicated

traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to the "theory of qi and blood". If qi and blood are confused, then the internal organs will be in disorder, and no good doctor can do anything about it.

in fact, qi and blood is like life, qi and blood can not be confused, life can not be complicated.

be a simple person and be the same as you appear to be. Only in this way can you feel comfortable and clear-headed.

Shen Kuo and Su Shi, both of whom used to work in Chongwen Academy, have a good friendship and often drink together.

Thoreau in FanErdeng Lake said:

"get rid of all things that do not belong to life and simplify them to the most basic form, simple, simple, simple."

A good interpersonal relationship never has to rely on external things to pay for it. A simple heart is enough to make life satisfied.

to be a sincere and pure person, you still have a clean life, a clear relationship, and peace of mind.


one day, they found that the cheese was suddenly gone.

this sudden change exposed their mindset: sniffing, Scurry moved with the change, began to look for cheese, and soon found fresh and richer cheese.

the two dwarfs, Hem and Haw, could not accept the cruel reality that the cheese had disappeared.

later, after a fierce ideological struggle, Haw finally broke through the shackles of thought, re-entered the dark labyrinth and found more and better cheese, while Hem was still stubbornly waiting to perish.

George Bernard Shaw said:

"wise people will adapt themselves to the world, while those stupid people will only stubbornly insist on letting the world adapt to themselves."

A flexible life has just found a way out.


Wizards do not believe in medicine: believe in crooked ways and evil ways and do not believe in science

according to the Classic of Pharmacists, some people will call in immortals when they are ill. "Please beg for blessings, please beg for blessing, and hope to prolong the year," as a result, "you can't get it in the end."

even if these people reluctantly receive treatment, they will seek alternative ways and eventually delay treatment.

in fact, being a person is like seeking medical advice, you should have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and listen to reasonable opinions.

at this time, a pilgrim said to him, "next time, before you clean, shake the tree hard and shake off all the fallen leaves, so you don't have to clean the back."

the ups and downs of life are full of right and wrong. To be able to distinguish between right and wrong and see the truth is the right way.

as the saying goes, as long as you know right and wrong, he Zeng Yu blessing and misfortune.

We should learn more scientific viewpoints, listen more to the correct truth, keep our feet on the ground, and move forward steadily.

there is a saying in Jingde Chuan Lantern record: "if you are disciples with King Kong, Mo teaches heart disease to be the most difficult to treat."

the "incurable people" mentioned by Bian Que are also people with extremely serious heart disease.

if you don't get rid of heart disease, you can't get rid of all diseases.

in life, learn spiritual self-cultivation, less emotional, more natural mind;